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While Facebook may have started out as a social tool for individuals, it has become an incredibly useful marketing tool for businesses that want to gain online visibility. Being able to reach your target audience and then have your message shared reaching exponentially more potential customers, this is quickly becoming a more economical way to market. The tools that Facebook gives you to develop your Facebook fan page won’t get you the unique page you desire, even if you are savvy enough to figure them out. The following ten websites are for companies that offer a solution to the blah fan page. Some of these are DIY fan page creation services while others are a full-service company that does the work for you. Take a look and see what will work the best for you and your level of Facebook fan page creation understanding. The websites are listed in order of their Alexa traffic count rating.


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1. Pagemodo: http://www.pagemodo.com/

Global Alexa Rating: 8,335

Pagemodo enables small businesses to quickly design and publish a stunning business Facebook Page. A Pagemodo-powered page dazzles and captivates Facebook visitors, turning them into fans and customers. Thanks to Pagemodo’s Pagebuilder, entrepreneurs don’t need to have any design or technical skills to design a clean, professional, and engaging Facebook Page. Pagemodo provides everything entrepreneurs need: a wide variety of gorgeous and customizable templates, easy-to-add features like slideshows, videos, contact forms, and maps, and powerful social media tools like fan coupons and “like” gates. Since Pagemodo’s launch in 2010, over 350,000 small businesses have signed up and have published over 400,000 custom Facebook Pages. Every month, 10 million Facebook users view a Facebook Page powered by Pagemodo! A free account lets you try out many of the great features that come with their Premium packages. They have three packages to choose from with monthly terms as well as discounted annual terms. Basic allows 1 page per account with up to 3 custom tabs. Pro allows up to 3 fan pages and an unlimited number of custom tabs per page. It also includes team access (2 team members), premium Email and phone support, contests & sweepstakes, like gates, premium templates, and Google analytics. Agency allows unlimited fan pages and custom tabs per page. It allows up to 10 team members and has priority service for support. It also includes white-label. No design or coding skills are required.




2. Vocus: http://www.vocus.com/facebook/

Global Alexa Rating: 8,546

Vocus is the parent company of North Social that has designed a fully integrated marketing suite that includes Facebook marketing plus everything else you need to do marketing and PR better. Their software coordinates Facebook apps with your emails, landing pages, news releases and other marketing activities so you can deliver real results all from one log in. Facebook Apps are fully integrated landing pages with the Vocus Marketing Suite. Their solution captures leads and offers real-time data that lets you intelligently target your marketing to drive better conversion and retention rates. Whether you need a quick snapshot of today’s results or an in-depth comparison of campaigns, they deliver easy to read analytics. There is a very comprehensive chart on the website outlining the four different plans available and all that is included – they range from $300/month to $2,500/month. Keep in mind that this is a full marketing package – not just Facebook fan page creation – so it includes content monitoring for social media, analytics and so much more.




3. ShortStack: http://www.shortstack.com/

Global Alexa Rating: 20,129

With ShortStack you can customize your Facebook page with promotions, contests, videos, custom forms and more. You can hit the ground running – Use ShortStack’s app templates and color schemes to create great-looking apps in minutes! ShortStack saves you time and frustration. Run contests, embed videos, and create galleries without ever entering a line of code. ShortStack has tons of features to help you get the most from your Facebook Pages, including contests, polls, data collection and analytics. Besides their limited free subscription they also have 4 priced monthly subscriptions outlines on their website along with the option to have a customized enterprise plan. They offer discounts for annual subscriptions. Plans start at $25/month (billed annually)/$30/month (billed monthly). They offer more features than can be mentioned here, but they are all listed and explained on their website. There is a useful FAQ section on the website as well and they offer helpful weekly webinars, case studies, resources and more to make your Facebook pages all that you want them to be.




