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It’s no secret that blogging is booming! Niche or “specialty” bloggers are a rapidly growing small business segment that is taking the internet by storm. Their main revenue stream, or in most cases their only revenue stream, comes from advertising. A blog is prime real estate for banner ads but how does a newer blogger get started? It’s difficult to go knocking on advertisers doors when you’re first starting out and asking, “Hey, do you want to buy some premium ad space on my Widget Blog, I get like 10 visitors a week!” Luckily, there is a resource for bloggers to use to broker their advertising deals without directly contacting businesses to try to sell their own ad space. These digital marketplaces are called Direct Advertising Sites and they are good bloggers bread and butter. There are tons of them out there, some better than others. So here is our list of the top ten direct advertising marketplaces. You can not only sell advertising on your own blog but you can buy advertising on other websites, getting more traffic for you blog and therefor increasing your ad revenue at the same time. It’s a whole, you have to spend money to make money mentality, and it works!   advertising 1   1. Federated Media – Federated Media has a unique outlook on linking businesses with marketing dollars to publishers with ad space. They strive to provide an integrated approach to help marketers feel like part of a community that works in partnership with top publishers. They have a variety of web ad options in addition to content management services.   advertising 2   2. BuySellAds – BuySellAds has one mission – to make this look easy. They have a simple and transparent system for buying and selling advertising that users love. In fact, it’s so successful that they now receive more than 6 billion ad impressions per month. For a 25% commission fee they will make it easier than you ever imagined to become a marketer.   advertising 3   3. iSocket  – iSocket is for series bloggers with more traffic, they sell ad space to premium sites and have the ability to power up your advertising and boost your profits. You need to have a strong following with good traffic, quality content and be in a popular niche that advertisers want to place ads in. You have to apply in order to be a publisher but the payoff is worth the effort!   advertising 4   4. PassionFruit Ads – Buying and selling ads has never been this trendy and fun before. This quirky website offers an easy platform for bloggers to sell marketing space and for businesses to buy ads. With PassionFruit you no longer have to self-manage the whole process, just set up an account and approve ads as they come in. Passion Fruit takes care of the rest and offers weekly payments via PayPal!   advertising 5   5. GourmetAds – Food blogging is HOT and a great example of specific niche advertising needs. Food bloggers really prefer to have food related ads on their blog for continuity sake. GourmetAds makes food related ad sells simple and profitable. They partner with over 350 food related publishing sites and receive over 200 million monthly ad impressions. There are lots of great packages available and the website is not only functional but actually fun to use. A great website design can really go a long way when you’re buying, selling and monitoring your progress with an online platform.   advertising 6   6. – Want to not only sell ads but get brand partnerships for sponsored content and social media updates as well? Skyscraper gives you multiple ways to monetize your blog and also takes the headache out of creating media kits and managing email and RSS feeds. Simple ad and revenue management for bloggers, that’s what Skyscraper is all about. Sponsor some Tweets or get sponsored, either way it’s going to end up being more money in your pocket.   advertising 7   7. AdOnion – AdOnion is a Canadian based company who gives users on both sides of the deal a totally transparent market place in which to do business. As a blogger you want total control over which ads get placed on your site and you want to be able to see what advertisers your site is attracting. AdOnion gives you all this and more! They help out with setup and monitoring and provide bi-weekly payments. AdOnion is serious about your success. Their website is full of useful tutorials and videos that will help you improve your ad revenues or your ad effectiveness. The offer bi-weekly payments and full transparency.   advertising 8   8. BlogAds – Taking their name seriously, BlogAds brokers deals between buyers and sellers. Bloggers can make money selling advertising and their ad optimizing team is always looking for ways to increase revenue. They are passionate about staying ahead of the technology curve. They also have an affiliate program for referring other buyers and sellers to them, the ways to add revenue just never quits! The real edge here is live customer service help, and a fun and energetic staff. You earn a percentage of profits for all the people you brought in.   advertising 9   9. ShinyAds – If you’re looking for something a little more automated then try ShinyAds. You might lose a little control over the process but you will save a ton of time. Trust your advertising sales to ShinyAds and let them bring in the sales and close more deals for you. They have a simple automated ad process that closes the inefficiency gap many direct ad sites have.   advertising 10   10. OpenX – Create a real-time bidding war over your ad space at OpenX! This global leader in direct ad marketing offers automated programs and real-time transparency like no one else. They’ve worked with great companies like and Groupon, just to name a few. They have great tools to help publishers manage and forecast their revenues as well. You can use their tools on your desktop, tablet or mobile device. Get top advertisers to bid for your ad space and increase your profit up to 90%.


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