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In the last nine years the Internet has advanced in leaps and bounds with the invention of Facebook. Finding long-lost family and friends, old school classmates and work colleagues along with meeting new contacts to add to personal ever increasing networks has become a recent obsession. Facebook introduced us to a way of staying in constant contact with friends whilst announcing daily plans, feelings and thoughts and generally keeping in touch. Games are now a very popular addition to Facebook and can while away many hours in relaxing in a fun-filled environment, as there are thousands of different games to play on Facebook. There are games of skill for testing mental ability and thinking capacities as well as action and adventure where you can invite your friends and family or even with total strangers to play along with you. Some of the games are highly addictive and can be fun to play with millions of users logging in every day to try and better their scores. Below is a list of top ten games played on Facebook. Some of the games are based on action, some on skill, some will test you and you will need your thinking caps and reflexes at the ready whilst others are just simply enjoyable. So relax and prepare to be entertained with the list below.


1. Candy Crush Saga – https://apps.facebook.com/candycrush/

Candy Crush Saga was launched in 2012 and has taken the world by storm. It is a very sweet game with candies being mixed and matched in the sweet store.  The game is a variation of bejewelled with each game board having a level of different coloured candy. You can move horizontally or vertically swapping the positions of two adjacent candies to create a set of three candies or more in a row of the same colour. There are many levels to complete and players are sometimes required to unlock a level before continuing.


2. Farmville2 – http://apps.facebook.com/farmville-two/

Farmville2 allows you to create and grow your very own crops on the farm along with your own supply of farm animals and livestock. It is the sequel to the popular first edition of Farmville and is very popular with Facebook users. You can watch your farm grow and develop into a thriving community and the idea is to unlock items as the game progresses. Crops and animals become available at the market and can be purchased with farm coins or farm cash, which is earned by levelling up, completing offers or by being purchased.


3. Texas HoldEm Poker – http://apps.facebook.com/texas_holdem/

Texas HoldEm Poker has over 40 million active users and more than 60 million hands are won each day. The game was created in 2007 by Zynga and has established itself as the largest online community of poker players on the Internet. You are given $30,000 in chips free to start your game and hours of fun can be had playing with friends, family or total strangers from all around the world. Players can choose which lobby they wish to enter and what type of poker they want to play. Free chips are awarded every day and further chips can be won in the daily lottery. The game supports 18 different languages and is also available in an app.


4. Words With Friends – https://apps.facebook.com/wordswithfriends/

This is one of the best words games for teaching children and is played by millions of adults every day. It is also available in an app so you can play with friends even when you are on the move. The game is extremely addictive and once played you might find it hard to stop playing. It is another great game from Zynga and strategy with words is involved in a similar fashion to scrabble and its aim is to improve vocabulary and spelling.


5. CoasterVille – http://apps.facebook.com/coasterville/

This is a very expressive social game from the Zynga platform. You can build your own farm, city and castle and decorate your entire design. It is similar to Farmville2 since players get to build custom-made theme parks exactly as they choose with the choice of many different items within the game. There are already over 10 million users and that number is increasing daily. The game is aimed at promoting flexibility and freedom of expression with kingdoms being created to the dreams and desires of the players.


6. Mafia Wars – http://apps.facebook.com/inthemafia/

This is a fighting game where the objective is to build your own gang and complete tasks in order to get rewards and energy. The game allows the players to travel to various places such as New York, Cuba, Moscow, Bangkok, Las Vegas, Italy and France.  Players can trade goods in the marketplace which can be whatever they desire and also help each other by sending assistance in the game to complete tasks as and when necessary. It is also available in an app for android and iPhones.


7. CityVille – http://apps.facebook.com/cityville/

In this game you need to construct houses, buildings and farms. The game currently holds the record for being played by the most users in one month on Facebook and has lured a large audience having been launched by the popular game makers Zynga. It not only offers a virtual world, but also allows players to carry out certain tasks side-by-side such as construction, farming, collection of taxes and buying or selling of goods.


8. Café World – https://apps.facebook.com/cafeworld/

Café World is a multi-player game from Zynga.  As the name suggests, players have to become a master chef and build a food empire by completing new orders in the cafe. You are in charge as you select dishes and then chop, slice, sauté and bake your way to the top of the culinary world.  You also need to make sure you have ample supplies to feed your hungry customers and whilst keeping your kitchen clean, ensure that you have enough time for preparation of meals.


9. Tetris Battle – http://apps.facebook.com/tetris_battle/

This game is played exactly like the old Tetris games of the past, but there are more features. Bricks of the same colours are matched whilst earning points and moving up to new levels which become harder as the game progresses.  The game is played globally and is a favourite with all age groups and now consists of new improved graphics to make it more exciting.


10. FishVille – https://www.facebook.com/fishville

FishVille is a real-time aquarium simulation game that allows you to build and beautify your city.  You have to manage your virtual aquarium with different types of fish whilst ensuring it is always clean with fresh water.  The game is another popular favourite by Zynga and functions the same as the City Ville game, but in a virtual water wonderland of fantasy and imagination.













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