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Domain blogs can serve a number of purposes and as such are useful to different types of readers. The topics found on the following 10 popular domain blogs are as relevant for domain name owners as they are domain services companies. Frankly, they are great for anyone interested in the domain name industry. These ten have pretty good global Alexa traffic count ratings and are listed in order of that rating. Some have regular content added while others are less frequent. A good way to keep up with more than one blog is to sign up for their newsletter or notification of new content service.


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1. Domain Tools Blog:

Global Alexa Rating: 268

The Domain Tools Blog includes informative articles dating back to 2009. One can also enter their email address on the site to receive updates each time they publish new content. They also offer links to a number of other popular domain blogs, many of which are included on this list. Domain Tools offers a number of services including cybercrime investigation, brand protection and enterprise solutions. Their clients range from individual investors and consultants to enterprise organizations, government agencies, Fortune 500 companies and leading security firms. A professional membership begins with a seven day free trial after which it is $49.95/month or an annual membership can be purchased getting two months for free. Membership includes a number of unlimited services including WHOIS lookup, domain search & domain suggestions, marketplace & dropping names and screenshot history. Other services include reverse IP, reverse and asked, WHOIS history, hosting history, brand monitor, name server monitor, registrant monitor, domain monitor and IP monitor.


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2. ICANN Blog:

Global Alexa Rating: 7,787

The ICANN Blog is the official weblog of the Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers. There are blogs available in numerous languages including English, Spanish, French, Russian, Italian, Portuguese and Arabic. On the main page one can find recent posts, most popular posts, categories, tags and recent comments. There is a search option for finding blogs containing a particular keyword. Before making comments on any of the domain blogs, users should read the comment policy.


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3. Afternic Blog:

Global Alexa Rating: 11,209

Afternic Blog includes domain blogs back to September 2007. The domain blogs can be selected by their date or by one of numerous categories including domain name sales, domain news, domain sales tools, market trends, superpremium domains, trade shows and news. An interesting blog is the weekly Afternic/GoDaddy domain sales breakdown report. Afternic was acquired by GoDaddy, the world’s leading domain name provider, in September 2013. Afternic had been one of the industry’s leading domain name aftermarket companies. They list more than 5 million premium domain names available for sale and receive more than 75 million domain searches each month – more than any other domain marketplace. They were founded in 1999 when they launched the first website where domain owners could list their domain for sale and prospective domain buyers could review available inventory.


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4. The Domains:

Global Alexa Rating: 15,299

The Domains is an industry news site publishing up-to-date content created by domain name experts. It was launched in 2007 and has become a leading source for domain information and discussion. All of the domain blogs since 2007 are archived. There are between 40 and 150 blogs added each month. The articles are also categorized and can be located do a keyword search. Readers can also subscribe to receive notification by email of new posts. A useful feature of the site is the recommended page which includes recommended domain companies and organizations as well as recommended reading. The main page also includes links to recent comments made on the domain blogs.


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5. Elliot’s Blog/

Global Alexa Rating: 18,658

This blog site began in 2007 and was originally called simply Elliot’s Blog. It is published by Elliott J. Silver, and Internet entrepreneur and professional domain investor. He has spoken on a number of conference panels and has been cited as a domain industry expert in a variety of publications. He rebranded to in October 2013. There are several domain investing experts who are contributing writers. In 2008, he was honored with a Domainer’s Choice Award for his blog, which was voted best Domain Blog. He has also won other awards. The main page includes recent posts and recent comments. Readers can subscribe to automatically receive an email when a new article is published. There is a very useful resource page with links to other domain blogs, news pages, conferences, domain brokers, domain consulting companies, domain parking companies, domain tools, domain lawyers and more.


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6. DN Journal:

Global Alexa Rating: 20,740

Domain Name (DN) Journal is an Internet Edge, Inc. company which is a Florida corporation involved in web publishing and domain monetization through several subsidiary companies including and Readers can sign up to get on their mailing list to receive their free newsletter as well as email notices each time there is a major update to their site. They’ll send reminders when the weekly domain sales report has been posted, as well as when new cover stories or major articles have been released. One can also read previous newsletters on the site. The site includes articles, classified ads, YTD sales charts, domain sales, news headlines and resources.


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7. Domain Name Wire:

Global Alexa Rating: 25,818

Domain Name Wire is a new source for the domain name industry written by industry experts and edited by Andrew Allemann. The topics are relevant for domain name owners, intellectual property attorneys, trademark lawyers, domain registrars, domain services companies and anyone interested in the domain name industry. The articles are categorized as follows: domain sales, domain services, domain registrars, domain parking, expired domains, we get it, policy & law and uncategorized. The archived articles date back to March 2005. There is an average of 50 to 75 articles added each month. There is an active following with much commentary going on. Readers can also subscribe to the newsletter.


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8. DomainShane:

Global Alexa Rating: 34,202

DomainShane was founded in 2009 and is a domain blog that talks about the views of normal working guys. It is written to share good stories, good laughs and occasionally good information while on a journey to make a profit buying and selling names and building sites. This makes the site rather fun as it is obvious that Shane is enjoying what he is doing. All of his articles back to July 2009 are archived and also arranged by category – or read them page by page (over 520 pages of them!) Look for some nice blog tips, domain development articles, his daily list or post of the day and even a few promo codes.


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9. DomainSherpa:

Global Alexa Rating: 35,274

DomainSherpa is where you learn all the secrets of the domain name industry – directly from the Sherpas. The site is organized into interviews, reviews, discover articles, buy articles, manage articles, monetize articles, sell articles and news. An incredibly informative and helpful site that is well organized and easy to navigate. Each interview offers four ways to learn – a video, audio, audio download and PDF transcript that can be downloaded or read online. Although the site has one of the lowest global Alexa rating of these 10 sites, it probably is the best in terms of learning about domain names and getting help as a newbie.


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10. DomainGang:

Global Alexa Rating: 46,531

DomainGang covers domain industry, social media and technology news in a twofold approach – a parody domain news article that follows the tongue-in-cheek humor of The Onion and real domain news which is presented with a ”100%” image at the bottom. It was established in September 2009 to fill a void in the niche market of domaining by introducing a humorous and sometimes caustic twist to all things related to domains. All articles are archived and can be found in categories such as Famous Domainers, Domain News, Stories & Manuals, Short News, Name Jargon, The Drunk Domainer and Domain Socialite. Hands down the funniest blog site on this list!

Domain blogs can clearly serve a number of purposes from educational to entertaining just like any blog topic can and should do. Don’t let these domain blog’s traffic count ratings deter you because everyone has their own style of blog writing and one might resonate with you more than another regardless of what other people think. There is no wrong answer when it comes to choosing a blog to follow.



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