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GMAT or Graduate Management Admission Test, to give its full title, assesses a person’s writing, reading, analytical and verbal skills in English. More than 1,500 universities in over 83 countries use this test as part of their selection for admission and the exam is used to predict success in business school programmes. The Graduate Management Admission Council was formed in 1953 with 2,000 tests being taken. Now after changing the name to GMAT more than 250,000 exams are taken every year. There are four parts to the exam, analytical writing assessment, integrated reasoning, quantitative and verbal lasting for three and a half hours in total with nearly 100 questions. The scores range from 200 to 800 with the average score being 540 and the higher the average of GMAT within a school the better the establishment rating. Much importance is placed on the test at present time therefore there is a need for information on GMAT. The sites listed below give advice, help, tips, data and practises in the test. They are all valuable resources for GMAT information and they are listed together in one place eliminating the need for searching.


1. Beat The GMAT –

This is a good source of information for the GMAT exam with sections on which courses are available and where to obtain discounts for them. Each course is reviewed and the library contains many articles to read and hints, tips and advice is given in the forum and blogs. Articles on GMAT Maths and prep are highlighted along with study guides and tips on student life are given in facts and videos. Books containing GMAT information are offered along with essays and verbal questions in the products’ section.



2. The Official GMAT Site –

This is the official GMAT site and practically everything you need to know about the exam can be found on this site. Details are given on taking the exam, studying, locations, test structure, preparation, scores and reports along with explanations about taking the exam and the benefits of passing it. Free prep software is offered along with a handbook and further information can be found in study materials and the schools and programs’ sections. Registration to the site is encouraged to receive free tips and advice and questions that cannot be found in the FAQ are welcome.



3. Beat The GMAT –

Although this is a small unknown site, it is dedicated to the GMAT exam and contains some very good tips. The owner of the site has documented his studies throughout the exam and allows users to use all the information; even copying is allowed. The study-guide is laid out from day to day with links leading to resources and prep material. All information is listed in the categories and the blog posts contain tips and hints. The site has has not been updated for some time and there are no recent posts, which is a shame since the owner has gone to a lot of trouble to collate all the information.



4. GMAT Club –

The GMAT club is a forum that you can join to gain insight into the exam. All questions are categorised in individual postings and blogs with special sections for prep and GMAT courses, but the site advises not to sign up until you have checked out all the discounts and coupons that are available. A list of free resources and books are on offer and volunteering as a moderator or thread master is encouraged.



5. Manhattan GMAT –

The mission for this company is to help students achieve their goals by providing high quality instructors and the best curriculum. The instructors are among the highest GMAT scorers in the world. The prep programs section provides information on completing courses, self-study, private tutoring, boot camps, workshops and corporate and college programs. There is a resource library with GMAT blog and forums which are free and an online shop provides exams, study aids and other essentials. Information is provided on the instructors and help can be found seven days a week.



6. –

Veritas Prep has been on the Internet for 10 years and contains a very good section on GMAT prep. A tour is offered showing how to maximise the GMAT score and overcome problems and the company states that your GMAT score will improve after a 36 hour course or you will have your money refunded. A list of available courses is given with a complete host of resources for further help. The tour states some very interesting facts and testimonials from very satisfied customers are shown.



7. –

800 is the highest possible score on the GMAT exam and the site tries to give users exactly that. The resources include free essays, free GMAT tests, online prep courses and 24 tutor support. The GMAT course itself offers 5 GMAT exams, essay guides, maths and verbal prep along with integrated reasoning. Advantages to taking the course are explained and an overview is given with a video demonstration. The site has full FAQ and details for ordering the courses are stated clearly.


8. GMAT Tutor –

This site is dedicated totally to the GMAT exam. The site has an option to look for a tutor and a course in your local area from any country in the world and gives a step-by-step game plan in how to pass the exam. Information can be gained from special reports, the maths basics and the idiom list with tips and tricks in abundance. The site can help you decide which books to use and how to prepare for the exam.  There is a very informative FAQ on the site and if you can’t find what you’re looking for, then you are welcome to contact them.


9. GMAT Hacks –

GMAT Hacks provides effective tools for raising the GMAT quantitative and verbal scores along with resources to make studying time more effective and less painful. There are many articles to read all categorised and suggestions are given for books to read which can be downloaded in pdf format. Practise questions are given daily and testimonials can be read from the many satisfied customers who successfully raised their GMAT scores with the site.



10. GMAT Example Practice Tests –

The sites aim is to help students prepare for the GMAT with practise tests.  Full details of the exam are given with sections for GMAT exam, verbal, quantitative reasoning and analytical writing as well as the GMAT practise test. Details on registration and testing formats are shown and useful links are provided for further information.


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