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Computer Science deals with a practical approach to computation and there are many sub-categories such as computer graphics and computer programming. Blaise Pascal invented the first working mechanical calculator in 1642 and in the process achieved a computer programming language named in his honour, which was based on the abacus that had been in use many hundreds of years previously. Computer graphics and computer generated imagery are now widely used in the television, cinema and film industries and simulation is used in animation, video games and advertising. Artificial intelligence or robots as they are more commonly called are now in constant use in the military and can be found in several products and devices within our homes. The development of technology and the constant demand for advancement creates changes within Computer Science on a daily basis. The sites listed below all contain valuable insight and information on Computing and Science and the list will be useful for those amongst us who require the latest and most reliable resources for research on the subject.


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1. The Register –

The Register is a leading technical publication with nearly 5 million readers throughout the globe. Articles and information on software, hardware, networking and IT security can be found with contributions from top Computer Science columnists. The latest top stories are highlighted with reports and reviews given on products and developments on the subject. Sign-up for all news-letters and alerts is encouraged and further information can be found in the forums. A special section features white papers with the most popular being advertised.


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2. Computer Science Unplugged –

The site offers a collection of free learning tools and aids to teach Computer Science with activities designed to make gaining knowledge on the subject fun. There are twelve books which can be downloaded in various different languages offering games, puzzles, videos, links, follow-up activities and photographs on Computer Science, which is suitable for all age groups. Special books are available to teachers with open source editions and joining one of the groups on the site is encouraged to partake in any of the ongoing projects. Students are introduced to the terminology and underlying concepts of the Science with easy-to-follow explanations and instructions and all activities are suitable for classrooms as well as at home.


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3. MIT Computer Science –

Csail is the largest laboratory at MIT and specialises in Computer Science and Artificial Intelligence. Information can be found from over 100 different technology companies and over 50 different current research projects. The projects fall into three categories, artificial intelligence, systems and theory and details are given on all of them. A list of available resources is given and further information on technical reports, historical collections and work products can be viewed in the library. A full FAQ is given on the site along with how to join.


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4. CSTA –

This is the site for the Computer Science Teachers Association and full information on all courses for the subject is given. Although the site provides full details for teaching and researching, there are papers and articles which can be read on the subject and further information can be gained in the curriculum details, exams, reports and podcasts. Recommended reading material is offered along with free membership to the community.


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5. Computer History Museum –

This is the official site for the Computer History Museum, which is situated in California. The entire contents of the museum can be explored online with in-depth descriptions of all exhibits given. A section dedicated to special projects gives facts and details of computer restoration and Internet history along with many articles in the catalogue collection. The museum has won awards for its hard work in Computer Science and all projected plans and future events are stated on the site.


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6. –

This is the website of the alumni of ArsDigita University, which is an intensive programme in Computer Science. The site provides lectures, coursework and exams on the subject giving instruction through videos and details on all the professors and their specialist subjects can be found. All materials and courses are offered for free, but a small contribution is welcome to cover current costs.


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7. AP Students –

This site provides Computer Science education and courses for students. A list of all available courses with course preparation and enrolment details are given and a long list of professions can be viewed with careers being an option in all once the course has been passed. Full details of the College Board and the institute can be found and hints and tips on taking the exams are offered.


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8. IEEE Computer Society –

The IEEE Computer Society provides computing professionals with state-of-the-art information through technical conferences and publications provided from the digital library. Information has been collected from professors, software engineers, IT professionals and students and can be found in magazines, letters, blogs, books and articles. The site has a special section for computer conferences throughout the world and a further section can be found on the computer community containing articles on societies and various activities. A history of Computer Science can be read decade by decade and full details for education facilities and courses are found on the site.


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9. EECS –

This is the department for Electrical Engineering and Computer Sciences at Berkeley University in California. Information on admissions, courses, programmes and facilities at the campus is given and a list of all publications is available. Research can be selected on projects by faculty, by centre or by area and news of seminars and conferences are also given on the site. A history regarding the Computer Science department is given along with a list of all tutors, professors and participating establishments. Separate information can be found for teachers, students and alumni with full assistance and support services available at all times.


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10. Computer Science Student Resources –

This site provides links and information for students studying Computer Science. Advice and guidance is given on homework, writing reports and preparing presentations. Many links to bibliographies, technical reports and papers are provided and a special section dedicated to careers in Chemistry can be found. A detailed list of reference resources is available with a description of what is contained in each library along with FAQ in the how-to section. There is even a selection of Computer Science jokes to help remember information.


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