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Drawing or painting is a form of visual art using instruments such as pencils, crayons, chalks, charcoals, pastels, pens, oils, inks and markers with subcategories including cartooning, silver-point and doodling as well as dot-to-dot. Instruments used in drawings are pencils, pens, ink brushes, wax crayons, charcoals, chalks, pastels, markers and styluses with artists who practise drawing also known as draughtsmen. Material is released in a two-dimensional medium leaving a visible mark and although paper is commonly used other materials include cardboard, plastic, leather, canvas and board.  Temporary drawings may be made on whiteboards or blackboards and erased over and over again. It is thought to be one of the simplest and efficient ways of communicating visual ideas and the wide range of materials allows it to be more common than other forms of art. Today with the invention of the Internet, it has become easier for draughtsmen to display their works to the world and there are now many sites that specialise in drawing with forums for artists to connect with each other and discuss and improve on techniques. Below is a list of sites that contain forums for this purpose and the list will come in very useful for any budding artists who wish to demonstrate their talents.


1. Dueysdrawings.com – http://dueysdrawings.com/forum/index.php

This site is a drawing forum for the art community. Current topics on offer are materials and techniques, art tutorials, pastels and digital art. There is the facility to post personal paintings for discussion along with photographs and drawings may be shared with other members for viewing purposes. Posting links for promoting artworks and resources is permitted along with private messages between members and there is a special section for selling art materials, art DVDs and books or anything art related.



2. 1 Art academy – http://1art.com/forum/forum.php

This is a fairly new drawing forum since the previous website has just been transferred from PapaArt.com. The forum has been set up, but yet there are not many posts or threads which of course will change as the site grows in popularity. There are galleries for viewing collections of art and drawings and works are also displayed for purchasing. There are also videos to view and master-class memberships are offered for tutorials and demonstrations.



3. Drawspace.com – http://www.drawspace.com/forum

Drawingspace.com is a popular drawing forum with a café, drawing challenges and the facility to add artworks for critiques to review and encourage. You can create your own drawing album as well as view albums from other members and there is a classroom with lessons for beginners, intermediate and advanced artists. Drawing skills and secrets for various techniques are revealed and perspectives, hatchings and shading forms are given in detail. A bookshop is available for purchasing books on drawing and you can join 78,030 other members by adding your profile.



4. Wetcanvas.com – http://www.wetcanvas.com/forums/forumdisplay.php?f=19

Wetcanvas.com is a network for artists with a drawing and sketching. Posts and threads can be followed in the forum with the latest topics being sketching and progression with drawing. Tips and tricks for drawing can be found and classes are offered for improving your techniques. There are articles to read and links to fine art with live chat features and a virtual palette. There are art videos and art product reviews to see and a free gift is included when you sign up for the newsletter.



5. Drawingnow.com – http://www.drawingnow.com/forum/

This forum helps you connect and share your drawings with other members. Current topics being discussed include animal drawings, cartoons, fantasy techniques and nature and there are drawing tutorials and suggestions as well. Drawings and pictures can be displayed and viewed with classes and tutorials to follow. There is also the facility to draw online and once you have joined the community you can participate in the polls and also comment in the blog.



6. Ozzu.com – http://www.ozzu.com/digital-art-forum/

Ozzu.com is a digital art and drawing forum with Photoshop, illustrator, 3D renders, digital graphics and drawings. There are digital art tutorials for all levels of artists and current discussions in the forum include drawing tablets, fixing Photoshop, PHP art, digital painting, logos, landscapes and starting out advice to name a few. New members to the forum are welcome and the site is also available in Spanish and French.



7. Thedrawingforum.com – http://thedrawingforum.com/forum/index.php

This site allows the opportunity to introduce yourself and your drawings to the community. Questions, answers and support are offered and there is a café for relaxing and getting to know other artists. Tutorials and tuition is offered by other members with tips and tricks for improving your techniques. A section is dedicated to animals and wildlife and workshops are available for beginners and intermediates.




8. Boardreader.com – http://boardreader.com/tp/Pencil%20Drawing.html

Boardreader.com has a forum for discussing pencil drawings. You can follow the threads and topics with the latest and hottest threads highlighted. Current topics include canvasses, deviant art, 3D pencil drawings, racehorses, graphite and acrylic and there is the facility to search the forum for related topics as well as view graphs on posting activity.



9. About.com – http://drawsketch.about.com/b/2006/09/11/drawing-forums.htm

About.com has a drawing forum especially for budding artists to comment and follow threads. There is a gallery showing sketches and drawings are posted for critiques to give their opinions and encouragement. Forum guidelines and tips can be found with recent discussions highlighted and once you are a member you can enter any of the discussions and participate. There are sections to help you draw and give you suggestions and advice and a further section is dedicated to cartoons.



10. Rate my Drawings – http://www.ratemydrawings.com/community/

Rate my Drawings is a community for artists with a forum for discussing drawing along with art-related news and articles. You can request other artists to create a drawing for you as well as rate other member’s drawings and compete in art competitions. Once you have joined the community you can participate in the discussions and threads and art collections and drawings can be viewed with the most popular and recent drawings advertised. There is a section for the top ranking artists and tutorials for drawing can also be found.


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