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A web directory also known as a link directory is a directory on the World Wide Web. Instead of giving a list of websites based on keywords like a search engine, a directory lists websites by categories and subcategories. Web directories allow site owners to submit their sites to the directory which are then included or rejected depending on the ‘health’ of the site. Most directories list sites across a wide scope of categories, regions and languages, the largest of which being the shopping category with many e-commerce sites added for inclusion. Submission to a directory is free and links can be added by sponsorship otherwise known as affiliate links to place a site higher in the directory listing. Besides shopping, other categories may include arts, humanities, economy, education, entertainment, government, health, news, media, recreation, sports, reference, science, society and culture. When an editor considers a website for submission a number of factors are taken into consideration such as commercial versus non-commercial and regional versus global. Categories can be viewed by browsing the  front-page of the directory and after selection the listings can be viewed. Below are some of the best directories available on the web today. If you are looking to add your website to a directory then the list below will prove invaluable.


1. Yahoo! –

This is a very popular directory as one might expect since Yahoo! is ranked at number four in the world on Sites can be submitted and suggested and there is the option for an advanced search. Categories include Arts, economy, education, computers, entertainment, news, sports, reference, science, government, health and society to name a few. Help is available if needed and you can share your ideas to help improve the Yahoo! services.




2. Bing –

The Bing directory is also a popular directory and is at number sixteen on Sites can be submitted and there are site-maps for guidance. A support section is offered with a blog and discussion forum and information can be found in tabs labelled web, images, videos, shopping, news, webmaster and more. A help centre is available and there is also an email address for support.




3. –

Skaffe offers a help desk if you are undecided about which category to submit your site to and there is also team support for any questions or queries. Searching can be achieved by post or zip code with many categories to choose from including arts, automotive, careers, education, media, games, health, technology, travel, sports, shopping, science, real estate, news and many more. URLs can be suggested and the latest submissions can be viewed and after submission the status of a URL can be checked.



4. Jayde –

Adding your site to Jayde is free and categories offered are advertising, automotive, electronics, financial, aerospace, food, energy, chemicals, agriculture, computers, entertainment, government, health, transportation, law and retail to name a few. The option is available to edit your listing with new safety precautions that have been set in place and every result contains a company profile with organised links. The company was founded in 1996 and is one of the oldest directories on the web.



5. Amray –

Amray is also free for submitting your site and offers meta tools, SEO tools, maps, travel tools and much more assistance besides. Categories can be selected from animals, arts, shopping, computers, education, health, music, news, sports, society and more besides with music and TV also being offered for listening and viewing respectively. Other information such as news, stock markets, area codes and jokes can be found and there is also a blog and a forum.



6. Dmoz –

Dmoz is a very popular directory and is ranked high on Help is available for suggesting your URL and the site can be found in many languages. Categories on offer are arts, computers, games, health, home, children, news, recreation, science, shopping, society, sports and world to name a few. There are over 1, 000,000 categories to select and over 5,000,000 submitted sites and the chance to become an editor is offered.


7. Exact Seek –

You can add a URL to in the following categories art, entertainment, news, shopping, finance, government, computers, health, education, science and travel and many more. There are newsletters, a blog, a press room and free toolbars for assistance and you can find information in the video, images and shopping sections. Services with this directory include website building, rapid paid inclusion, keyword research SEO tools and services.




8. Best of the Web –

This is a regional site and regions can be selected from various countries around the world. URLs can be submitted to categories such as arts, business, computers, finance, games, health, home news, children, Science, shopping and sports to name a few with many sub-categories also being available. You can spotlight your featured listing and update as often as you like with 3 sub-listings being advertised for $19.70 per month. Full details for creating listings and for upgrading existing listings can be found on the site.



9. –

AboutUs has over 100 articles to help you improve your SEO knowledge and advice is also offered on social media and online marketing with tips and hints on company’s digital presence also provided. Several guides can be found on the site and you can share what you know about the Internet by joining the site and updating your web profile. The latest blog posts can assist with analytics and the site will show you how to learn from your competitors and watch your progress.



10. Joant –

There are many categories for submitting your site with Joant such as arts, business, children, computers, education, entertainment, health, news, real estate, sports, science, shopping and travel to name a few with many sub-categories under each heading too. You can submit your URL by region and view all the latest comments in the available web-blogs. The top editors are listed and there are guides for new listings and a full FAQ can be found on the site.






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