4. Heyo (Lujure Media Inc): https://heyo.com/?lujure=true

Global Alexa Rating: 33,663

Heyo believes they are the easiest way to create campaigns for Facebook that are mobile optimized. Virality is built into Heyo campaigns and widgets, so your followers bring their friends to your campaign naturally. No code, so you can breathe easy. Heyo puts the power of one thousand developers at your fingertips. Their editor is easy-to-use featuring four easy steps. Templates allow you to use a proven contest, promotion, or deal to drive traffic, leads, and sales. Or, if you are the creative type, drag and drop widgets together to create a custom campaign from scratch without writing a single line of code. You have complete creative control. All their plans are free for 7 days to give you the opportunity to try it for free with no obligation. Their Start plan is suitable for 2 active campaigns. Their Grow plan is suitable for 5 active campaigns and includes premium templates, premium widgets, email support and live support. Their Lead plan is suitable for 15 active campaigns and further offers email support whitelabel and an account manager. You also have the option to have them set up all the campaigns for you. Heyo will publish your campaigns to Facebook, Mobile devices, and landing pages to make sure you’re getting as much traffic, leads, and sales as you deserve. Plans start at $25/month with annual billing or $30/month with monthly billing.




5. TabSite: http://www.tabsite.com/

Global Alexa Rating: 35,187

Build Facebook fan page tabs for deals, sweepstakes, reviews, contests and more – now with Pinterest & Instagram tools as well! As of the date and time of this review they had powered 83,605 business and reached 466,402,311 fans. Depending on the plan chosen there is access to engagement app tabs, drag-n-build widgets and platform management tools. This is a very affordable option as they not only have a free plan, their other plans range from only $10/month to $30/month. Annual plans get two months free! TabSite was founded in 2010 to meet the growing demands of digital marketers seeking to leverage Facebook. Their suite of custom content solutions and social engagement applications inspire fan participation, drive traffic and increase business exposure among thousands of businesses, agencies and partner affiliates worldwide. TabSite allows you to easily create and manage custom tabs and run promos on your Facebook Fan Page. You can add multiple custom tabs and have sub-pages within a tab to greatly expand the content you can have on your Fan Page. TabSite offers both a Drag N Build system, allowing you to create a pixel perfect design without coding or programming, or ability to use a simple Engagement App setup process to run promotions and contests on a tab! Powerful features include ability to run Sweepstakes, import your blog, add YouTube Videos, add product slideshows, Like Gate, and more! You can have as many TabSites as you want. Each TabSite account works on a single Fan or Place Page. You will be able to manage them all in one easy to use manager area within TabSite.




6. Daddy Design: http://www.daddydesign.com/facebook_fan_page_design.htm

Global Alexa Rating: 92,793

South Florida based DaddyDesign.com is a unique and creative web design firm with years of experience working with small businesses to large-sized corporations. Their studio specializes in various elements of social media development including everything from Branding to Web Design and even Myspace Design, Facebook Design and WordPress Design. They intend to work closely with you to produce an innovative and effective outcome to service your advertising needs. With the new improvements to Facebook and developing Facebook Iframe Apps, Daddy Design now has the capabilities to provide custom Facebook fan pages via Facebook tabs. They have been providing beautiful high quality custom Social Networking design solutions for years and are a trusted source for many top companies. They not only understand how important Facebook is but also understand just how important all social networking is. They treat every Facebook project with the highest level of professionalism from start to finish. Their custom Facebook tab design is guaranteed to leave a lasting impression with anyone who visits your Facebook fan page. They are a full service Social Media Design firm. Simply request a quote from them from their website and they will do all the work for you! The website includes a number of examples of work they have done.




7. FaceItPages: http://www.faceitpages.com/

Global Alexa Rating: 117,551

Use FaceItPages to create lead capture Facebook fan pages. Choose from several timeline templates and take advantage of their easy-to-use wizard to make your Facebook fan page stand out. Choose your theme (60+ Facebook timeline layout designs to choose from plus over 25 timeline apps you can add), set up your page, preview and publish – it is that easy. Some of the apps you can add include fan gate, promo/coupon, contest, YouTube, Pinterest, Tumblr, custom header, blog feed, product listings, slideshare and more. The website clearly explains what each of the apps is and does. Furthermore, with their Facebook page stats, you can see what is happening on your Facebook fan page with in depth activity reports. The FaceItPages reports show you clicks, views, leads, likes and engagement on your Facebook page tabs. As a business or brand it is important for you to be able to measure the activity on your page so you can understand your fan base and how to better optimize your page. Their +Promote feature helps you gain “targeted likes” to your Facebook page. With targeted fans you have a much better chance of turning your likes into leads. The more targeted fans you have, the better chance those fans will engage with your page which will also help your Facebook Page Edgerank. They promote your Facebook pages using Facebook ads that are targeted around your market and ideal customer. They do not use mass invite methods or robots. The downside about this company is that they are currently working on developing a new platform that will empower businesses to advertise on multiple social platforms, mobile and across the web so they are not currently accepting new members – but keep an eye on this one for the future because it sounds like they are heading to some really exciting things!




