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Guitar monster at the ready..

The first electric guitar was introduced in 1931 by George Beauchamp. It is a string instrument usually played with a pick, but sometimes with the fingers. It contains electric pickups which are wire-wound magnets which change the vibration of the strings into electric current which in return is sent to the amplifier that changes it to sound.  The main parts of a guitar are the neck, the bridge, the tuners, the pickups, the input, the frets, the body, the pick guard, the volume knobs and the tone knobs. It  usually has 6 strings and one neck, but there are also 12 string guitars and ones with two necks. Some of the most famous guitars in the world are made by Gibson, Fender and Ibanez with famous versions being sold for thousands of pounds. Typical effects of the guitar include stereo chorus, fuzz, wah-wah, flanging, compression, delay, reverb and phase shift. Famous guitarists include Jimi Hendrix, Eric Clapton, Jeff Beck, Joe Satriani, Chuck Berry, Steve Vai, Brian May, Carlos Santana, Mark Knopfler and Gary Moore who until recently held the record for the longest note played which was featured in the song Parisienne Walkways. Below is a list of guitar monster sites for those amongst us that love the guitar. So turn up the volume, plug in the headphones and tune up your air guitars as a real treat is in store.


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1. Classic Rock –

This is the number one site for Rock guitarists, which is ranked very high on A section is dedicated to music from the 60s and 70s with tips for fret-board basics as well as amp and guitar tones. You can listen to examples on video, read about effects such as delay and distortion and useful advice is given on amps. There is a selection of goods for sale with links to other guitar sites and there is even a section for jokes and fun.




2. – gives in-depth guitar lessons and expert advice for beginners, intermediate and advanced players. Information can be found for riffs, chords, techniques, tones, scales, solos and strumming as well as music theories and there are demonstration videos to view with the latest posts showing solo runs, blues solos and scales to name a few. There is a section for news which contains details of the ‘guitar and amp source book’ and a full explanation for guitar notation is given.




3. – contains a guitar discussion forum for meeting other guitar players and has many articles and posts regarding guitar information. The top ten guitars are listed and you can subscribe to the newsletter to be kept up-dated with everything relevant to guitars. There are sections containing information for electric, acoustic guitars, guitar gear and amps and searches can be carried out in the guitar database. Ideas are given for guitar gifts and links are available for lessons, guitar models and guitar resources.




4. –

This site has a large catalogue of tabs and chords to help you to learn to play. There are many featured lessons for beginners and intermediates with practice and set up tips and there are lots of music reviews to read. There are guest articles and featured tabs with a section for news and interviews. You can subscribe to the site to comment on the threads in the forum and watch guitar riffs on video.




5. – is specifically designed for those who love heavy metal music and there are free online lessons with licks and theories. You can practice your backing loops, watch video clips of the master metal guitarists and read illustrated articles on playing. There are special heavy metal clips to view and web links to many different groups and a site map is provided for assistance.




6. Gibson –

This is the official site of Gibson guitars and the history of the Les Paul Gibson can be read on the site. There are articles to digest, videos lessons to partake and polls to vote upon as well as sections for beginners and gear and technique. All Gibson products are listed and there is an online store for buying many products with a forum for guitar enthusiasts which can be joined. The latest news and events are featured and full support is available at all times.




7. –

This site as many articles to read and reports all the latest news from the industry. There are featured articles and videos to view with recordings to watch on the TV channel. Reviews can be read and you can subscribe to the newsletter and there is a section for classified ads. There are many posts and threads to view in the forum on a multitude of topics, but registering is necessary first in order to be able to comment and participate in the discussions.




8. Guitarplayer –

This site is dedicated to guitars and amps. There are articles and posts with hints and tips for buying, using and playing since all the products mentioned are reviewed. There are video clips to watch and the top posts are highlighted with a special section for FX pedals. There is a blog with many topics and threads to follow and useful links are provided to visit guitar player’s pages.




9. – contains lessons to watch and learn how to play guitar as well as ‘Jamtrax’, a Jam room and tutors. There are videos features, downloads to play and reviews to read and you can join the forum and become involved in the community. You can watch video clips of the guitar greats and copy their riffs as well as view the latest industry news and there is an online store for buying DVDs, CDs, sheet-music, books and magazines.




10. –

This is the official site of Fender and the history of the company can be read on the site. There are special videos to watch and you can read about how the company creates guitars plus there is a newsroom revealing the latest updates from the industry. There are sections for guitars, basses, amps and accessories and you can browse the latest collections in the online shop.



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