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You’re not alone with depression, seek help.

Depression is a form of mental illness. Very often depressed people feel lonely even when they are surrounded by people and bouts of depression can cause crying and the feeling of wanting to hide from everyone and everything. Confusion is a large part of the illness with victims not understanding what are causing these feelings and why they are occurring. Mood swings may also occur with the possibility of persistent feelings of unhappiness and extreme sadness. Science and technology is achieving much to amend this and medication is readily available that can help change moods and improve the situation, allowing the person suffering to continue with a normal life. The situation can be very difficult to live with and is also distressing for those around such as loved ones and family, with the disease affecting millions of people from all over the globe. Struggling alone should not become an option since now with the invention of the Internet many sufferers can find help and guidance from the comfort of their own homes. Below is a list of ten of the best sites for dealing with depression. If you are afflicted with this illness and need assistance or you are seeking help for someone with depression, the sites will be very valuable since help is at hand.


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1. – provides good information for depression describing symptoms, offering advice and laying out various types of treatment. The article reassures the reader that depression is “not a sign of weakness,” and explores the various symptoms as well as the possible causes.  There is a section for support groups and questions can be asked of the online doctor such as “how can I cope” and “I am feeling emotional please help?”  You can read about the various forms of treatment and also understand how depression is diagnosed.




2. American Academy of Family Physicians –

The American Academy of Family Physicians lists many articles and sections to read on depression. The site has been created with doctors in mind, but can also be read by the general public. Clinical recommendation, treatments and screening are explored and information for depression in women as well as teens and children can be obtained. The site has a large database of information and all questions about depression can be searched with applicable data being given by relevance to read and assist you.




3. – gives good information about depression and invites you to take a quiz to help you with feeling depressed. You are asked to rate the frequency of your symptoms and describe how you are feeling. The quiz is based on information from the “Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders” from the American Psychiatric Association and ways of assisting people who suffer from depression are given. Types of depression and treatments are explored and there is a special section for depression in teenagers. Several ways to get help are suggested and there are links to personal stories that might help you relate your own feelings.




4. –

This site has a self-help guide and tips to help you cope and overcome depression. You can read about the road to recovery and how to stay focused and cultivate supportive relationships. There are links provided to getting additional help as well as taking care of yourself and several ways are explored to challenge negative thinking. Exercise and a balanced diet are expressed and an emotional self-help tool-kit can be found along with a section for combating suicidal feelings.



5. –

Mind explains depression including the possible causes and how you can access support and treatment. Tips are given for helping yourself and guidance is available for family and friends. Various types of depression are given with explanations and there is an A-Z of mental health to help you find further information. There are articles to read about coping with depression and also an easy way can be found to start talking about depression. There is a section looking at the symptoms and a helpline is available to call if you need urgent assistance.




6. Daily Strength –

This site explains that depression is a mental state marked by deep sadness and the inability to experience pleasure. There are sections to read about depression in teens and children and many support groups are given for you to join and start to get help by people who understand what you are going through. Joining the site is quick, easy and free and assistance is given at all times by the various groups and associations. You can remain anonymous to start talking, if you feel the need and there is also a blog to read posts and comments from sufferers in order to assist you.




7. National Institute of Mental Health –

This is the site for the National Institute of Mental Health and they have a page dedicated to depression. There is a detailed explanation as to what depression means which explores the various forms and disorders and there is a section to read about the science of the disease as well as a blog for contacting others with the same problems. The site explores the causes, the signs and symptoms, diagnosis, treatments, clinical trials and living with depression as well as stating who might be at risk.




8. The Site –

The Site has a page which considers depression and is dedicated to understanding it and breaking free from it as well as studying suicidal feelings. There are sections for SAD syndrome, serious depression and how to stay positive with alternatives to anti-depressants. There is an interesting article about how to fight back using cognitive behaviour therapy and emergency numbers are given for those that need serious assistance.




9. – has a section for depression with tips for fighting it as well as information on how to help someone who is depressed. There is a section for drug treatments as well as other alternative treatments and a special section deals with depression in elderly folk. Coping with and caring for depression are explored and advice can be found for other related mental and depressive conditions.




10. Mental Health –

This site explores the possible causes of depression and looks at the signs and symptoms. Various types of depression are stated and discussed and ways are given of how to take control and get assistance. Sections can be found for counselling, therapies and treatments and a section is dedicated to medication that can help. There is an A-Z index of mental health and statistics about the condition can also be viewed.


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