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Some people cherish their cars and indeed look after them as their pride and joy. Autos are a valuable asset since they can be used as a mode of transportation for business or for pleasure and many people take up car spotting and collecting miniature cars as a hobby such is their fascination with so many different makes and models available. Motorsport is exciting with the end of the grand prix season deciding the best driver in the world as the display of driving skills rivets spectators to their seats with many people picking to follow individual drivers or supporting individual teams. Motor-cross and stock car racing are also popular car sports and the UK annual event of the ‘old crocks’ race from London to Brighton sees cars from a bygone age shiny like brand new and taking to the streets in a parade. Talking about cars has become a fascination and many car sites with forums are now being introduced on the Internet where car enthusiasts can meet and swap motoring stories and learn valuable information for the mechanics and workings of cars. Below is a list of ten of the best forums on the Internet today about cars. If you like discussions on cars, then the sites will be very useful and many hours of car talk are waiting for you.


cars1.      Autocar –

At Autocar you can say whatever you feel about anything on four wheels. There are like-minded enthusiasts for you to chat with about the latest car headlines, motorsport or car nostalgia, but reading the rules is required before you start to have fun. You can browse the topics and posts as well as contribute with comments once you have registered and there are videos and reviews to read as well. There are sections dedicated to used cars and valuations and a new tab for sharing driving experiences.


automotiveforums2. –

This forum has been around since the year 2000 and the community are friendly and passionate about cars. You can join in the discussions about car issues, tuned cars and unusual cars as well as see amusing pictures of funny automobiles. There is a section for technical and engineering and you can also view hot deals. A long list of cars and categories is given with a tick by those that are mentioned to help you decide which topics to read. There is also a gallery and articles to read and help is available if necessary.


carmag3.      Car Magazine –

Car the popular magazine now has a forum for discussing motoring stories and chatting with friends.  You can view the most recently created topics and find subjects such as motorsport, car manufacturers, and formula one.  There is also a blog and reviews to read and a gallery of photographs as well as spy shots. The latest car gossip can be found in the news section and there is a link for viewing the magazine online.


carforums4. –

This is a forum for car fanatics with a friendly community sharing an interest in the motor world. You are advised to check the FAQ and register before posting and then select messages to decide which forum is of interest. The latest posts are advertised and you can see the top posters and threads from a list of over 8,000 members. You are invited to take part in the many contests that the site offers and a list of all makes and models are listed to help you. There are also forums on car insurance and auctions along with used auto parts and car re-cycling.


Untitled5. –

This is a forum for car enthusiasts to meet other like-minded folks and discuss cars online. There are sections for new and used cars with news, reviews, tips and advice. Current threads in the forums include buying a car, the prices of cars, car accessories, navigation systems, repairs and maintenance, convertibles, coupes, trucks, sedans, motor racing and car manufacturers with a long list of car makes and models to select. There is the facility to search for specific models and the most recent posts are highlighted.


edmunds6. – has forums for car lovers and you are invited to ask questions about cars. Answers to previous questions can be found and you can decide which forum to read by selecting individual models and makes. The latest and most popular posts are highlighted and you can find tips and advice as well as read reviews. There are sections for news and used cars and a further section for inventory with the facility to search for car dealers.


torque7. –

This is a friendly forum run by car enthusiasts for car enthusiasts. Guests are welcome, but viewing is limited until membership has been completed with a community of over 26,000 car lovers. There are posts with topics such as car tuning, diesel, tips and guides, DIY, valeting, motorsports, cars for sales and the special club for makes and models owners. Car models can be searched and browsed individually and there is a gallery of photos to view with articles and special features to read as well.


motorcarforum8. –

This is a motor car community and forum for enthusiasts. It is advised to read the FAQ before registering and once completed posting and contribution is allowed. News is reported and popular topics include car accessories, faults and repairs, motoring events, car reviews, car commercials, product reviews and driving experiences. New posts are advertised and there are articles to read as well as an online store for buying car accessories.


mcf9. –

This site has articles and videos for you to view all about cars and you can see what are the hot topics and the most viewed discussions in the forum. This is the number one site for motor enthusiasts in Singapore and there are many amusing stories to read. Car products are reviewed and you can look at new car promotions and there are sections for buying cars, selling cars, car games and car ownership with rules and guidelines to help you as well.


forza10.  Forzamotorsport –

Forzamotorsport has discussion forums and sub forums about motorsport and cars. There is a section for news and events and pit stops can be made in the racers lounge. Current discussions include fine tuning, motorsport on Xbox, motorsport 3 and car clubs and you can view the most active users in the forum. There is a special section for motorsport 4 and a blog is provided for commenting as well.


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