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Civil, Environmental and Geomatic Engineering supports research from the navigation of space shuttles and the control of observation satellites to supply valuable data for what lies beneath the planet’s surface. Geomatics is a relatively new scientific term, combining geodesy and geoinformatics. It includes tools and techniques used in land surveying, remote sensing, cartography, geographic information systems, global navigation satellite systems, photography, geography and related forms of earth mapping. The term was originally used in Canada, because it is similar in origin to both French and English, but has since been adopted worldwide. The related field of hydrogeomatics covers the area associated with surveying work carried out on, above or below the surface of the sea. A number of university departments now offer courses in surveying, survey engineering, topography and geomatics or geomatic engineering. The advancement of Geomatics is largely due to computer hardware, computer science and software engineering as well as space shuttle observations and other areas taken into consideration are the environment, seismic studies, climate change, meteorology and oceanography. There are not many sites available on the Internet supplying information on the subject. However, below are listed universities offering courses along with associations where valuable information can be found.




1. UCL –

This is the site of the University College of London which has a section dedicated to Civil, Environmental and Geomatic Engineering. Details of courses, admissions and teachings can be found along with a section for research. Resources can be found in the careers and industry section with links, video demonstrations and articles stating what opportunities and jobs are available after completing the courses and open posts are advertised.




2. Northern Illinois University

The Northern University of Illinois has a department for Geography offering courses in Geomatics and Natural Environmental Systems. The courses combine land surveys and cartography long with Geographic Information Science with the emphasis on Civil and Environmental Engineering. Full details about the courses available and the university can be found on the site with some lessons being available online. Further information is given in ‘the student club’ where details on scholarship can be obtained.





3. Ohio State University –

The Ohio State University has a department for Civil, Environmental and Geodetic Engineering with the focus on mapping, GIS, photogrammetry, computer vision, satellite positioning and inertial navigation. The university specialises in Engineering with many courses available; the details of which can be found on the site along with information on the university itself. Research can be carried out on Environmental, Geodetic and Infrastructure Engineering with news and events being advertised.




4. Study Portals –

Study Portals advertises various courses available in Geomatics. A general description about how Geomatics operates is given along with full details on the courses. Career opportunities are discussed within the field and a list is provided for further suggested studies. The site is based in the Netherlands and available jobs within the country are advertised and can be applied for after passing the exams.




5. FAU –

The Florida Atlantic University has a department of Civil, Environmental and Geomatics Engineering. Information can be found on each of the three mentioned topics along with a directory for news and research. Many graduates from the university are actively involved in funding sources along with professional organisations for research projects and useful links are provided to all participating establishments. Full details about the courses and the university can be found on the site.



6. Purdue –

Purdue University is a school for Civil and Geomatic Engineering giving details about the prospectus for staff, students and alumni. Programmes offered are Minor in Land Surveying, Masters Degree and Ph.D Degree. News and events are highlighted with spotlights on research developments. Several research centres are available for information including the Bowen laboratory and any form of ‘giving’ to the university is encouraged.




7. Politecnico di Milano –

The Polytechnic of Milan offers a course in Master of Science in Environmental Geomatic Engineering. Details of what the course offers are available on the site with recent thesis titles and course catalogues available to view. The study programme along with the learning objectives are clearly stated and further information can be found in the sections named technology transfer projects and the PhD school. Resources can also be found in the Geomatics library, which is available in English and Italian.




8. Wessex Archaeology –

Wessex Archaeology has a section, which is dedicated to the Geomatics and CIS services provided to the heritage sector. Geomatics techniques and case studies can be viewed and a full list of services offered by the site is shown.  Information can be read on surveying, high dynamic range photography, polynomial texture mapping, industrial archaeology, landscaping and cartography. Chosen topics can be searched by period or place and there are special sections with news on Stonehenge as well as coastal and marine data. A link is provided to a photographic gallery and there is an online shop for purchasing stock photos and books.


9. Newcastle University –

Newcastle University has many courses at the School of Civil Engineering and Geosciences Department. Some of the courses are Environmental Engineering, Geomatics, Geochemistry, Geotechnics and Structures, Transport and Geodesy and Surveying. Details regarding the courses can be found on the site including the goals and aims of each along with possible career options after completion. Information is given for staff and students and there is also a section for research.





10. Thomas –

This is the website for Thomas who provides civil and environmental engineering, ecological and environmental services, property services and GIS services for infrastructure management and projects. The company is based in New Zealand and values and attributes are mentioned on the site. Two images galleries are available to view and information can be found under civil engineering, environmental services, property and buildings, planning and development and GIS. A list of project partners is given and useful links lead to further information.





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