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Fixed income investments can refer to bonds, shares, permanent income bearing shares, enhanced capital notes, building societies and insurers. A fixed income is a type of investment in which the borrower or issuer makes payments of a fixed amount on a fixed schedule with yearly interest being paid on top of the principal amount on maturity. In order for companies to grow, capital is needed to finance equipment, land or projects. Investors finance the company with terms depending on the profile of the company and the risks involved. The company in return issues stock or bonds or promises to pay the regular interest on the loan. If a payment is missed then the issuer is at default and depending on the relevant law and the terms of the security, the payees may be able to force the issuer into bankruptcy. Fixed income can also refer to a person’s income that does not vary materially over time. This can include income from investments such as stocks, pensions or bonds that guarantee a fixed income. Governments issue government bonds in the currency of the country they pertain to and sovereign bonds in foreign currency, while local governments issue municipal bonds for self finance. For anyone considering this option, there is a list below of the best websites on the Internet for fixed income investments. All the sites given are professional and will be of value since the need for searching for information can now be eliminated.

 Fixed Income

1. SSGA –

This is the site of State Street Global Advisors which has a heritage in finance dating back over two centuries. They have 10 investment centres and 28 global offices with a 24-hour global trading capability. They offer an investment platform that offers passive, active, absolute return and fully customised portfolios. They have a range of alpha-generating strategies including multi-asset class, REITs, active emerging markets and healthcare. A full overview of the company can be found on the site and contact is welcome for any queries.



2. – helps the world’s leading asset managers, central banks and other institutional investors access the liquidity they need. Government bonds, securities, derivatives, credits, exchange -traded funds and the money markets are on offer with brokerage groups and dealer-web news. A media centre and events can be found in the resources section and hints and tips can be found in the blog. Full details about the company are given on the site, which is also available in Japanese.



3. Bonds Online –

Bonds Online has articles and newsletters to read with information on fixed income investments as well as giving details on income security dividends, income equities and municipal bonds. There is a section for trade bonds with fixed income research, investor tools, a chart centre and a quote centre. Further sections contain news on rate-curve as well as yield and income and you can request a ‘Bonds Online’ quote directly from the site.



4. Investment Postcards –

Investment Postcards from Cape Town is a club built exclusively for traders. Essential reading and popular posts are highlighted with a blog for commenting and discussing investments. Although the site is based in South Africa there are charts and tables for US yields with performance rankings and treasuries. The charting is updated daily and there are over 100 posts to view containing information on fixed income investments.


5. Fixed Income Investments –

This site gives good information relating to subordinated bonds, preference shares, permanent income bearing shares and enhanced capital notes. Advice can be found for buying bonds with explanations about fixed income and further assistance can be found in the blog, campaigns, links, research and analysis and price and yields sections. The latest blog entries are highlighted and announcements, news and media links are also advertised.



6. Fair Investment –

Fair investment offers opportunities for high invest yield from leading investment banks and various income funds. Income ISAs and popular investment plans are highlighted and the latest investment commentary is given. There are many income funds and investments to select and a complete section is dedicated to savings. Details on pensions can be found and insight and opinion is offered for insurance services, mortgage services and ways of cutting bills.



7. Legal and General –

Active fixed management is a core part of Legal and General’s business. They are a large and stable firm with 69 professionals managing in excess of £115 billion in active fixed income mandates. Knowledge can be gained from literature, the video library and market commentary and details can be found on active equity, corporate governance, property, multi-asset and liquidity. Press releases and journalist events are mentioned and an entire section is dedicated to solutions. Key documents are demonstrated as well as contact details and suggested reading material is advised.


8. Standard Life –

Standard Life Investments is a leading asset manager with office worldwide. They manage over £167.7 billion investments on behalf of their clients and their capabilities span equities, bonds, real estate, private equity, multi-asset solutions and funds. The capabilities, governance and ethics of the company can be viewed on the site along with press releases, awards and a full FAQ.



9. Fidelity – ranks high on and gives information on individual bonds, bonds funds, fixed income ETFs, CDs, money market funds and fixed income annuities. You can learn about and research fixed income and bonds and there are fixed income tools and services to assist you. A section is given for news, insights and viewpoints and a further section gives guidance on retirement. Customer services will assist you with updating your personal accounts and any questions or queries are welcome.



10. Citibank –

Citi are ranked at 669 on and offer many products including wealth management services, banking, stocks, bonds, mutual funds, annuities, multi-currency and estate planning to name a few. There is a wealth of opportunities for fixed income investing and full details can be found on the site. There are sections for business banking and lines and loans as well as individual banking and all details about the company can be found in Portuguese and Spanish.


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