8. Promodo: http://www.promodo.com/social-media-marketing/facebook-page-creation/

Global Alexa Rating: 139,033


Promodo offers a full SMM service but recognizes that some customers simply want to kick start their social media campaign on Facebook, so that offer a package where they will create a Facebook page that will allow you to solve a wide range of business tasks easily. They go to exhaustive lengths when creating your Facebook page that you won’t get with basic DIY templates and easy services. They begin by conducting a competitor analysis and complete marketing research. They analyze the social media environment to reduce risk factors that might compromise your business interests. They analyze the marketing strategies of your competitors including targeted audience analysis, competitor analysis, case studies and analyzing mistakes, content analysis and more. Only then do they begin, starting with Facebook welcome page creation, Facebook avatar creation and more. They wrap up your Facebook page creation with a promotional strategy. To get a free quote, complete the online quote request form or give them a call. They are headquartered in Kharkov, Ukraine with offices in Kyiv, Ukraine and Russia, Moscow. They also have a chat feature although it is not always online.




9. High Impact Designer Social Page Builder: https://www.highimpactdesigner.com/social-page-builder.htm

Global Alexa Rating: 411,368

Likes get you noticed. Social Page Builder helps you to create fan-exclusive contests, sweepstakes, coupons, and promotions that boost Likes, generate leads, and increase revenue.

Facebook Pages are a great way to reach out to fans and supporters of your business. Social Page Builder helps you expand that reach by adding great-looking, fully-customizable Tabs to your Facebook Page. With Tabs, your Page can host fan-exclusive content that encourages visitors to Like your Page, contest forms that help you generate leads, and many other engaging features that help transform your Facebook Page from a simple Timeline into a Social Media destination! Over 189 million people use Facebook exclusively on their mobile devices. With Social Page Builder Tabs designed for both mobile and desktop, you’ll be able to reach your fans anywhere, any time. Social Page Builder is easy to use with three steps: Select a template, customize it then instantly publish it to Facebook. The website offers some recent customer creations. No Graphic Design or HTML Experience Necessary. You can begin with a 30-day free trial. Choose their Silver, Gold or Platinum plan depending on the number of published tabs/designs you need, the number of templates desired and how many smart elements you want available to you. The Gold and Platinum plans also have more features. The plans cost just $9, $19 and $39 per month, respectively or save 30% with an annual plan.




10. Custom Fan Page Designs: http://customfanpagedesigns.com/   

Global Alexa Rating: 445,202

You are ready to put your brand’s message on Facebook but…where to begin? Problem is you are not a designer or coder. You may be new to Facebook and you don’t have time to figure this out, plus, your time is valuable…now your head is really spinnin’. That’s where this company comes in. Since 2009, they have created over 400 custom Facebook page designs for folks just like you from around the world. They customize Cover Photos, Profile images and Page Apps for your Facebook Business Pages. Their designs are totally customized to meet your individual marketing needs while integrating your brand’s “look and feel’! They also create customized banners, backgrounds and images for other social media platforms like LinkedIn Company Page banner designs, Twitter backgrounds & headers, YouTube Channel Art, Google+ banner designs and more! Simply put, their goal is to make the process of creating your Social Media graphics & page apps for Facebook and your graphics for Twitter, YouTube, Google+ and LinkedIn Company pages, as easy and affordable as possible. They are located in Navarre, Florida. They have a number of services available with all the plans and pricing outlined on their website. There are also plenty of samples of their work shown.

Whether you go with a DIY template option or a company that does everything from start to finish will depend on the size of your company, your budget, how much time you want to spend on it and the degree of customization you envision. If you have the time to spare, take advantage of the free DIY templates to see what you think about them. If they aren’t of the calibre you envision, then look to a more customizable option.



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