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Christianity is one of the world’s greatest religions with followers, or Christians as they are known as, believing in the teachings of Jesus of Nazareth, the son of God. The teachings give hope through the life and work of Jesus and promise salvation atoning for his death on the cross and his resurrection. The word Christian also pertains to anything that is good, noble or Godlike and the word derives from ancient Greek meaning anointed one or follower of Christ. The Christian book is called the Bible which consists of the Old Testament and the New Testament. The Old Testament has 39 books and is divided into 4 sections known as the Pentateuch, historical books, poetical books and prophetical books and the New Testament has 27 books and 4 divisions known as the Gospels, historical books, doctrinal books and prophetical books. Most Christians worship and attend service at church on Sundays which includes singing, praying and listening to sermons. Many Christians are baptised, which is a ceremony that takes place either in infancy or adulthood and allows for participation in Holy Communion, which stems from Christ’s supper and consists of drinking a small amount of church wine and eating rice-paper which constitutes as bread. Nowadays with the invention of the Internet there are many Christian sites that have been set up for followers and worshippers of the religion. If you are a Christian, interested in the religion or just curious then the list below will very valuable since ten of the best sites for Christians are all together in one place.


1. Christian Classics Ethereal Library –

This site has a large selection of Christian books available to purchase in the online shop as well as DVDs and CDS. There is a forum for discussions and commenting with groups for studying the religion and the Bible and there are many articles and posts to read about the faith. Recommended reading is suggested from the ethereal library which can be browsed in many languages and a section is dedicated to donating either with time or with money.



2. Christian Answers –

This site gives answers to contemporary questions from the Bible in many countries all over the world and in several languages. There are articles and posts to read on subjects such as the creation, racism, personal crisis and patriotism to name a few with sections for Christian films, children, social issues and the Bible. There are videos to watch online with links and resources and a site directory is given for assistance.


3. – has Christian videos to view and Christian music to listen to with the top videos highlighted. There is a forum and chat with postings about Christian topics and the Bible and there are many comments and threads to view. You can form your own group or join one of the existing groups in order to meet like-minded folks with search facilities and help available at all times.


4. Answers in Genesis –

This site has many interesting facts and articles to read with answers to many posing questions. There are videos and illustrations to view with topics being discussed in the blog and the news of the day is highlighted. There is a section for children with new resources and downloads and an online store to purchase books, DVDs and magazines. You can listen to radio stations in the media section with all upcoming events being advertised and a special section can be found for education with Bible studies, book reviews and online courses.


5. – is a library of free MP3 audio sermons from churches and ministries worldwide. Breaking news, upcoming events and picks of the day are highlighted with broadcasts available in many languages. You can subscribe to the weekly newsletter and search for a church in the index finder and featured programmes include gospel, revival, drugs, despair, hell and prayer.



6. – contains many Christian videos to watch with the most popular videos highlighted. There are music videos and inspirational videos and special ministries are featured. The clips can be browsed or uploaded and there are sections for movies, comedy and sermons as well as an entire section in Spanish. ‘Devotionals of the day’ can be read for inspiration and you can subscribe to the newsletter to be kept informed.



7. The Christian Post –

The Christian Post contains articles from all over the world and is also available in Spanish and Portuguese. Featured posts and top stories are highlighted with current news items and entertainment amongst the topics being offered. Specific reading is recommended, but signing up to the site is necessary in order to comment on the posts.



8. –

This is a very popular Christian site and ranks at 1043 in the world on Passages from the Bible are featured with recommended reading and verses of the day and the Bible can be searched by keyword or topic. You can listen to audio versions and view reading plans with additional resources and a passage look-up for assistance and guidance. You can subscribe to the newsletter and read posts in the blog and an online store is available for purchasing books, music and DVDs.



9. –

This site has Christian posts, articles and videos on topics such as God, the Bible, church, Christian theology and Christian life. You can subscribe to receive newsletters, updates and the ‘devotion of the day’ and a section is dedicated to church history. There are comments in the blog with topics such as God, pastors, gay marriage, church life, Jesus Christ and trinity to name a few and free tools are available to search the Bible.



10. –

This site provides tools for studying the Bible and Jesus Christ and devotionals and religious news-wires are available daily. There are videos and articles to view with Bible readings and newsletters with posts and threads to follow in the blog. You can send a Christian eCard to a friend and read facts from sections such as faith, family, church and culture with special coverage being given to gluttony, gay marriage, Egypt and Christian trends.



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