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Economics is a social science analysing production, distribution and consumption of goods and services. The term comes from Ancient Greek meaning management of a household or administration. Economics studies the interaction and behaviour of the economy taking into account business, finance, health care, government, education, family, law, politics and religion. There are many sub-categories to economics such as Microeconomics, Macroeconomics and International Economics taking theories and practise into consideration. Early economic writings date back to Roman times and notable writers throughout history include Aristotle, Karl Marx, John Maynard Keynes and Adam Smith to name a few. The topic is a fascinating one since so many other sciences and subjects are involved and many universities now offer courses for studying with some even specialising specifically in Economics. The sites listed below are some of the most valuable sites on the Internet today for finding information on the subject and whether you are a student, teacher, professor or are just seeking research material, the list below will be valuable.


1. The Economist –

The economist is ranked high on and is re-known the world over for providing news on politics and the economy. Categories for obtaining information are world politics, business and finance, economics, culture and science and technology along with an index for picking subjects with articles, videos and discussions adding to understanding. More data can be found in the blog with the latest posts and topics featured and subscription is welcome to receive all the latest news and updates in the newsletter.



2. Gapminder –

You can explore the world of economics with Gapfinder with all the latest news available in videos and articles. A list of indicators reveals the data from various sources with categories and sub-categories to choose from. There is a section for teachers and a special section for labs which gives topics on world economy. Several downloads are available for further details and subscription to the newsletter is invited.



3. The Library of Economics –

The Library of Economics is a good source of information for Economics with articles, books and guides on the subject along with an Encyclopaedia dedicated to its name. There are three sections Econlib, Econlog and Econtalk all containing useful tips and data on Economics with the most popular topics and discussions being highlighted. The articles are exclusively written for the site, but links can be found leading to information from outside sources.



4. QFinance –

Qfinance is a one-stop guide for finance professionals, accountants, students, teachers and other financial establishments the world over with the emphasis on risk, cash-flow management, macro issues, raising capital, regulations and auditing. Topics can be chosen from several categories including financial markets, governance and ethics, mergers and acquisitions and funding and investment to name a few. Articles can also be read on checklists, best practise and in blog and registration to the site is encouraged to participate by contributing information.



5. The Incidental Economist –

The Incidental Economist is a blog site for sharing information for students and anyone wishing to study the subject. Tips, hints, suggestions and advice can be found in the comments and threads with the authors and recent posts being highlighted. Searches can be made in the Archive as well as in the TIE-U section, which is associated with a specific university course. The blog postings focus mainly on the failure of the healthcare system and suggest many ways in which it can be improved.



6. Vox –

Vox is a very popular site for obtaining data on economics and is ranked high on It provides economic information for governments, international organisations, journalists and educational establishments as well as finance companies and the general public. The subject can be searched by topic, date, tags or reads and categories include columns, people, Vox talks, debates and events. The popular reads are highlighted with important data labelled under ‘don’t miss’. Subscription to the site is advertised along with current and latest events.



7. RePEc –

RePEc stands for Research Papers in Economics and is a collaborative effort of hundreds of volunteers worldwide to enhance research for economics with working papers, journal articles, books, chapters and software which are provided on the site. Navigation advice is given for finding information and quick links are available for Econpapers. There are over 1.4 million research pieces in the database and the archives and authors and subscribers are encouraged to contribute to the site.



8. – is the personal website for David Smith, Economics Editor of The Sunday Times, London. The site aims to provide knowledge and stimulate debates on Economics for business people, students and economists. Articles containing information are given with a key-worded search facility and blog links and newspaper links lead to further information. The latest topics are highlighted and the archive section is also available for research on the subject.



9. Business Insider –

The Business Insider is fast becoming a world renowned site for obtaining economic information. Illustrated articles, links and videos provide data which can be chosen from sections including finance, the markets, politics, strategy, retail, sports and life to name a few. A search facility is given and logging-in to link-in is recommended. The money markets can be viewed at a glance and popular topics are highlighted. Further information can be found in the document section and alerts can be emailed if chosen.



10. Economic Policy Institute –

The Economic Policy Institute is a non-profit organisation that believes that every working person deserves fair pay, affordable health care and retirement security and with that in mind is working to improve the economic conditions of the lower and middle income workers. There are sections on the site containing information on research, publications and resources with the latest commentary and research highlighted. Details on the contributors to the site can be found in the section marked experts and threads can be followed in blog with topics such as economic growth, green economics, health, education and immigration to name a few.


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