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The Art of Graffiti

Graffiti can be described as marks, drawings or scratching made on a surface in a public place and is often created with paint or spray paint. It can take the form of art, drawings or words, but when made on property without the permission of the owner it is known as vandalism and sometimes is achieved in this manner to publicly acclaim a protest. It stems back as far as Ancient Roman times when messages and caricatures were drawn on walls and recently the most simplest form of graffiti is carving names of loved ones in trees or spraying the names on walls. Today graffiti has been recognised in the art world as a very complex mix of feelings, writings and pictures with many beautiful scenes painted in depressed inner city areas giving the feel of brightness and encouragement. Modern graffiti was made famous in New York in the 1970s and the term was used to refer to the explosion of new urban art which was becoming popular. This period is now known as ‘Original School’ with works from the 1980s now known as ‘Old School’. The growing popularity of the art has increased the need for information and now there are many sites on the Internet with forums to share knowledge and demonstrate the art. Below is a list of ten of the best graffiti forums on the web today. If you have an interest, then the sites will be very useful and new information on the subject is right at your fingertips.


1. – has the tools for you to create revolutionary artwork in their online shop. There are paints, markers, magazines, books, DVDs, spray paints and accessories to select and you can find hints and tips in the forum for creating your masterpiece. Popular discussions currently taking place include concrete jungle, rolling canvas and guerrilla art and there is a section stating the law for artists and how it affects the general public.



2. – has forums for you to join and you also have the opportunity to earn credits when you open an account and exchange them for free graffiti supplies. Tools and tips for assistance can be found and battles are currently taken place in the forum, which you can participate in once you have joined the site. There is a picture gallery for you to gain inspiration for creating and you can also upload your own works.


3. –

This site stands up to its name and is jammed-packed with information for graffiti enthusiasts. There are many photographs to view and top artists are featured and you can read articles, reviews and interviews. Graffiti events and news are highlighted and there is a blog as well as the forum for commenting and discussing. There are videos to view with links to other sites and an online store for buying spray paints, books, markers, magazine and other graffiti goodies. Weekly battles take place in the forum and there are tutorials and tools for assistance.



4. – has news, updates and DVD reviews on Graffiti as well as a forum for commenting and discussing. There is an online store selling spray paints, magazines, DVDs, aerosols and markers and you can upload you own graffiti to share with the community. Questions can be asked on the message board in the forum and links can be found to other graffiti sites.




This is a forum especially designed with Graffiti in mind. There are graffiti photos to view and current discussions taking place include graffiti news, graffiti tips, hints and advice. There is a section for asking questions within the community, but signing up is advised before you can participate as some sections of the forum are restricted to visitors and are for members only to view.



6. Virtual Graffiti –

This site is a virtual graffiti forum for enthusiasts of graffiti art. The latest news, updates and information on graffiti can be found and current topics being discussed in the forum at the moment are art museums, graffiti crews and squads. Crews and squads can publicise their work and any upcoming and existing graffiti communities are welcome to post and comment with the latest threads in the forum highlighted.



7. –

This site is a writer’s forum for graffiti. You can create logos as well as see your name written in graffiti and also view works of art in the graffiti gallery. There is a network for modern canvas art as well as online schools for learning and you can browse the many abstract art contributions that are for sale. There is the facility to create graffiti online as well as wallpapers and there are sections for murals, street art, sketches and 3D designs as well.



8. –

The Halo forum is dedicated to graffiti and it is simple to become a member and participate using the live chat facility. The best graffiti brands are discussed and you can join in and comment on the threads and conversations once you have become a member with many off-topics to view as well. There are thread tools to assist you along with a full FAQ and all recent posts are highlighted.



9. –

This forum is dedicated to Chicago graffiti the home and birthplace of old school graffiti. You can view the latest photos in the gallery and current topics being discussed in the forum include crew-talk, bombing, war, sketches and hip-hop graffiti along with a section for events. Dedications to past graffiti stars can be found and joining the site is necessary to comment on the topics and threads.



10. Urban Art Association –

This site is dedicated to urban art and street art and has a forum for commenting and posting. You can browse all the art that is posted for sale and also see what art people are asking for and wanting to buy. The forum discusses urban art auctions along with advice for framing and you can see who won awards for their art at last year’s ceremony. The forum displays graffiti, urban and street art from around the world, but logging in is advised in order to comment.



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