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Cricket fanatic?

Cricket is a bat-and-ball game played between two teams with eleven players on each team and is played on a pitch, which is 22 yards long. Each team takes it in turn to bat, attempting to score runs, whilst the opposing team fields with each turn known as an innings. The bowler delivers the ball to the batsman who attempts to hit the ball and run with each batsman hitting the ball until he is out and then the other team bats. It was first played in southern England in the 16th century and has laws which are governed by the International Cricket Council. The expansion of the British Empire saw the game played throughout the commonwealth in countries such as South Africa, the West Indies, Australia, New Zealand, Pakistan and India. The game is regulated by two umpires, one of whom stands behind the wicket at the bowler’s end and the other in a position called a ‘square leg.’ The umpires decide if a ball is correctly bowled and whether a batsman is determined as out. They also decide when intervals start and end and the suitability of the playing conditions such as the weather. Below is a list of ten of the best sites on the Internet for fans to obtain news about the sport. If you enjoy cricket, then the list below will be very useful.


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1. –

This site has a great section for cricket with descriptions and commentary about all the latest matches from around the world. There is a special section for betting and the latest news from the sport is highlighted with a section dedicated to county cricket in the UK. There are videos to view and a blog is in place for discussions with other enthusiasts and recent photos can be seen in the gallery. Live scores, fixtures and results are featured along with statistics and current matches can be watched in the series.




2. – has top stories, matches, news and topics from the world of cricket and the most recent and latest stories are highlighted. A blog is in place for commenting on the threads and is dedicated to cricket and information can be read in the latest edition of the Alltop magazine. Scores can be found in the ‘buzz’ section and individual cricketing stories from New Zealand, UK, India, Pakistan, Australia, South Africa and other cricketing nations can be found.




3. – has the latest cricket information containing fixtures and news from the latest matches, series and tournaments including the Ashes and the World Cup. You can view one-day international test cricket, twenty international cricket and women’s cricket as well as major organisations including the ICC and the MCC. There are further sections for police cricket, cricket for the blind, services cricket and a special section for the Lord’s Taverners. Club and county cricket can also be found and there are competitions to enter as well.




4. Skysports1 –

Skysports has a section for cricket providing information for the Ashes, international cricket, domestic cricket in the UK and cricket news from around the globe. There are interviews and videos to watch as well as articles to read and there is a section for fixtures and results including women’s cricket. You can view photos and read opinions from the experts as well as view standings for teams and tables.



5. MSN –

MSN also has a section for cricket that provides the latest cricket news and has videos to view from the Ashes and other matches from around the world. You can see live scores and fixtures and there is a special feature for the World Cup. There are useful links leading to interviews with top cricketers as well as those not playing due to injury and there is a useful section containing a guide to grounds and arenas in various cities.




6. Zee News –

Zee News has the latest news and events happening in the world of cricket with the emphasis on India. You can view the scorecard live, watch highlights or listen to the commentary as well as read articles and see videos about Indian cricketers. There is a section to see the upcoming fixtures and you can have your say in the polls. There is a trivia quiz to test your knowledge and a table shows the current rankings by country.




7. Telegraph –

The Telegraph has a page dedicated to cricket with news, articles and videos to view including the Ashes, international and county cricket as well as a section for action photos. You can see fixtures and results as well as table positions and an entire section is reserved for England cricket. Breaking news, special features, analysis and live coverage can be followed and tickets for the Ashes are also available.




8. Times of India –

This site has a page dedicated to cricket with the top stories from England, South Africa, India, Pakistan and Australia. There are articles to read and videos to view with the most popular videos highlighted. Profiles of players are given along with interviews and stats, schedules and results can be found. There is a section for women’s cricket and also for fixtures and a special section is dedicated to cricket in India.




9. Reuters –

The world news site Reuters includes cricket in its sports reporting and has headlines as well as the latest news to read. You can read about Pakistan v South Africa and the march to victory, tampering incidents in internationals, South Africa penalised for ball tampering and the fight-back as well as the ambitions of an umpire. Headlines and news can be searched by date and you can register with the site to receive the latest wires.




10. – has a section for cricket and gives all the latest news and events from within the sport. You can watch videos of current games and read about top stories from current test matches and there is also a photo gallery to view. Sections can be found for scorecards, averages, tables, fixtures and reports and there is the facility to search for a player’s profile.


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