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Videos clips or feature-length videos to make us laugh have become a very popular addition to the Internet recently. There are now tens of millions of videos online to make us laugh, which is a daily necessity in the current recent crisis and also beneficial to our health since many scientists have proved that laughter is actually the best medicine. Many sites incorporate their own content and therefore do not rely on outside companies, but some take video clips from established media sources, the community or individually produced clips which are now the most common variety. Some people create their own work and advertise it on video blogs or YouTube and social media sites have increased viewing with many clips now available to share and therefore spreading the laughter. Many videos show people, animals and even children doing things to make us laugh and many hours of entertainment can be had in viewing. One of the earliest forms of funny videos was the programme Candid Camera, which paved the way for the public to appear in strange situations unobserved by hidden cameras and gave rise to the invention of reality TV. Below is a list of ten of the best sites on the Internet today for funny videos. If you need a laugh and want to be entertained, then the list will be very appealing since hours of laughter waits below.


1. – is a very popular site and is ranked at 1,354 in the world on There are funny videos, pranks and pictures to see with the latest, most popular and trending videos highlighted. There are quick links to other funny video sites as well as the archives to see older videos and popular choices at the moment include dogs, cats, military, explosions, bloopers and babies. There are eight different channels to select trailers and clips and there is also an app so you can watch from your phone.



2. –

This site has top video channels to watch with top picks, currently trending, recommended channels and daily top videos highlighted. There is a section for web originals along with sports, tech, music, games, movies, viral and popular now and many hours of funny video viewing is in store with the special section entitled ‘epic fails.’ There are also games to play on the site and another section that is strictly for 18-years and over.


3. – has many videos to make you laugh with special features and a list of the top ten funniest for the week. Recent uploads are highlighted and you can also view photographs as well as play games on the site. Selections can be made from categories named plain stupid, crashes, sports, animals, commercials, dance, sketches, holidays, politics and stand up comedy to name a few and there is also the facility upload your own funny video to share with other users.



4. –

The world famous and popular YouTube has thousands of funny videos to make you laugh. There are baby videos, crashes, music, animals, sports and clips from famous movies and stars with bloopers and repeats. There is the facility to upload your own personal funny videos and you never know; it might gain thousand of views and provide much laughter for people around the globe.



5. –

This site has a complete gallery of funny videos for you to view with the best of the day, week and month as well as the most popular and special picks highlighted. There is a section for newest videos and also games to play and you can upload your own funny videos as well. Categories include win, fail, news, sports, animals, people, pop culture and sexy to name a few and there are contests on the site that you can enter too.



6. –

This site has many funny videos to view that have been uploaded. There are random videos to select and the archives can also be searched for older videos. There are film clips, adverts, music videos, politicians, the general public, famous people and advertising campaigns with many bloopers that will provide hours of laughter and make your sides ache. You can sign up to receive RSS feeds or follow the company on most social networking sites.


7. – has many funny videos and pictures to make you laugh with sexy videos, viral videos, the best of videos of the week and the best Internet links highlighted. Selections can be chosen from categories named girls, funny, randomness and dating with clips from animals, the movies, celebrities and food to name a few. You can sign up to receive a personalised newsletter as well as submit your own pictures and videos to the site.



8. – has exclusive clips, videos and funny remixes for you to enjoy, but some of them are not for the faint hearted and parental guidance should be adhered to. There are many videos to watch as well as funny articles, music videos and images and the most viewed in each category are advertised. Many celebrities and stars are seen and heard to say outlandish things and several hours can be had laughing with the animals.



9. –

This site has funny videos, pictures and clips with special sections for viewing Gifs and videos from YouTube. Videos can be viewed on such topics as actors, accidents, children, animals, TV shows, games and the general public with links provided to other funny video sites. There are several channels to select and also a section for funny image boards can be found.


10. – has funny videos, crazy videos and fun games for you to enjoy. There are archives for videos and games that can also be searched and popular categories for funny videos include animals, sports, experiments, the general public, advertisements, accidents and general funny cam recordings guaranteeing hours of laughter for all the family.


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