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Enjoy TV but want to stream?

Streaming is a multimedia that is constantly received by and presented to a user whilst being delivered by a provider. A client media can begin playing data such as a film or a TV programme before the entire file has been transmitted and this can also include books, audios and videos. The term streaming was first used in the 1990s and is more commonly known as viewing on demand with live streaming referring to content delivered live over the Internet requiring a camera, an encoder for digitalisation, a media publisher and a content delivery network to distribute and deliver the content. Nowadays there is a greater bandwidth, an increased access to networks, standard protocols and formats and commercialisation. Today a media stream can be either live or on demand and is increasingly coupled with social media. Sites such as YouTube encourage social interaction and streaming media is increasingly being used for business and education purposes. For those amongst us who lead busy lives and wish to catch up on viewing our favourite programmes at a later date and time, the invention of TV streaming has been a very popular and necessary invention. Below is a list of TV stream sites, with some offering movies, where you can catch up with all your favourites and the best news of all is that they are all free.




1. –

This site has unlimited free TV shows that you can watch online. You can scroll through the list and pick your favourites to enjoy whenever it suits you by simply clicking on the flag of your country to make your choice. Categories can be selected from education, entertainment, children’s section, games, shopping, travel and your weekly favourites. You can develop your own mini page and contact friends and the community in the blog as well as select the movies section.





2. –

This site can connect you with over 1700 free online channels so you can discover all sorts of cultural treasures from around the planet. Categories can be chosen from children, entertainment, local, music, movies news, religious, sport, shopping, weather, webcam or zoo cam and there are many countries in the world to select with ordering chosen by newest, oldest or alphabetically. For your first visit you may need to install 2-3 plug-ins, but after that it is plain sailing and viewing.





3. –

It is free to join and then you have a choice of over 53,000 items to select. You can choose movies, TV shows and music as well as create your own play-lists and connect with other members in the forum. Some of the latest movies have just been added and you can select crime, horror, drama, romance, westerns, adventure, sport, documentaries, animation, action, comedy, Sci-fi, mysteries and history to name a few with the same categories available for the TV section.





4. –

This site has movies and TV shows for you to view. Films and shows can be searched by keyword, year or name and the latest, the most popular and those coming soon are highlighted. There is a blog for commenting and following threads and popular categories include action, adventure, comedy, horror, drama, animation, romance, Sci-fi and thrillers. Posts in the forum can help you decide which programmes to watch and the site is updated regularly.





5. Free TV –

You can watch all your favourite TV shows and movies online for free with popular episodes and shows updated all the time on this site. Categories can be chosen from action, adventure, comedy, crime, romance, fantasy, thrillers and westerns to name a few and there is a forum and full contact details available. Links are provided to online to video hosting sites and if you have a video you would like to upload, then the company would like to hear from you.





6. – has a huge archive of free full-length TV shows and movies for you to watch online. You can read reviews and watch trailers first to help you make your decision and the latest aired shows and most popular shows are highlighted. There are 18 different categories to choose from as well as a useful link to download VLC player to facilitate viewing. Charts are given to see viewer’s ratings and all shows can be selected by an alphabetical option.





7. Coke and Popcorn –

Coke and Popcorn has a long list of favourite TV shows for you to enjoy. Shows can be selected alphabetically with a TV calendar and recent additions are advertised. There are useful tools to assist you and a section for younger viewers called ‘Pass Time Corner’ which contains games to play. You can view all the shows that others users are viewing and rating and help is available if required.




8. – has episodes, seasons and series of your favourite TV shows to view and to get you started you can take a tour of the site. There is a calendar with the times of all the shows and a list of the top ten most viewed as well as recommendations is given. You can see what movies have their premiers this week at the cinema and there is also a section for news and upcoming events.




9. Stream TV –

Stream TV has a long list of TV shows for you to enjoy, which can be chosen in alphabetical order from A-Z. The most recent additions are highlighted and there are clips to view with the number of views visible for each clip. The site is updated regularly and there are useful links set up, which you need to press to help you watch.




10. –

You can watch TV with this site by pressing the available channels to view of which there are 39.  You can search for a specific programme as well as watch movies and videos and there is a special section for radio. There are highlights to watch for TV and for films to make your choice easier and you can subscribe to receive the newsletter regularly.


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