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A gaming forum is a forum or blog where members can discuss all kinds of games and gaming issues. Members of the forum submit game topics and other members can comment, answer and debate upon the topics and also submit new ones for discussion. The forums offer chat rooms and boards for messaging with single conversations known as a thread and sometimes messages will need to be approved by a moderator before they can be posted. Most forums require registration before allowing postings, but messages can be read by visitors and guests without signing up. The modern forum originated from the bulletin board and has grown over the years to become very popular with forums opening up for discussion on many subjects and themes. Most forums have rules and policies governing them which usually can result in banning of membership if the regulations are not adhered to. Nowadays there are hundreds of games and gaming sites and this has led to the need for forums for discussing gaming and Internet games. Listed below are ten of the best sites on the web for talking, debating and discussing games. They are all popular and have many members so the sites will be very useful for those who enjoy gaming.


1. Digital Spy –

Digital Spy is a very popular gaming forum and is ranked very high on There are forums and sub-forums all about gaming and all the latest posts and threads are highlighted. There are many sections containing reviews, articles, videos and news such as Bollywood, Tech, comics, cult, US TV, reality TV, soaps, TV, movies, music and showbiz. Pictures and photo galleries can be found and there is also a forum for discussing movies as well.



2. Gaming Force –

There are several different forums within this site such as the HQ, world of gaming, video game knowledge and other chat with the recent posts and comments advertised. You can post in the shout-box, start new topics or add events to the community calendar after signing up to the site. You can also make your own profile to gain new friends and once you have subscribed you will receive automatic updates on all new topics posted.



3. –

This site has various topics being discussed in the forums such as TV, music, movies, gaming articles, tournaments and competitions, videogamer videos, videogamer podcasts and general gaming to name a few. The latest topics and posts are highlighted and all the platforms are listed. Reviews can be read and there is a news section with a further section stating new games and giving their release dates. Top games and popular games are advertised and regular updates can be viewed on the site.



4. Gaming-Forum –

This site has many games to play as well as the forum for commenting and discussing. There are arcade games, casino games and tournaments along with crosswords, horoscopes and name that tune. There is an online shop to buy games, a calendar and posters to view as well as a message board to contact your friends. Many hours of fun can be had playing games and meeting like minded folk after registration, which is necessary to post in the forum.



5. Gamespot –

Gamespot is a very popular games forum and ranks very high on The forums offered are platform forums, general forums, special interest forums, gamespot support forums and genre forums with the most popular and trending topics highlighted. There is a community blog and a section for eSports as well as shows, videos, reviews and news. Signing up to the site is necessary in order to post and become mentioned in the ‘awesome blogger’ section.



6. Gamehouse –

Gamehouse has many games forums for chatting about your favourite games and getting tips and tricks. There are support forums as well and you can catch up with fellow game players in the lounge. The top users and the hottest topics are highlighted and when you join the community you get a free game. There are many games with free unlimited play and you can browse by series or genres. You can also sign up for the newsletter and you are invited to compete in the latest promotions on the site.



7.  –

There are many threads, posts and comments in the forums in this site. The forums available are hardware and technology, consumer electronics, software, social, merchandise and shopping and forum issues. There is a section for software which contains forums such as PC gaming, console gaming, security, programming and operating systems to name a few and joining the site is required in order to post and comment on any of the threads.


8. –

GamersBin  has different forums for commenting on different topics such as general gaming, popular games, games cheats and ROMs as well as a lounge to relax and meet other members. A blog is also available for discussion and a special section called ‘what’s new’ advertises the latest posts and most popular and recent entries. You can search for other members and also look in the archives, but registering is necessary before you can partake.



This is a very popular gaming forum with a high rank on There are many gaming threads and discussions currently taking place in the games forum and many members are debating games in the community forum. The latest posts are highlighted and after registration you can post a new thread or topic.



10. – has many different forums for discussing games with a facility for searching for members online and also a section for private messaging. The forums for posting and commenting are arcade games, action and adventure, action sports, PC platforms, console platforms, driving and racing, role-playing, simulation, strategy, shooting, online, marketplace, equipment, Mac platforms, recreation and U.K. centric. New posts and threads are advertised and there are over 1,120,000 articles posted in the forums to date.


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