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The subject of Electronics and Electrical Engineering denotes a broad engineering field and covers sub-categories such as analogue, digital, consumer and power electronics as well as embedded systems. Electronic Engineering deals with the implementation of applications, principles and algorithms with related fields such as solid-state physics, radio engineering, telecommunications, control systems, signal processing, systems engineering, electric power control, robotics and computer engineering. Many electrical components are used such as electron tubes, semiconductor devices, diodes, transistors and integrated circuits which are utilised to design electronic circuits and printed circuit boards. The subject is now being widely studied with the demand of computer engineers and many universities and colleges offer courses and degrees on the subject. The profession sprang from technological improvements in the telegraph industry in the late 19th century and from the radio and telephone industries of the 20th century. Below are ten sites for finding valuable information on Electronic and Electrical Engineering and they will be especially useful if you are seeking employment or looking to study the subject.




1. Engineering.com – www.engineering.com

Engineering.com brings entertaining, inspiring and informative stories to Engineers from around the world. Interesting articles with video demonstrations are given with the editors picks highlighted. Information can be found in the resources and library sections with a special chapter devoted to electrical engineering. There are further sections for designer software and education with jobs and career opportunities available. You can subscribe to the site to receive the latest news and you can also download the android version of the site for free.





2. Electronics Engineering Company – www.electronicsengg.com

Electronics Engineering Company is a well-established firm in Jordan. The company supplies, installs and maintains projects for buildings and complexes as well as providing technical support. News regarding the company along with the systems and equipment used can be found on the site with an impressive list of clients being shown. Useful information can be gained from reading the processes and the worldwide materials that the company uses and links are provided for further information.




3. IEEE – http://www.ieee.org/index.html

The Institute of Electrical and Electronic Engineers claims to be the world’s largest professional association for the advancement of technology. The strategies, awards, governance and aims of the association can be viewed on the site along with possible job vacancies. There is a digital library where information and publications can be found and a section for education and careers is highlighted. Future projects and events are listed and joining the society is encouraged to receive special benefits and discounts that are offered to members.





4. Electronic Concepts and Engineering – www.eceinc.com

Electronic Concepts and Engineering designs and manufactures electronics and software solutions specialising in Military and Aerospace electronics, automotive electronic design and industrial electronics systems. Full details regarding the company and the design team can be found on the site with a list of technologies included. The capabilities of the company are shown and further information is given in sections named expertise, experience and news and events. The fields of expertise are product-designing, turbine engine controls and transmission and hybrid vehicle controllers with information available on each topic.





5. EETimes.com – www.eetimes.com

The EETimes brings news and events from around the globe in the world of Electronic Engineering. Articles, videos, press releases, products and designs are shown along with blog postings, each containing information on electronic and electrical engineering. A section dedicated to education and training gives details on courses, webinars and tech papers and the latest designs can be viewed from individual countries. Subscription to the newsletter is welcome and details can be found on editorials.





6. The Electronics and Engineering Network – www.eenet.com

The Electronic and Engineering Network has a long list of directories which can be chosen revealing links and data for gathering information. Topics in the directory are Electro-Mechanical, Cellular, Communications, Interconnect, Operating Systems, PC Boards, Robotics, Semiconductor and Wireless to name a few. Sections containing information for Electronic Projects, Electrical Engineering jobs and Online Degrees are also given and contact with the site is welcome.



7. Techonline.com – www.techonline.com

Techonline is a great guide and source for obtaining information for Electronic and Electrical Engineers as it provides data-sheets for over 250 million parts as well as links to an online global community of professionals. Articles, technical papers and webinars can be viewed from topics such as Digital Processing, Software, Power Management, Wireless, Components and Analog to name a few with an A-Z search facility for companies. Browsing can also be made by Industry with new postings highlighted.





8. Elite – www.elitetest.com

Elite specialise in electrical and environmental stress testing providing consultations, certification and programme management. Other services include fixture testing, test automation and life cycling. Sections can be found for the industries that the company serves as well as technical information. Illustrated articles, videos and reports are given with blog, latest news and events highlighted. Details about the company and its facilities can be found on the site and a full FAQ is also provided.




9. Electronic Engineer Jobs – www.electronicsengineerjobs.net

The site contains everything you need to know about Electronics Engineers jobs with other engineering articles and resources available for research. Illustrated articles and videos can be viewed on working with transistors and chips with links provided for jobs on Engineering, Electrical Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, Nuclear Engineering, Biomedical Engineering, Chemical Engineering, Civil Engineering and Computer Engineering with posts in Dubai, Africa and Europe highlighted. Advice for private sector, military and government careers is given and any questions or queries are encouraged.





10. EEDigest.com – www.eedigest.com

The Electronic Engineering News Digest brings up-to-date news and events from the world of Electronics and Electrical Engineering. Articles can be read from the sections called Component news and Industry news with all the latest posting highlighted. Advice is given on computer re-cycling, fluorescent x-ray devices and robotics with recent products reviewed and explained. Reports and financial results for top companies are provided and the archive can also be searched for researching further information.



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