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Merry Christmas!

It is quite an undertaking to present ten top websites on a topic as adored and celebrated as Christmas. There are probably hundreds of websites that deserve placement on this list so choosing only ten is purely subjective. Rather than try to locate the most heavily visited, this list endeavors to present ones that are unique, offer something unusual or are very comprehensive. With these sites you just might be able to put together the best Christmas celebration ever!



1. Dafont:

Global Alexa Rating: 785

This site offers a supply of fonts for every purpose, and their Christmas selection is perfect for a number of uses. You can use them for putting together your own homemade cards, add to your annual letter, create stunning invitations and flyers and so much more! Keep the site bookmarked because you can use it for other holidays as well, along with just about anything graphic you need to create.

 Christmas 2


2. Martha Stewart:

Global Alexa Rating: 3,410

When it comes to things around the house, few beat the energy and creativity of Martha Stewart. She devotes an entire section on her website to just Christmas. It includes everything from decorating to gift giving. You’ll find over 300 recipes for Christmas cookies, 60+ recipes for Christmas candies, 70+ projects for gift wrap, 160+ projects about Christmas trees and 90+ projects for wreaths and garlands. There are plenty of articles, galleries, videos and more that will help you get ready for entertaining.




3. DLTK – Holidays:

Global Alexa Rating: 247,896

One of the challenges that all parents face is keeping the kids entertained when they are on Christmas break from school. All that excitement bubbling inside and anticipation can get them a bit wound up, to say the least. This site will help with that with plenty of winter crafts and activities just for kids. You’ll find coloring pages you can print out, games and puzzles for them to play, special recipes they can help with and so much more! The site also has articles and teacher’s guides and other useful tools for the festive season.





Global Alexa Rating: 484,238

If you are going to have the website titled, “Christmas” you had better be able to deliver quite a bit, and this site does not disappoint. The site helps families and friends share wish lists, traditions, recipes, gift ideas, music and more. The site includes family pages, wish lists, fun & games and helpful articles. What a great way to connect with the ones you love during the greatest time of the year! Be sure to explore the Christmas Fun section.




5. All Things Christmas:

Global Alexa Rating: 1,622,418

On this site you will find holiday treasures such as printable cards, lyrics to your favorite Christmas carols, songs in MIDI format, unique craft ideas, decorating and tips for shopping and hostess gifts. There are stories, recipes and a section just for kids. You can use this site to read about traditions, find the perfect gift, create a virtual greeting card or visit the forum.




6. Why Christmas?:

Global Alexa Rating: 770,512

If you have ever had a nagging question about Christmas, or want to dazzle people with your Christmas knowledge at the next family gathering, this is the site for you. There are also Christmas jokes, recipes and puzzles on this site. Learn about the Christmas Story, traditions and customs, and how Christmas is celebrated around the world. Some interesting features on the site include a “watch some relaxing snow” graphic, Christmas karaoke section and a Christmas Story animation.




7. My Merry Christmas:

Global Alexa Rating: 2,036,157

Never be alone on Christmas! Even if you do not have family and friends nearby, you can connect with others online using this fun forum devoted completely to Christmas. It is the largest Christmas community anywhere and it is available all year long so you can celebrate the season anytime you wish. Be sure to check out the Library which includes tons of information arranged in the following categories: Christmas Past, Christmas Present, Christmas Legends, Traditions, Christmas Culture and The North Pole. This area makes the site useful even if you don’t want to communicate with others.



8. PNC – Christmas Price Index:

Global Alexa Rating: 2,221,500

Have you ever listened to the Christmas song, The Twelve Days of Christmas, and wondered why anyone would want those particular 12 gifts? If you realized just how much those gifts would actually cost, you will love this cute, interactive website. With it you select and decorate the various gifts and the site tells you what it would cost to make them. You might just want someone to get you these 12 gifts this year when you realize how much they are!




9. The History of Christmas:

Global Alexa Rating: 3,348,098

This site does what its name implies – it gives you a ton of information about the history of Christmas including traditions by country, origins of popular traditions and some trivia. If you’ve ever wondered about mistletoe, poinsettias, fruitcakes, candy canes, stockings, Christmas trees and more, this site will enlighten you. It also discussed the history of Santa Claus.




10. Christmas Around the World:

Global Alexa Rating: 4,886,172

If you have ever wondered about how Christmas is celebrated in other countries, this site will answer those questions. It offers over 30 different countries including Australia, Bethlehem, France, Ireland, Nicaragua, Poland, Netherlands, Sweden, Spain, Scotland, South America, Wales, Venezuela and many more. Perhaps you’d like to recreate how your family celebrates Christmas by doing it has your ancestors did, or perhaps you are just looking for some new ideas. In any case, this site should prove helpful and interesting.

Obviously these ten websites are just icing on the cake. You can take any particular Christmas topic and search for more on it specifically, such as finding all the best cookie recipes. Perhaps some of those are topics for other lists one day. In the meantime, enjoy these and make your next season the best you and your family have ever enjoyed.


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