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France, officially known as the French Republic, is in Western Europe and has several overseas regions and territories. It is one of three countries to have both Atlantic and Mediterranean coastlines and is a member of the European Union. It is the third largest country in Europe and is a major source with cultural, economic, military and political influence in Europe and around the world. It possesses the world’s 9th largest economy and is known for its good lifestyle and in particular it’s food which attracts more than 83 million foreign tourists annually. Some of the oldest species of human life forms have been fund in France and it was officially known as Gaul around the time that it was conquered by the Roman Empire. There are 27 administered regions in France including Corsica and five overseas collectives and it is governed by a president. Historically it has been famous for agricultural goods and today is the world’s third biggest exporter and has also contributed much to the world with art, architecture, literature, philosophy, science, music and sport, but is more famously known for it’s Parisian fashion and gastronomy, especially cheeses. Below is a list of ten of the best sites on the Internet for French social networking and forums. Anyone wishing to learn the language or those with an interest in France will find the sites fascinating and much enjoyable reading can be found in the list. Bonne chance.



1. –

This is a popular forum for expats living in France where you can meet like-minded people who have made France their home. Registration is free and the latest posts are highlighted with current discussions including banking, information on Brittany, dogs in Paris, moving house, visas, French lessons, pregnancy and architecture. Links can be found leading to information on currency exchange, insurance, expat news and classified adverts and there are further links to social groups, members and photographs.



2. French Social Network –

This site is by French people for French people and allows you to stay in touch with friends and family as well as make new contacts and share photos and videos. There are hints, tips and ideas put forward by people living in France and there is the facility to post a question and receive feedback. You can find local events and places to visit as well as artistic themes and there are featured discussions and social groups to join.



3. – is a social network for French cuisine and individual countries can be chosen from around the world to see the type of cuisine that is eaten. Vegetables, fruits, herbs, spices and fish are listed as examples of cuisine that is seasonal to France and the site has a community of friendly members who share recipes, articles, news, events, guides, photos and information on cuisine. It is also an opportunity to meet like-minded folk and make new contacts and a section is dedicated to videos with cooking demonstrations to view.


4. –

Skyrock began as a blogging site back in 2007, but has since evolved into a successful French social networking site with millions of new members each year. The site allows users to create blogs, add profiles and exchange messages with other members as well as create space for those who wish to showcase their own musical compositions. There is the facility to see the most viewed profiles and the top bloggers and a selection of pretend gifts can also be sent to other members.



5. –

49% of French Internet users have an account with this site and it has more than 15 million members and allows you to find old school friends, long lost loves and distant friends. To help you in your search, there are over 1.3 million photos on the site and more than 3 million different establishments with registration being free. You can choose to browse from different sections such as schools, colleges, universities, clubs and associations as well as the military service and there is also the facility to search for another member by name.


6. –

This is another popular social network in France with over 55 million professionals who connect with other professionals, showcase their expertise to find a new job and promote their brands to grow their businesses. The platform is also available in an app so you can stay connected whilst on the move and a demonstration video can be found on the site to see how it works. There is the facility to view all members and make new connections in order to find employment as the site has a comprehensive list of job offers available to browse.



7. – was formerly known as Bingbox and although it is a Belgian social networking site, it is very popular with young French users. Members can create their own profile page, extend their social networks, publish music playlists, share videos and post blogs. The site is available in 40 different languages and has recently joined forces with, which is another free social discovery platform. It has a localisation technology ensuring that all content is geo-targeted and personalised to each member’s profile.


8. – is a social networking website created in 2000 and helps members find, connect and keep in touch with friends from kindergarten, primary school, high school and college in France. It has more than 9,000,000 members throughout France and users must register in order to access the services which include sending messages, sharing photos and advanced searches for finding old school friends within the database list provided as well as emails and updates alerts.


9. France Forum –

This forum is all about France and has information about buying property in France, living in France and holidaying in France. There are posts and threads about the tax on properties, the currency and also tips and advice for utilities and other topics include healthcare, administration, vehicles, shopping, the language, entertainment, pets, education and working in France. There are special sections for travellers and for regulations and bureaucracy with a search facility given for each different region.


10. – has a page dedicated to France which contains a forum to assist in learning French. The forum contains posts in both English and French and information can be chosen from threads such as literature, poetry, music, grammar and also general topics. There are links leading to information to further explore the language and sections are given for teachers as well as practising the language.


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