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Want an extension for Google Chrome?

Although what is useful to one person is not to another, the following ten Google Chrome extensions should be useful or fun for most. They have a variety of uses from improving productivity to enhancing enjoyment throughout the web. These ten all have many users and very few negative comments in the reviews thus allowing them a place on this list of the best extensions out there.


1. AdBlock Plus



The AdBlock family of products has long been trusted as a way to avoid all the ads present on websites. AdBlock Plus is quick to setup and even allows users to filter malware. There is a setting that allows for some non-intrusive advertising to get through but that can be changed in the options area if one desires. Users can use the preset filter lists or add their own filters if they wish to. AdBlock Plus makes all websites more enjoyable including social media sites such as Facebook.


2. Send to Kindle



Kindle has far more capabilities than simply reading an eBook – it can also be used to read documents and this extension makes it easy to send web content and text from a web page and send it to one’s Kindle for later reading. Besides having the ability to read on the go later, many users enjoy this extension in that the content can be read more easily as the distractions have been removed. It also gives users the ability to keep a copy of anything for referencing whenever desired.


3. Awesome Screenshot



Often we find reasons to capture images when we are surfing and although the print screen feature does the job it leaves one having to find a way to edit it afterwards. A better solution is Awesome Screenshot which not only provides the tools for capturing a screen it also enables the user to annotate them. One way this can be very useful is when putting together a training document. Captured and annotated screenshots can be saved on one’s computer or uploaded to their website for easy sharing.



4. StumbleUpon



Running an Internet search is a fine way to find information on topics we think up but what can be done when someone doesn’t know what to look for? The answer is to use StumbleUpon which makes surfing a fun adventure. Users define an interest profile then click the button to be whisked away to some random page that most likely one never would have found through a regular search engine. Finding interesting news stories, photos and articles has never been easier.



5. Stay Focused



Stay Focused is a productivity tool for those that find themselves distracted by the Internet. It allows them to set up limitations for accessing certain websites so that they won’t interfere with the job at hand. This is done by blocking specific websites that are set up in the settings for a specific period of time. There are a number of options including blocking immediately and kicking you out after a set period of allowed time has been exceeded. For example, this tool is ideal for those that tell themselves they’ll spend just an hour on Facebook and would end up there all day if it hadn’t been set to take them out of the site after the hour.



6. LastPass



It can be a nightmare keeping track of all the various passwords used each day but with LastPass one can not only make their browsing experience easier but also more secure. It also includes a form filler application. Rather than being at risk by having only one password for every application that you do online this extension can help you manage passwords so you can create different ones for each place. Users can also import or export passwords from major password storage services.



7. FromDocToPDF



This extension allows users to convert PDF files to doc files for free. Users can convert files to and from PDFs with just one click and easily convert PDFs to many different file formats such as .Doc, .Tiff and .JPG. The extension also includes the ability to translate any website into a different language. It also includes a dictionary, thesaurus and reference tool. Most converters out there are not free so the fact that this one is makes it an ideal option.



8. Social Fixer for Facebook



Social Fixer is the perfect extension for those that are regulars on Facebook as it adds plenty of functional and aesthetic options to make it more enjoyable and useful. Features such as tabbed feeds, feed filters, tracking of un-friending and blocked friends and apps all make time spent on Facebook more enjoyable. There are tons of ways to customize Facebook to be exactly the way one wishes it to be.




9. Facebook Themes



The Social Fixer extension does have a couple nice themes but for those that want to really make their Facebook page unique, this extension will do the trick. There are lots of unique themes to choose from including Hello Kitty, Hunger Games, Game of Thrones, The Avengers and more as well as the ability to design one on your own! The gallery is full of options listed by category including anime, celebrities, holidays, music, travel, nature, sports, colors and games just to name a few.




10. PrintFriendly



Anyone that regularly prints out websites knows that it can be frustrating to end up with 20 or more pages with most of it ads and other distracting graphics. This extension strips away all the fluff so that less paper and ink is necessary. Simply click the PrintFriendly icon and a separate page comes up that is ready to print but it also allows users to further adjust the page before printing by deleting unwanted sections and removing images if they are unnecessary.

When looking for an extension for a specific purpose it is always a good idea to read through the reviews as they can help you avoid those that either do not work properly or are known to add malware or spyware.  It can be fun to check out the Google webstore every now and then to see what new extensions have been added, but in the meantime these ten should make your browser experience that much more enjoyable and productive.



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