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Website Auction Sites – Top Ten

Website Auction Sites - Top Ten

Looking to buy a website? Website auction sites facilitate the buying and selling of currently registered websites since sellers can advertise websites they wish to sell and prospective buyers can purchase them. In a website auction site there are multiple listings of websites and bids can be placed for the site with the highest bidder winning. The more desirable the site, the bigger the price and often escrow agents are involved to ensure and facilitate swift and safe transactions. The … Continue reading

Derivative Trading Sites – Top Ten

Derivative Trading Sites - Top Ten

Into derivative trading? The derivatives market is a financial market that derives its value from an asset, index or interest rate. Derivative transactions include financial contracts, structured debt obligations, deposits, swaps, futures, options, caps, floors, collars and forwards. The market amounted to approximately $700 trillion in 2011, according to The Economist, but some reports say that this is greatly exaggerated and realistically the amount appears to be much lower at $21 trillion. Even when the figure is scaled down it … Continue reading

Funds For Start-Up Platforms – Top Ten

Funds For Start-Up Platforms - Top Ten

Need funds for your start up? Funding platforms allow investors to buy investments online and fall into two different groups; the fund wrap and the fund supermarket which are investment vehicles. Investments and services normally available on a platform include direct mutual funds, equities, corporate bonds, cash, EFTs, hedge funds, gilts, products and property partnerships. The fund platforms are services that enable investors to buy and sometimes hold all their investments together in one place with the ability to switch … Continue reading

Social Buy Sites – Top Ten

Social Buy Sites – Top Ten

Extra cash with social buy… Social buy sites are online marketplaces offering tasks and services, otherwise known as micro jobs or gigs for a specific price. Many services, categories and sub-categories are offered and customers can search or find commission services for the skill that is required. Recently there has been much demand for micro-jobs and micro-jobbers, where tasks can take anywhere from 1 minute to fifteen minutes and longer to complete. Micro-jobs give freelancers the chance to add skills … Continue reading

Money Saving Sites – Top Ten

Money Saving Sites - Top Ten

Money matters… With the current world crisis in full swing each and every one of us is trying to save money the best way that we can, but it is a task that is easier said than done. The question is always the same “how much money can be saved and how can it be achieved?”  Calculations need to be made on expenditure every month and it is important to free yourself up from debt first since the quicker debt … Continue reading

Investment Bank Sites – Top Ten

Investment Bank Sites - Top Ten

Invest in an investment bank… An investment bank is a financial institution that assists individuals, corporations and even governments to raise capital by underwriting and acting as an agent in the issuance of securities. They can also assist companies involved in mergers and acquisitions and provide services such as market making, trading of equities and derivatives as well as trade currencies, fixed income and commodities. They hold assets and funds such as stocks and bonds which are traded with an … Continue reading

Market Price And Share Information Sites – Top Ten

Market Price And Share Information Sites – Top Ten

Need the current share and market price information? The informed shopper is generally the one happiest with their purchase selection and least likely to end up extremely unsatisfied. This holds true from the simplest of items to the big-ticket, once-in-a-lifetime purchases. The consequences of a bad decision can be quite severe with some things – investing in the stock market being one of them. The following 10 websites are given as research tools for the stock market investor that realizes … Continue reading

Seed Funding Sites – Top Ten

Seed Funding Sites - Top Ten

Need seed funding? Starting up a new company has a number of challenges of which getting together enough capital can be one of the most critical things to get right. Statistics show that under capitalization is one of the top reasons why startup businesses often fail. One of the challenges involved in getting together enough capital is that many investors are leery of start up businesses especially during a rocky economy. Venture capital firms prefer established businesses. On the other … Continue reading

Angel Network Websites – Top Ten

Angel Network Websites – Top Ten

Looking for an angel network? An angel network is also referred to as an angel group. An angel investor is an individual, generally a high net-worth person, who invests in startup companies in exchange for an equity share of the business. Often these angel investors form a group with other angel investors so that they can invest collectively in entrepreneurial firms. Some angel networks are involved just in putting business and angel investors in touch with one another. Many angels … Continue reading

Microeconomic Sites – Top Ten

Microeconomic Sites - Top Ten

Interested in microeconomic? Microeconomics examines how behaviours and decisions affect the supply and demand for goods and services determining prices. It also analyses failure where particular goods have failed to achieve the targets and standards expected on the market, in other words the elasticity of a product within the market system, hence providing assumptions and definitions for economists and profits and losses within a company can be determined as a result. Microeconomics is complex in that it relies on study … Continue reading

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