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Mad about frogs!

There is something just captivating about frogs. Whether you enjoy looking at frog photos, want to teach your children about frogs, enjoy listening to them serenade after a spring or summer rain or desire having a frog as a pet, the following ten websites will provide you with valuable and fascinating information. Most of us can remember having to dissect a frog in science class as our first experience with frogs, but hopefully that didn’t keep you from wanting to know more about these fascinating creatures.

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1. Hamline University – A Thousand Friends of Frogs:

Global Alexa Rating: 282,520

This site is enjoyable for students, educators and scientists alike. The site provides a section specifically for students, one for teachers and another that goes into the science of frogs. Be sure to check out the FAQ section, aptly named the Frog-quently Asked Questions. It deals with the life of frogs and toads, pet frogs, frog anatomy, species comparison, unusual frogs and toads, endangered amphibians and more. Get answers to those burning questions such as, “Do frogs and toads sleep?” – Incidentally, the answer to that one is that they sit very still with their eyes closed and the assumption is that they are asleep, but it is not clear how long they sleep per day.




2. Frogland – All About Frogs:

Global Alexa Rating: 519,874

This is an adorable site that is full of information about frogs. The information desk includes weird frog facts, the frog blog, frog fables and more. The pet central section includes FAQs about pet frogs. The site also includes plenty of cool froggy stuff such as an art gallery, froggy coloring book and froggy stuff for your computer. The just for fun section will keep you entertained in froggy style with an amazing morphing frog, frog bread, frog jokes and interactive froggy fun and games.




3. Frog Forum:

Global Alexa Rating: 556,666

Just in case you thought your interest in frogs was unusual, here is a forum full of others that share your interest to show you that it is not all that unusual at all – in fact, at the moment of this review there were over 500 users online! There have been far more at one time also, with the record so far being 5,910 on October 16, 2013. You will enjoy the album pictures, frog photo of the month, blogs, care articles and the forum. Be sure to check out the how-to articles as well.




4. Save the Frogs!:

Global Alexa Rating: 698,832

Save the Frogs! is the world’s leading amphibian conservation organization. The website discusses why frogs and the threats to frogs as well as the steps they are taking to educate people about the plight of frogs. There are many things that are killing off frogs including habitat destruction, pesticides, disease, climate change, over-harvesting and invasive species. There is plenty of information on this site including cool frog facts and how to build a frog pond. You can also sign up for their newsletter and make a donation to the cause.



5. Frog-Life-Cycle:

Global Alexa Rating: 1,658,594

This page is from the Learn About Nature website that includes information on various animals, insects and plants. This section is devoted to frogs and covers such things as tadpoles, frog facts, frog stuff and pet frogs. It is written so that children can comprehend the material so you can teach your children about the life cycle of frogs and other pertinent information. For some fun stuff, look at the frog stuff section that has frog coloring pages, an animated frog, frog pictures and frog clip art.




6. Frogs of Australia:

Global Alexa Rating: 1,688,791

This is a great source for finding out about the many species of frogs that are found in Australia. All the frogs are listed with taxonomy (family/genus/species) and common names. About 2/3 of the frogs have an image and some have multiple images showing the stages of their life cycle. You can research which frogs are in a specific region or find out all the frogs in a specific state. The maps also show the habitat thus far of the invasive Cane Toad, or Bufo marinus that has become so problematic in Australia.




7. Froglife:

Global Alexa Rating: 2,645,443

Froglife is a national wildlife charity committed to the conservation of amphibians and reptiles – including frogs, toads, newts, snakes and lizards – and saving the habitats that they depend upon. The Info & Advice section includes FAQs, their publications, wildlife gardening, reports and research, land management and more. The Learning Zone section has resources, downloads, education projects, Froglife curriculum and competitions & fun. There are some interesting videos in the resources section.




8. Pollywogs World of Frogs:

Global Alexa Rating: 3,624,383

This site is a great resource if you are thinking about having pet frogs or already have some. The site includes care for frogs and toads, which frog to choose, things to do before you purchase your frog, finding the perfect tank for your frog, and much more information that will be critical to having a healthy and happy pet frog. The site also includes the biggest collection of free frog animation .gif files out there – 30 pages of them!




9. Pet-Frog:

Global Alexa Rating: 6,865,773

Although this site is a pet frog supplier, they also do more than just sell pet frogs and other live animal kits. They also include some great information on their website including frog care sheets for a number of pet frogs and interesting frog articles. You’ll find an article on telling the difference between a toad and a frog, for example. There is also information about health care for your pet frog. Some of the interesting things they have for sale include live tadpole growing kits, pet dwarf frogs, live butterfly kits, live ant farms, live ladybug kits, live exotic plants and more. All these are great ways to introduce children to these fascinating creatures.



10. Costa Rican Frogs:

Global Alexa Rating: 13,085,176

Costa Rica hosts 133 species of frogs and toads placed into 8 families. This lush tropical environment is home to burrowing toads, glass frogs, poison-dart frogs, tree frogs, leptodactylid frogs, narrow-mouthed frogs and true frogs. There is information, photos and links for additional resources about the Costa Rican frogs and toads. Be sure to check out the voices section for 15 recordings of frogs and toads along with a description of what you are listening to.

Frogs are carnivores and as such can provide a great service to you in your yard, by eating pests you’d rather not have around. They are also fun to listen to when they get croaking. They can also make an interesting and unique pet. After viewing these ten websites, you should know a bit more about these unique creatures.


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