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Cross Stitch is popular form of embroidery in which cross-shaped stitches are made in a pattern in order to form a picture. The person that is stitching counts the threads in each direction so that each stitch is uniform and even in appearance. Sometimes the cross stitch takes place over a pre-printed pattern on the fabric and when completed gives the finished product exactly the same look as in the printed picture. Fabrics used in cross stitch can be Aida, linen and even-weave which a mixture of different fabrics. The fabrics are categorised by threads per inch, which is known as the count and this can range from 11 to 40. Aida fabric has a lower count because it is made with two threads grouped together making stitching easier. Cross stitching is worked from a gridded pattern and the count of the fabric determines the size of the finished stitching. It can be found all over the world and is one of the oldest forms of embroidery and early examples can be found in Asia, Europe and America. Cross stitch can be referred to as needlepoint and the most well-known are Italian, Celtic, Irish, long-armed, Ukrainian and Montenegrin. It has become increasingly popular in recent years and this has led to many sites being set up on the Internet giving tips, information and patterns. Below is a list of ten of the best cross stitch sites on the web today. For anyone seeking details on cross stitch the list will be very valuable and there are even some patterns available to stitch for free.

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1. Pic 2 Pat –

Pic 2 Pat is a popular site for Cross stitch and it is available in several languages. You can create your own cross stitch patterns easily from your photos in three simple steps and the design is stored in your computer so you can return to it again and again. The steps are explained on the site and there are free templates to download, photo collages, flyers and calendars. You can also design your family tree or your own holiday photo albums as well as share them online with other cross stitch enthusiasts.




2. Grans Stitch Niche –

This site advertises free patterns so you can just select, download and stitch with nothing to pay. The only request from the site is that you vote for them in return. Patterns can be chosen from children, landscapes, people, fantasy, flowers, animals and Xmas with videos giving explanations.  There are useful links leading to other cross stitch sites and the newsletter is available to view on the site.




3. Intricate Cross Stitch –

In this site you can select patterns from animals, boats, cottages, fantasy, children, landscapes, legends, people, still life, street scenes and water-scapes which are easy to download and free. There are thread lists, summaries and images of the patterns in virtual stitches and there are no fractional stitches or back-stitching in any of them. The site asks that you take a minute of your time to vote for them in order to keep the lovely patterns free and available for everyone to use in the future.



4. The Angels Nook –

Angels Nook has many cross stitch patterns available to buy. As well as cross stitch there are also quilts, kits, fabrics, needles, embroidery, knitting, crochet, ink pads, stamps and needlepoint kits to name a few. The special item of the week is advertised along with featured items and new items. You can search for patterns and also subscribe to the mailing list and for any questions or queries you just click on the available angel.



5. KDA –

KDA cross stitch has patterns available to download instantly with payments being made through PayPal. New products and featured products are highlighted and categories for patterns are birds, buildings, animals, flowers, children, landscapes, nudes, people, places, water scenes and world wonders to name a few. Full information for downloading, buying and shipping can be found on the site along with a site map, discount coupons, gift certificates and a newsletter that you can subscribe to.




6. Artecy – has thousands of patterns online to download with new ones being added every month. Many of the patterns are free and the company can provide wholesale as well as retail. The newest patterns are advertised and selections can be made from many categories such as animals, children, the alphabet, mystical, plants, landscapes, celebrations, sports and spiritual to name a few. 99% of the patterns are basic cross stitch and come with a full list of DMC colours, instructions and easy-to read symbols.


7. Stitch a Painting –

This site has some free patterns available so you can try before you buy. There are conversations and threads on the blog to assist you along with a fabric calculator, stitched gallery, newsletter and links. Patterns can be chosen from animals, flowers, nudes, portraits, scenery and still life to name a few. The prices range from $3 to $7 and all payments are PayPal protected.




8. Cross Stitch Bazaar –

This is a great site for cross stitch since all the patterns are free to download and only contain full cross stitches with no fractional or back stitches. You can choose from animals, buildings, landscapes, flowers, people and stained glass and many happy hours can be spent stitching. There is a newsletter with links to cross stitch groups and all information needed is given along with the patterns.



9. Scarlet Quince –

Scarlet Quince has many categories from which to select patterns such as still life, landscapes, paintings from famous artists, animals, angels and nature to name a few. There is a gallery to view with comments from satisfied customers and the latest pattern editions are highlighted. Cross stitch patterns can be shipped worldwide and reductions are given when buying more than one pattern.



10. Free Cross Stitch Charts –

All patterns on this site are free and you can select between animals, scenery, BAP, cute or miscellaneous. There are no fractional or back stitches used and all patterns are available in PDF format. Links are available leading to other cross stitch sites and many happy hours can be spent stitching for free.






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