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Nowadays with the rising cost of fuel and the ever-pressing need from the media for us to keep fit, cycling, bicycling or biking, as it is also known has become a very popular form of transportation both stemming from necessity and recreation. Apart from two-wheeled bicycles, cycling can also refer to unicycles, tricycles, quad biking and human-powered vehicles (HPVs).  Bicycles were first introduced in the 19th century and are now an effective and efficient mode of transportation as well as being the principal means of transport in many parts of the world. Bicycles contribute to exercise and physical fitness, reduce consumption of fossil fuels, lessen air and noise pollution, reduce traffic congestion, facility parking and are easy to manoeuvre on paths as well as roads. There are drawbacks such as vulnerability in bad weather, reduced protection in crashes, instability of the bicycle, difficulty in transporting goods and passengers and longer travel time on journeys. Bicycles are easy to maintain and cyclists should carry a pump, puncture repair kit, spare inner tube and tyre levers. Cycling is more comfortable with gloves and special shoes and in some countries wearing a bicycle helmet is compulsory. Below is a list of ten of the best sites on the Internet about cycling. Anyone who is interested in cycling as a mode of transport or a sport will find the list very interesting reading.




1. Cycling Forums –

Cycling Forums has articles, reviews and videos to view from the world of cycling. The most recent posts and active threads are highlighted and there is a special section for cycling attire and equipment to read. There is a gallery of top cycling photographs and there is a section for classified ads which includes cycling trips from all over the world. You can meet many like-minded bikers in the biker’s café and there are many discussions currently taking place to follow.



2. –

This site has all the latest news in the world of cycling as well as articles, videos and a photo gallery to view. There is a cycling blog and a section for fitness and you can follow the ‘tour de France’, giro d’Italia’ and ‘vuelta a Espana’ as well as other top cycling tours and races. The top riders and teams are featured along with results, scores and positions and there are further sections for mountain biking, track, cyclo-cross, triathlon and road biking. The latest bike technology is reported and there are interviews with the cycling heroes to read.



3. –

Velonews reports the latest news in the world of cycling with articles to read, videos to view and a gallery of top photographs. A special section contains information on bikes and technology with details about mountain biking as well as race results. There are diaries to read from riders along with reviews on pro bikes and there is a training centre which contains advice and tips about being comfortable and how to keep fit. You can also follow all the top races and subscribe to receive the latest magazine.



4. –

Mapmyride is an app that informs where you are going and where you have been on your bicycle by giving the choice of over 70 million routes to select. You can also create your own route on the device as well as track your activity and you can improve your performance by recording what you eat as well as your workouts in order to increase fitness, stamina and health. There are suggested plans and calculators to assist you and you can share all your findings with your friends as the app is compatible with major social networking sites.



5. –

This site is the home of British cycling and it provides the latest news and results from the world of cycling. You can view the latest rankings for road and track as well as forthcoming events and there is a gallery of action-packed photographs to see. You can follow your team on the Sky TV channel and information and articles can be read from categories such as BMX, cycle speedway, cyclo-cross, MTB, road, track, commuting, go-ride racing, sportive and cycling for fun. There are special sections for the women’s events as well as training and coaching.



6. Cycling Weekly –

Cycling Weekly is an online magazine with articles, news, reviews and videos to view. There is a calendar announcing forthcoming events and you can see how cycling can help keep you fit and healthy. A special section is dedicated to buying and selling secondhand cycling equipment and attire and an online shop is available is you choose to browse new items. There are photo galleries to view and a forum is in place for commenting on threads with the option to sign up to receive the free newsletter.



7. – has a page dedicated to cycling which features action-packed videos to watch and articles to read. The latest news in cycling is reported and there is a calendar for you to make a note of all future cycling events as well as see the top rankings of teams and riders. You can follow cycling on the road and also around the track and there are sections to follow the team sponsored by Sky as well as the British cycling team.



8. Tour de France –

This site is the official home of the Tour de France and has a detailed map of where the route will follow for the coming season. News about cycling can be found along with a special feature for the colours of the jerseys and their meaning. There are videos, presentations and pictures to view with special sections dedicated to the history of the race and the professional riders respectively. You can find an online store to purchase jerseys and cycling equipment and all the information is available in English and French.



9. –

This site is dedicated to road cycling and has videos to view and interviews with the world’s top riders as well as news and product reviews. There are articles to read with the focus on track and cyclo-cross and tickets are available to purchase for forthcoming cycling events. There are special tips and cycling tricks to read from the pros as well as a training section and a full gallery of racing photographs can be found.



10. –

This site is a great source of information for lovers of cycling with news about mountain biking and the Tour de France as well as commuting by bike. There are magazine articles to read and videos to view with reviews on various different types of bikes as well as buying guides stating the best models to purchase and workshops. There is a forum and a blog for following and chatting about cycling and you can see how to keep healthy and fit by riding every day.


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