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A financial market is where financial securities and commodities can be traded at prices that reflect supply and demand. The markets bring interested buyers and sellers, households, companies and government agencies together to interact having an effect on the economy. There are various types of financial markets such as stocks, bonds, commodity, money, futures and foreign exchange to name a few.  Raising capital, lending and borrowing are all achieved within the markets and foreign exchange and indexes fluctuate and rise according to the results on a daily basis. For those amongst us who need to keep our fingers on the financial pulse either for business, out of curiosity or for personal interests, the following sites will come in very useful since they are all valuable sites on the Internet today which provide us with continually accurate and immediately up-dated information. All of the sites listed below give professional advice in the world of finance and the list will be invaluable for traders, financiers and the general public alike.


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1. CNN Money –

CNN Money ranks very high on and brings the latest financial news with articles, videos and links. Special sections are dedicated to investing and the economy and another section gives the latest trading information on indexes and commodities in the markets. Although the site is based in the U.S. financial information is given from countries and markets around the globe and interesting facts and future events for large investment companies is reported to assist with investment decisions. Staying connected for regular up-dates in easy since there is a list of tools, widgets, news-feeds, emails and newsletters at hand to do so.


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2. Kiplinger –

Kiplinger is based in Washington DC and publish business forecasts giving financial advice in videos, articles, tips, audio and through software products. The site receives 1.2 million visits per month and has won several awards for being one of America’s most ethical companies. There are sections devoted to retirement, taxes, investing, saving, spending and insurance amongst others. Tools, quizzes and slideshows all add to giving further information and subscription to the site is free for receiving any of the publications.


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3. This is Money –

This is money delivers accurate financial information whilst giving tips, hints and predictions in the world of finance. News can be found on credit and loans, mortgages, savings, banking and insurance along with many more subjects. Advice is given by financial experts and many examples are shown on how to save money. The latest developments on stocks and shares can be found with useful tools, quizzes and blog adding to further knowledge and assistance. The latest news-flashes can be read in the news-letter which can be emailed if required.


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4. The Street –

The Street has a large network of resources including social media in which to obtain and provide the latest news on finance, business and investing. Headlines and alerts are highlighted on the site with articles and advice given on trading and the markets. Tips on how to invest are given and a large section is dedicated to stocks. A list of professional opinions can be obtained from expert bankers and financiers and there are several free news-letters available to keep abreast of all the latest financial developments.


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5. –

SmartMoney ranks high on since it evolves from the Wall Street Journal and has many financial facts, tips, advice and suggestions to make with articles, videos, reviews and portfolios. There is a site-map for guidance in finding information on the site, which is needed from the amount of information that is offered. Investments, markets strategies, spending and borrowing, retirement and tax plans can all be found along with a special section dedicated to answering any personal questions. There are suggestions on literature to read along with the current market positions and the site is available in several languages.


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6. Bloomberg –

Bloomberg is one of world’s leading resources for finance and business professionals and as a result ranks very high on Data, news, charts, analytics and communications are reported upon instantly with top headlines being aided by videos. Recommendations are given for viewing and individual regions from around the globe can be selected to obtain the relevant financial information. There is a section dedicated to advice on personal finance and further sections on luxury, politics and sustainability all containing valuable financial advice assisted with interviews and slideshows. Links are given to various other Bloomberg sites for reference and subscription to the site is welcome.


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7. Forbes –

This is the web-site for the bi-weekly magazine featuring regular articles on finance, investing, industry and marketing. Top news and most popular items in the world of finance are highlighted with latest developments and new posts being updated every hour. Useful financial tips and hints are given throughout the site and there are many video presentations to watch. There is a complete section dedicated to lists with ‘the best of’ and ‘the world’s greatest’ being covered with accompanying photographs and information. A facility to track all markets and investments is offered and full details of the corporation and all the affiliate sites are given. is at 247 in the world on making it one of the most popular resources of finance information available on the Internet.


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8. The London Stock Exchange –

This is the official site of the London Stock Exchange which has more than 70,000 thousand companies in 70 different countries trading on its markets. Financial information can be found for traders, brokers and financial advisors with articles, tips, hints and statistics provided along with all the latest news and events in the world of Finance. An entire section is dedicated to the markets showing current trends with predictions being offered on stocks, shares and currencies. A technical library is provided for searching and researching information with guides and tools offered for assistance.


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9. Dow Jones –

Dow Jones is a news corporation company that specialises in finance and business information obtained from newspapers, other websites, applications, magazines, news-letters and wires and conferences. Latest developments and financial data can be found on trading, risk, anti-laundering, anti-corruption, banking, equities, commodities and markets. The site is used throughout the globe since the amount of financial information given is vast and assistance is available to navigate the site for finding relevant material and facts.


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10. –

This is one of the world’s leading sites for information on the markets and foreign currencies. Facilities are given to compare trading platforms with research and tools provided for assistance. The world markets can be viewed at a glance with the opportunity to receive live trading sessions upon registration. The price of gold and silver is given and further information can be found in video tutorials, webinars and online training courses.


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