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Free Classic Literature Download Sites – Top Ten

Free Classic Literature Download Sites – Top Ten

Want free classic literature? Reading the classics is not something you just have to do in school – for many it is a lifelong passion and a goal to read as many as possible during one’s life. This could get pretty expensive if it weren’t for the fact that so many organizations have been diligently working on providing not only great eBooks, but making them available free of charge. If you’ve missed any of the great classics, you will enjoy … Continue reading

Stationery Sites – Top Ten

Stationery Sites - Top Ten

Stationery needed? Whether you’re studying, researching, working, thinking, or plain just feel like writing something, everybody needs a good notebook and pen at the very least. Sometimes it’s difficult to find just the right stationery in the shops, and many unique pieces are only available through the internet. Luckily, there are a multitude of different sites you can purchase some excellent stationery from, regardless of the purpose for it. If you’re an office who uses reporter’s notebooks, or a dreamy … Continue reading

Buy Books Sites – Top Ten

Buy Books Sites – Top Ten

Books galore… We really ought to buy more books.  Despite book sales continually dipping, there has really never been a better time to buy books.  Online competition is high with there being some huge retailers out there.  This means the cost to the consumer is kept low.  If you’ve decided you want to purchase a particular tome, a quick flick around the web should be enough for you to find what you are after at a pleasing price. Of course, … Continue reading

Blogging Platform Sites – Top Ten

Blogging Platform Sites - Top Ten

It’s all about the blogging… Listed below are some of the best blogging platform sites in the world. All of them are simple to download, whether you are a beginner to blogging or an expert blogger. Some you may have heard of and some maybe are new to you, but they all have one thing in common – they are all free. A good blogging platform should assist you with creating good content; give you help and tutorials with an … Continue reading

Press Releases Sites – Top Ten

Press Releases Sites - Top Ten

Press release…read all about it! A press release is a piece of news, a press statement, a video release or a news release that is written or recorded and directed at members of the news media in order to report something news worthy. Typically, they are mailed, faxed or emailed to editors at newspapers, magazines, radio stations or television stations and networks. The invention of the Internet and websites for announcements has changed the submission of press releases since they … Continue reading

Advice On Submitting A Job Cover Letter – Top Ten

Advice On Submitting A Job Cover Letter - Top Ten

Looking for the perfect job? When applying for a job, it is important to remember that companies who are looking to hire staff and are actively advertising in newspapers, job agencies or on online sites are sometimes swamped with applications and CVs, with some receiving as much as 500 applicants to every available position. With so many to read and choose from many candidates receive no notification or acknowledgement from companies leading to bitter disappointment and feelings of being rejected. … Continue reading

Plagiarism Checkers – Top Ten

Plagiarism Checkers - Top Ten

Want to know more about plagiarism? Plagiarism means to copy someone else’s work including their ideas as well as their words. Plagiarists tend to call the work their own after copying it and lack the ability to create original content and use their own ideas to be unique and different, either through laziness or in order to make a profit on another’s efforts.  This is considered dishonest and is a breach of journalistic ethics being subject to sanctions such as … Continue reading

Literature Forums – Top Ten

Literature Forums - Top Ten

Want to join a literature forum? The word Literature comes from Latin meaning work of art. It has two major forms which are fiction and non-fiction and two major techniques which are prose and poetry. Literature can consist of text based factual information as well as biographical and reflective essays with some text stemming from the imagination such as fiction or drama. Poetry is usually written in rhythmic language provoking thought and meaning, while prose has a more grammatical structure … Continue reading

Linguistic Sites – Top Ten

Linguistic Sites - Top Ten

Looking into linguistics? Linguistics is the study of human language. It is considered a science and can be broken into three categories which are language form, language meaning and language in context. One sub-field is language structure or grammar, which is a simple set of rules and also includes morphology (the formation of words), syntax (the formation of phrases and sentences) and phonology (sound systems). Phonetics may also be considered since it deals with properties of speech sounds and non-speech … Continue reading

GMAT Sites- Top Ten

GMAT Sites- Top Ten

Need Help with GMAT? GMAT or Graduate Management Admission Test, to give its full title, assesses a person’s writing, reading, analytical and verbal skills in English. More than 1,500 universities in over 83 countries use this test as part of their selection for admission and the exam is used to predict success in business school programmes. The Graduate Management Admission Council was formed in 1953 with 2,000 tests being taken. Now after changing the name to GMAT more than 250,000 … Continue reading

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