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It would be a challenge tantamount to counting the grains of sand on a beach to put together a comprehensive list of all the great websites devoted to coffee. That doesn’t mean you can’t have a nice list of ten sites that are among the best out there. If you are a complete coffee addict looking to learn everything you can about this delectable and addictive drink, and find great resources, then you’ve come to the right place. The sites are listed in order of their Alexa traffic count rating and represent sites you just might not have already heard about.


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1. Coffee Geek:

Global Alexa Rating: 56,833

It is unfathomable how anyone could put so much amazing information on one simple subject into one place, but that is what they’ve accomplished at Here you will find opinions, consumer reviews, guides & tips, their reviews, resources and forums. The site enjoys over 80,000 members, nearly 10,000 pages, over 650,000 posts and nearly 7,000 reviews. Be sure not to miss their podcasts!




2. I Love Coffee.JP:

Global Alexa Rating: 80,327

This site is full of infographics, quizzes, visual stuff about coffee and facts, along with, oddly enough, some information about sushi. You will gleefully find blogs and fun things that are both entertaining and informative, although not always at the same time. Quite simply, this is just a really fun place to visit! This is due, in part, to the highly visual approach she takes with each post. It’s not about just the words, it’s about entertaining you and that makes this site very unique.



3. Coffee Review:

Global Alexa Rating: 180,110

As coffee prices soar, it becomes more and more frustrating to buy a coffee and find it disappointing. Sites like this one that offer reviews can save you from at least some bad purchases and even lead you to some remarkable discoveries you might not have considered. The site doesn’t stop with just reviews, however, as you will find interesting articles, blogs and a glossary along with a marketplace for obtaining great coffees




4. Coffee Forums:

Global Alexa Rating: 288,716

True addicts do more than drink coffee and search for great beans – they love to connect with others that do the same. What better way to do that than with forums? Use these forums to share tips and tricks with others, learn from the best, find local businesses and much more. There are currently nearly 30,000 members with almost 70,000 posts. Be sure to check out the facts section for some really great articles.




5. Rogers Family Company Coffee & Tea Market:

Global Alexa Rating: 319,910

The Rogers Family Company has been in business since 1979 and is one of the nation’s few remaining family owned, gourmet coffee roasters. One of their unique offerings is biodegradable and organic OneCup coffees. A video on the site explains their OneCup drinks which are an earth-friendly alternative to the plastic K-cup and can be used in Keurig brewing systems. Another great feature of this company is that you can order trial sizes with no shipping charges, including a trial of their OneCup coffee! Be sure to check out their blog also at




6. Coffee Detective:

Global Alexa Rating: 498,322

Here you will find help and advice on how to make gourmet coffee at home. You’ll find information on the best makers and grinders, recipes, discussions about the health benefits, reviews, articles and so much more. Sign up for their newsletter and you’ll receive a free report. There are also some interesting videos.




7. Barista Exchange:

Global Alexa Rating: 522,645

If you’ve taken your passion for coffee to a new level and have opened a business, this site is for you. It is an online community for the specialty coffee industry, but that doesn’t mean anyone cannot find things of interest to read here. For example, you could use the Jobs section to get started working in the industry.




8. Dear Coffee I Love You:

Global Alexa Rating: 592,812

Turn here for fantastic articles and reviews that focus on the intersection of coffee, culture, creativity and design. They also focus on bringing you products, especially from brands that make it their mission to give back to communities. The blog posts are very creative and date back to December 2009. Great videos can be found on this site!




9. Coffee Beanery:

Global Alexa Rating: 657,691

This is a great source for classic coffee gifts that are perfect for any occasion, as well as amazing coffee and tea options. You’ll find flavored coffee, decaf, blends, organic/free trade, syrups and even some rare blends. They opened their first stores in 1976. Check out the Coffee 101 and FAQ sections in the Our Bean Story section to learn more about this well-established company.




10. Coffee Research.Org:

Global Alexa Rating: 726,543

Here’s the place to get more coffee education than you could imagine. The site is the culmination of a year of travel studying it with the foremost experts around the world. The site includes 300 pages devoted to coffee. It includes brewing, roasting, espresso, espresso tamping, latte art, coffee plant, harvesting, coffee science, organic products and trade & consumption statistics. You’ll learn about the history, about the agriculture and even the politics. The site includes 4 newsletters.

Whether you are content with an instant coffee and are just curious about coffee in general, or someone looking to break into a career in coffee, or somewhere in between, you’ll find plenty to keep your attention on these sites. You certainly do not have to stop there as there are thousands of sites devoted to coffee, so your education could just be beginning. Better put on another pot, it’s going to be a long day!


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