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An exchange trade fund is similar to an investment fund traded on the stock exchange. The fund holds assets such as stocks, commodities and bonds and trades throughout the trading day with an index such as a stock index or bond index. It is thought to be a good investment due to its low price and on account of being tax efficient. Brokers or dealers as they are also known as, enter into agreements with the ETF’s distributor and buy or sell the shares directly which are usually in blocks of tens of thousands. Authorised investors can invest long-term and normally act on the open market ensuring that the market price approximates to the net asset value of the underlying assets. An ETF can combine a mutual fund or a unit investment trust which can also be traded daily for its net asset value. ETFs do not sell or redeem their shares at net asset value or NAV. Instead, financial institutions purchase and redeem them directly from the ETF in units of 25,000 or 200,000 which are called creation units. This mechanism can minimise the potential deviation between the market price and the net asset value. This form of investing has grown in recent years and through the demand many websites have been set up to facilitate the need for potential investors. Listed below are ten of the best sites on the Internet today for investing and they are all listed together eliminating the need to search.


1. CEF Connect –

CEF Connect specialises in close-end funds. A fund screener and a fund sorter are provided to help get you started and the latest news, headlines and updates are stated. The fund screener has information on taxable income, tax free income, fund sponsors and equities while the fund sorter lists all the available funds. Further knowledge is provided in the education centre with tips and strategies provided and the latest summary of the markets can be found.



2. ETF Trends –

ETF Trends has many articles on iShares and stocks and a special section is dedicated to Proshares. The education centre suggests books to read and gives key definitions and alerts as well as portfolios and EFT tools which are also available for assistance. There are podcasts, web-casts, ETF conferences and videos to view in the community section and information can be found on ETF trends and global trends investments.


3. ETF Guide –

The ETF guide will teach you how to profit from ETFs. There are ready-to-go portfolios, informative articles and a strategy newsletter which you can subscribe to. There are report cards, videos, an education section and various plans available with a broad array of products to match the needs of investors, traders and financial professionals. Weekly ETF picks, retirement plans and technical forecast are provided and full details can be found on the website.



4. Index Universe –

Index Universe covers products and market developments relating to index funds, ETFs, futures and derivatives with investment strategies and financial tools being available for assistance. News, columns and research can be found for index-based investing and trading with data available for market assessment and investment products to help investors and advisors. US, international, fixed-income, emerging markets equity, commodities, currency and other ETFs are available to view in the asset class section and conferences, webinars and publications can be found for further assistance.



5. –

The ETFs of this site provide exposure to US and international equities, fixed income, inflation, commodity, currency and volatility. Featured funds are advertised along with news, press releases and announcements. There are articles to read with quick links and downloads, tools and literature can be found in the resources section for assistance. Information is also given on global fixed income and hedge strategies along with asset categories and updates can be emailed if required.



6. –

iShares advertises US bonds, global/international stocks, US stocks, international bonds and commodities amongst the ETFs that the company offers. The ETFs can be searched and there are fund fact sheets, screeners and prospectuses for assistance to help you choose a core product. You can view portfolios and there are tools, videos, audio, webinars and other resources on offer as well.


7. PowerShares –

Powershares has over 120 ETFs to select and quick links and resources are provided for assistance. There are funds, portfolios, commodities, currencies, equities and bonds to view along with tools such as charts, comparisons, screeners, power maps and flow trackers. Flagship products are highlighted and ETF implementation strategies are given. You can view the latest flow trends and the capital markets or contact the company any time with questions and queries.



8. Stock-Exchange –

The Stock Exchange Encyclopaedia is exactly as its name suggests. You can search the site for an ETF by category and stock ETFs are listed by industry, investment strategy, market capitalisation, bonds and commodities. Global stock exchanges can be viewed and assistance is offered for browsing and navigating the site with advice given on how to buy ETFs. Tips are offered for comparing and selecting ETFs and a complete guide can be found on the site.



9. ETF Screen –

ETF Screen is an open-ended fund or investment trust that is traded on a securities exchange like stock. You can view the markets as well as the top fund groups and performances of the best and worst actively traded ETFs are shown. There are articles to read and advice is given in the blog and screeners and trends are also available to see. Strategies are suggested for your consideration and further information can be found in the ‘Premium Access’ section.



10. Seeking Alpha –

Seeking Alpha is ranked very high on and has information on ETFs and portfolio strategies. There are many articles to read containing ETF ideas, market performances, asset allocation, ETF analysis and closed-end funds with EFT tools available for assistance. The latest comments and popular ETFs are highlighted and sections can also be found with information on dividends and income, market currents and investing ideas.



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