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Domain name auction sites facilitate the buying and selling of currently registered domain names since sellers advertise domain names they wish to sell and prospective buyers can purchase them. A drop register offers domain names that are due to expire, but in a domain name auction there is no waiting as domain names can be purchased before the ownership of the name lapses. In a domain name auction site there are multiple listings of domain names and bids can be placed for the name with the highest bidder winning. The more desirable the name, the higher the price and often escrow agents are involved to ensure and facilitate swift and safe transactions. Some purchasers buy a specific domain name with the intention of selling it at a later date since there is now a growing need for top level domain names with the importance of SEO ever close in mind. A domain name auction site makes the purchase of multiple domain names easy and convenient since all the names are listed in one place exposing them to buyers wishing to make a purchase. Below are listed ten of the best domain name auction sites around. The list is valuable for anyone who wishes to sell or purchase a domain name or anyone who may have an interest in getting started!



1. –

Flippa has a very high selling rate and over 500,000 members. Available domain names are featured by just sold, ending soon, most active and new listings. Names can be selected by price and guides are given for buyers and sellers with a section dedicated to safety. Since the appointment of experienced and extremely bright domainer Kevin Fink, the domain market section on Flippa has gone from strength to strength. Flippa’s domains Catalog launched in May.  It’s an alternative to auctioning your domain if you’re not in a hurry to sell.  Listing is free and the duration is 12 months. There are 40,000 quality domains to choose from right now with filters for extensions like .com, brandable words and domain hacks amongst others. Check it out now!

2. Bido –

Bido lists all domain names currently taking place at auction as well as publicising future names which are shortly due for auction. A search facility for domain names is offered and auctions can be advertised with banners and useful marketing tips and tools. Current bids are displayed with auction closing times and there is an option to view all recent sales. The rules and regulations are clearly demonstrated and an affiliate program, ‘Bido credits’ and ‘Bido vote for profit’ details are given showing how to earn extra cash.



3. DomainMonkey –

Domain Monkey shows you how to make money from domain names without owning your own site and contains information and tips on how to sell and buy names. Domain names for sale are listed with top names and passed sales highlighted. News and information can be found in the blog and a special section is dedicated to making money online. There is a search facility on the site along with the best price and appraisal information.



4. Go Daddy –

Go Daddy is of course famous the world over for hosting and web design, but they also have a section for domain name auctions. Featured domains names are listed with an extensive search facility for finding available names for sale. Tools and support are offered in the forum and in ‘multi-bids’ with an auction market report available to download. Becoming an auction member is encouraged and full details can be found on the site.



5. –

Namejet has close to 800,000 domain names available to buy in its auction section with searches being available by domain type, domain extensions, categories and amounts. There is a section for finding pre-release domains and those pending deletion along with a section for professional web featured auctions. ‘Hot picks’ are highlighted, but you must become a verified bidder to place a bid over $2,500. A section for help can be found on the site complete with tools, features and resources and there is also a phone number for personal advice.



6. Sedo –

 Sedo has more than one million member accounts from all over the world trading domains in twenty different languages. There are over 16 million domain names for sale and tools are available for buying and selling. The site gives ways of monetising domain names by domain appraisals, brokerage services, promotion and the domain parking program which gives members the opportunity to earn revenue on more than 4 million domains while promoting them for sale. A catalogue of names can be viewed or alternatively there is the option to search a name with featured and top domain names highlighted.



7. Snap Names –

Snap names gives an extensive search option to find previously taken and expired domain names. You can bid on domains and watch them as well as select them from a list of categories with the ‘hot’ ones being advertised. There is a section for viewing upcoming events and promos and tips and advice can be found for buying, selling and downloading auction lists. Videos and tutorials show how to best utilise the site and domain name industry information can be found in the resource section.



8. Win Your Domain –

Win Your Domain Name lets you trade established as well as new domain names and for a limited time all domain sales and auctions are free. The company advertises no buyer fees, no hidden fees and no success fees with sign-up being free. Listings can be searched by various categories and a forum is available for domain name discussions. Sellers can add money to their PayPal accounts and then post their domain names and buyers simply create an account and start to bid.



9. –

At you can buy, sell and lease domains. A long list of domain names can be chosen and selected by categories called fixed price, no reserve, make an offer, get paid to send to auction, in auction or get paid to bid. You can view featured domains, new ones or domains within the last seven days with the value, the reserve and the starting bid demonstrated on each one. The domains are coloured coded by price with a colour chart given for explanation and an account must be opened before placing any bids.




10. –

Afternic has a huge database of more than 5,700,000 listed domain names. Names can be searched by new listings, featured listings and trending listings along with full details about selling a domain name. Listings are shown with the current bids in price order and full support can be found on the site.


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