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Many children have a computer nowadays and love to spend hours playing and watching television especially during the long school holidays and when the weather is bad as they cannot go outdoors. There are many websites for children of all ages with clubs to join, games to play, videos to watch and also activity sites for colouring, painting and making toys, but the most favoured of all is cartoons.  Children can be amused and entertained for hours with cartoons and nothing gives more delight than seeing children laughing and enjoying themselves. Some cartoons can be educational and others appeal to their imaginations where their minds can roam free and they can escape to a world of adventure and dreams. However, as a parent, caution must be taken when allowing your children to watch certain cartoons involving action since some children have a tendency to copy and mimic their favourite characters and heroes on the screen, so supervision is recommended to prevent accidents. Below are ten of the best sites on the Internet for cartoons. Hours can be spent laughing and enjoying classic, old and also new cartoons. So sit down, relax and be prepared to be amused and have some fun.

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1. –

This site has the latest episodes of cartoons to watch on video and you can also see what programmes will be available to view in the near future. The most popular and best classic videos are highlighted and there are parental controls to stop young ones having access alone with closed-captioning. The TV schedule is available to peruse and you can also watch TV live on the site. There is also a games section and a section for joining the community to see what other uses are enjoying.


cartoon 2


2. – has classic cartoons to watch online live or by video. Signing up to the site is recommended in order to create your own profile, to add comments and rate the cartoons. You can also have fun sending messages to other members and follow the comments and threads in the blog. The most popular cartons are featured and you can read a brief description about each one before deciding to view them. RSS live cartoon feed is available and a sitemap is in place to help you find your way around.


cartoon 3


3. – has been especially designed with children in mind and there are games, activities, quizzes and rewards to be found as well as the section for cartoons. You can vote for your favourite cartoon as well as view trailers and there are special cartoon sections for superheroes and 80s cartoons. You can chat to other users watching cartoons as well as become a member of the site and participate in the forum with mini cartoons advertised specifically for little ones to watch with parents.


cartoon 4


4. –

This is the official site of the wonderful Simpsons family cartoon which has gained popularity worldwide. You can see recaps, clips and full episodes of all the cartons and each individual character can be selected and viewed with a history appearing for each one as well as their roles in the programme. There are also interviews to watch from the guest stars that have appeared on the show and you are invited to join the community and meet other folks who also love the Simpsons.


cartoon 5


5. –

This is the official site for the wonderful world of Disney. There are featured videos and cartoons to watch and you can sing-a-long with the songs on the videos as well as see all your favourite cartoon characters such as Mickey Mouse, Ariel, Cinderella and Dusty. There are friendly ghouls and monsters to view and you can sit and see the movies in the comfort of your own home as well as join the movie club.

cartoon 6


6. –

This site has movies for you to view with a special section for children’s cartoons. You can vote for your favourite in the polls and see Bugs Bunny, Daffy Duck and many more as well as see what is due to be released to the cinema soon. There are cartoon movies on the spot such as Epic and the Croods and a section for top animation movies such as Shrek, Ice Age and Madagascar can also be found.


cartoon 7


7. Looneytunes –

Looneytunes has been making cartoons for decades and this is the official site where you can watch all your favourites such as Tweety Pie, Sylvester, Taz and Bugs Bunny. There are carton games to download and play or you can just watch the videos and there are special sections for Scooby Doo and DC nation. Useful links are given leading to other children’s sites for activities and fun things to do and there is an online shop for buying DVDs and games.


cartoon 8


8. –

This site brings you wonderful cartoons from the 80s and specials, animated films, Saturday morning television and videos all from the 80s are also available to view. There are images, theme songs, video clips, TV schedules plus much more to see and there are links to fan sites as well as a forum for posting questions about 80s cartoons and following threads. Cartoons can be searched from an A-Z index and there is an interesting section about children from the 80s.


cartoon 9


9. Nicktoons –

Nicktoons has all the best cartons for you to watch including Digimon adventure, Kung Fu Panda and Power Rangers. There are games to play as well as the videos to see and a full schedule of what is due to be shown on the site can be found. There is a section to explore new shows and cartoons coming soon and there is also a club to join so you can meet other children that enjoy watching cartoons and discuss all your favourite shows together.


cartoon 10


10. CBBC –

This is the junior version of the BBC and has great TV shows and cartoons for children with favourite characters and stars as well as games. There is a section for activities to do as well as songs to sing-a-long and you can view the schedules to see what cartoons and shows are going to be shown. There are Bears Behaving Badly, Arthur, Dragons and the Incredible Edibles to watch and all you have to do is push a button.


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