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Computer hacking can refer to accessing computer networks, accessing activity within computer programming, intercepting telephone calls and messages without consent and computer crime. Hackers are computer enthusiasts who use their skills to break into computer programmes and bypass security systems disregarding the law and using their findings for personal gains. Computer hacking comes in many forms such as programming malicious software and infiltrating viruses and worms into systems. Hackers search for vulnerability within computers such as poor configuration and weak passwords and have the ability to change settings without consent causing disruption and damage to the systems or networks concerned.  Not all hackers can be classed as law-breakers since some use their skills for benefiting others and sharing their findings across the web and the globe. Hacking by disregarding the law is also known as cracking with the individuals known as crackers. Ethical hacking without malicious intent involves a hacker and an organisation and is legal. If hacking and the world of security interests you, then the list below will make for very interesting reading since it contains ten of the best sites on the Internet today for hacking. Some of the sites contain programmes to download for protection whilst others give valuable information on the fascinating world of hacking.


1. Hackaday.com – http://hackaday.com/

Hackaday.com has good information for hack enthusiasts with articles, videos and links to view with the information changing daily. There is a forum for commenting and debating and any tips are welcome to be submitted. Hacks can be searched by date or by category which include printers, androids, beer, cell phones, chemistry, cameras, green hacks, hardware, medical, marijuana, music, audio, networks, software, weapons and wireless to name a few. Subscription is necessary to watch the videos on YouTube and many tricks can be learned in the posts.



2. Ophcrack – http://ophcrack.sourceforge.net/

This is a free windows password cracker based on rainbow tables which runs on various platforms and is from the company sourceforge.net, which is ranked very highly at 183 in the world on Alexa.com. It is compatible with Windows, Linux, and Mac and other features include cracks LM and NTLM hashes, audit mode and CSV export, real-time graphs for analysing passwords, free tables and free open source software. News and full support can be found on the site along with the facility for downloading the programme.



3. Insecure.org – http://insecure.org/

Insecure.org is an Nmap security scanner with security tools for sniffers, pass crackers, wireless and scanners. It accurately and rapidly detects perimeter network vulnerability and comes with an introduction, reference guide, installation guide, download facilities, change-log and documents. News and updates can be found on the site along with illustrated articles to read and security lists include Nmap hackers, Nmap dev, Bugtraq, full disclosure, pen test, basics and more.



4. Hackthissite.org – http://www.hackthissite.org/pages/index/index.php

This site is a free, safe and legal training ground for hackers to test and expand their skills. There is a large community with a list of projects in development and a vast selection of hacking articles to read along with a forum for commenting and discussing hacking and network security. An account must be created and the terms and conditions read before entering the site fully and afterwards you are free to join any of the missions that are currently in progress.


5. Rafayhackingarticles.net – http://www.rafayhackingarticles.net/

This site has many articles and white papers to read about hacking with videos to view and a blog for meeting other hackers and commenting on the posts and threads. Hacking courses are available for beginners to hacking as well as more advanced and learning how to hack Facebook accounts is highlighted. There is a section for hacking books and anti-spyware along with tips and advice and any submissions or further information to be added to the site is welcome.



6. 2600.com – http://2600.com/

This is a popular site with hackers and has a magazine which can be read online with the facility to browse back issues as well. There is an online store where you can purchase calendars, clothing and other goods and special features include a link to the 2600 channel at YouTube where you can view videos of events from the company. There are also links to radio shows and a list of all company meetings can be found along with a live link for broadcasts.


7. Ethicalhacker.net – http://www.ethicalhacker.net/

The Ethical Hacker Network is a free online magazine for security professionals. There are articles to read and videos to view as well as a forum. Current topics in discussion include cross-site scripting, network pen testing, incident response, security, general certification and hardware and commenting and participation is allowed only after registration. Special features include book reviews, special events and skills and there are also sections for columns and certifications to read.


8. The Hacker’s Choice – http://thc.org/

This site has many articles and videos to view as well as downloads to help any hacker enthusiast. The mission of the site is to expose ‘fishy’ security products to ensure that rights are protected and prevent security problems. You can browse the list of current projects and there are sections for news as well as releases. There are papers to read and a detailed section on root, which is a content management system and dates for real-life discussion events are announced on the site.



9. Hackforums.net – http://hackforums.net/

This site advertises that it is a special forum for punks, packets and posts. There are many open discussions currently taking place and there is a special VIP forum for members only. Hacking, coding, computing, gaming, graphics, money and the marketplace are featured and reading the rules of the site and announcements is imperative before joining since there are over 379,000 members and 2.5 million threads.



10. Hacknmod.com – http://hacknmod.com/

This site has amazingly cool hacks, mods and projects to offer with featured hacks and the most popular hacks advertised. There are LED projects to view as well as an online store to purchase Hacknmod goods with videos to view and articles to read as well. Hacks can be chosen from categories such as Apple, audio, car, phones, laser, Linux, robots, Windows and Xbox to name a few and you can subscribe to receive the newsletter as well as daily updates.


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