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Football fanatic?

Football is one of the oldest games to date, dating from around 388-311 BC. However, nowadays, football has gained so many fans who support so many different teams, it is widely considered the most popular sport in the entire world. Many football players become extremely famous, making way for careers in other areas such as acting or modelling, which in turn makes way for new rising stars in the game, which has quickly become a long-term profession for most players. Football has brought crowds of people together who support to same team and given many people the chance to make life-long friendships with their fellow supporters. Most football clubs have been around for such a long time that it’s often found that whichever team you support in the team that has been passed down for generations through your family. Keeping up to date with the latest football news is important to a lot of fans, and these sites are sure to keep you in the know about everything football.


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1. Football –

An obvious choice for the top spot, has been around since 2004 and has very quickly gathered a massive following. You can get quite literally any information you’re looking for on, from scores and penalties to results and information on players. They also have a very active forum where you can discuss the latest football stories with other fellow supporters of the game, as well as take part in various online games. They also have a live scores page which will make sure you never miss out on the latest results.




2. UEFA –

UEFA, or the Union of European Football Associations, is your go-to site for everything and anything football related. Set up in June 1954, UEFA deals with both the men’s and women’s teams that are registered within Europe, so it doesn’t just deal with the men’s teams, which makes it the perfect all-rounder site that deals with football. You can even buy tickets to matches on the site, as well as buy football products from the online store. With a wealth of videos and all the latest news, UEFA will satisfy all of your football needs.




3. BBC Football –

The BBC have always been a reliable source of factual, unbiased information, and this extends well into their site dedicated to all things football. With a host of reporters who’s sole job is to update you with the latest news and results in the game, the site is updated day and night to make sure you receive the latest and breaking news. They also have handy tools and features, such as the Premier League predictor and menus that allow you to see past scores, scored from today, and future games.




4. Dirty Tackle –

Dirty Tackle claim to bring ‘Football. Culture. Nonsense.’ to your monitors, and they certainly do that well! A blog-like site, it’s updated regularly with the kind of things you might not heard mentioned in mainstream news. As a blog, it reads and feels more like a familiar friend than a factual website, so it’s great if you’re looking for football news with a little bit of a personal touch!




5. The Offside –

This particular site is clever in that it brings together a number of blogs based on different teams throughout the world. So instead of wading through all the news about teams you don’t support, through The Offside you can simply click on the blog relating to your team and find out all the gossip from there. Particularly useful if you perhaps don’t have the time to sift through all the football news from around the world!




6. Extra Footie –

These guys class themselves as ‘the social network for football supporters and fans’. Basically, this is a site where you can not only catch up on the latest news, scores and reports, but also interact and socialize with other supporters, even as far as creating exclusive groups for you and your friends. Not only this, but Extra Footie also has extremely useful pages dedicated to football stats, as well as an encyclopaedia page filled with everything and anything you would ever want to know about football.




7. Statto –

Statto basically does exactly what it says on the tin – gives you all the stats you would ever need to know about teams in football. A very simplistic site, it has complete databases of teams, some dating back as far as 1871! They also provide you with odds if you like a bit of a gamble on a game, so before you get betting on your team, make sure the odds add up on Statto!




8. 101 Great Goals –

This site is dedicated to bringing the best goals of all time, right to your screen. Have you ever been sitting with your friends talking about football when suddenly you’ve remembered a great goal of history, but your friends have no idea what you’re talking about? Chances are, 101 Great Goals will have what you’re looking for! Whether you enjoy looking over olden goldies, or just want to find out which team scored the best goals of all time, this site has it all in one easy place for you.




9. Soccer Lens –

Soccer Lens has been described on the internet as one of the greatest football blogs ever made. With a light and simple layout, it’s easy to scroll through the various news articles and read them at leisure. They also have a full online archive of previous posts if you’re looking for something specific, as well as a full section of the site dedicated to football transfers. They also have a fantastic store with all the latest strips from teams around the world, as well as a gift section for the footy lover in your life.




10. Team Talk –

Team Talk is a fully fledged online community of football fans. This site is full of lots of fun football-related things for you to do, including football quizzes, games and debates. They give you the option to sign up to the site so that you can constantly be in the know about the latest news, along with all the latest rumours surrounding football for you to discuss.


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