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Website developers and designers are always hunting down domain tools to make their job easier. Coming up with domain names, researching the history of a domain that is up for sale and registering custom domain names all take time and effort. Hopefully the following ten sites will make at least that part of the process much simpler so your time can be spent on the rest of the development process instead. The ten listed are shown in order of their Alexa global traffic rating thus showing how popular they are with other developers and designers.



1. Wayback Machine:  

Global Alexa Rating: 170


This domain tool can be as much fun as it is useful as it is a time machine of sorts. Users can type in a website and look back in time to how that site has looked in the past. This can be useful in a number of ways. First of all, it can be used to save a page now that may be needed as a trusted citation in the future. It can also be used to investigate a domain that is for sale to see how it has been used in the past. It can also be used by anyone wanting to investigate just how long a company’s website has been in existence. The site has 372 billion web pages saved over time.



2. Domain Tools:

Global Alexa Rating: 262


Domain Tools has a number of products and services that can be helpful. They have WHOIS history and historical screenshots that enable researching previous ownership and use of a domain name. There are also domain monitoring services so that businesses can keep on top of both domains they own and those they are interested in purchasing if they become available. With both research tools, data services and monitoring tools, this site has much to offer. Users can start with a free trial before purchasing either a professional or enterprise level membership.



3. WhoIs:   

Global Alexa Rating: 504


This domain tool is a great source for high quality domain data. Users can get accurate, actionable insights on domains regardless of where the domains are registered. Search the database to look up domain and IP owner information as well as dozens of other statistics. Simply type in a domain name and immediately see domain buying options along with a full overview including registrar info, IP address, server type and important dates such as when registered, last updated and when it expires. Also see the raw registrar data. This site can also be used to enter an IP address and find out information about it.



4. Estibot:   

Global Alexa Rating: 9,286


Estibot is a combination of tools including essential domain toolsand brainstorming tools. Examples of the essential tools offered: domain name appraiser, domain parser, keyword parser, availability checker, domain sales history, business locator and lead generator. The brainstorming tools include a domain idea tool, domain generator, typo generator and domain permutator. Users can also have their experienced staff valuate your domain name with a professional appraisal.




5. Rhyme Zone:

Global Alexa Rating: 10,456


This site has so many uses in so many occupations that it could literally be included on hundreds of top ten lists, but for this one it is included as a domain tool because sometimes you just need a little help to come up with a perfect domain name. The ability to quickly locate a rhyme, synonym, related word or similar sounding word could be just the ticket. It is also a great source for other things that can get one’s creativity a bit of a push including famous quotes, great documents, Shakespearean works and much more.



6. Instant Domain Search:

Global Alexa Rating: 10,561


This domain tool is a free service that instantly checks domain name availability as you type it into the search box. The search is very intuitive by also bringing up suggested other domain names based on your search so you can see what else is close or could even be additional ones to purchase to cover typos in searches. Sites come up as taken or available, and if available there could be a purchase button that takes you to a BuyDomains, a broker who will help you buy it. The site also has a few articles to read about domains.



7. Escrow.Com:

Global Alexa Rating: 13,255 reduces the risk of online fraud for both buyers and sellers. This service can prove helpful when dealing with any number of things but has been included on this list as a source for domain and website escrow and domain name holding escrow. Domain and website escrow fees range from as little as .89% of the purchase price to 3.25% with a $25.00 minimum fee for standard escrow and 6.3% for premier escrow. Fees can be paid by the buyer or seller or split between them.  Domain holding service fees are designed for higher dollar transactions and have a fee of .89% plus a $500 per year fee.



8. NameBio:

Global Alexa Rating: 59,768


NameBio is a searchable historical domain name sales index. It is a useful domain tool for researching domain values and for understanding a domain’s worth. Use either the general search using a domain keyword at TLD while setting the sale price range and domain length range or perform a more advanced search. The advanced search allows criteria such as source and date to be added. Being able to browse over 140 million whois records cross referenced and freely searchable is a great tool.



9. Wordoid:

Global Alexa Rating: 65,411


Sometimes you just want the impact of a totally made-up word and this is the site for coming up with one. Have the site randomly create some wordoids that are no more than 10 letters long or set some criteria and come up with something perfect. First, set the quality to high, medium or low – the higher the level the more they will resemble natural words. Next, set a pattern if you wish by entering a word or letters that the wordoid should begin with, contain or end with. Finally, set the length to anything between 5 and 15. Additionally you can choose whether to show or hide wordoids with both .com and .net domain names that are unavailable. This can be a great site for coming up with a website, domain or even a product name. A great domain tool!



10. DomainApps:

Global Alexa Rating: 84,366


The last in this list of domain tools is an interface that will help you get the most out of your domains. It is a simple solution for managing the monetizations of all your domains through parking or domain development. They offer three different plan levels including a free standard plan, an enhanced plan at $10/month and a managed plan at $25/month. All three plans have unlimited domains allowed in the account and there is a chart to show what is included with each plan so it is easy to decide which will work for you.

These ten domain tools will certainly make your life a lot easier and a couple might just provide some fun entertainment as well. While it is an eclectic mix of tools, each one has something to offer. Some you’ll use now and then while others you’ll turn to nearly every day.


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