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Sleep deprivation, or insomnia as it is also known as, is the inability to sleep well or sometimes not at all. Restricted sleep can cause daytime tiredness, irritability, fatigue, loss of energy, possible weight gain or loss and clumsiness as well as temporary aging. Complete absences cannot be sustained without great negative effects and have in some case known to cause brain damage and even death over long periods of abstinence. Indeed, getting a good night’s rest is very important for overall wellness and health and allows your body to recover and generate new cell growth as well as cleansing the mind and assisting you to keep focused and sharp. There are many methods, tips, hints and information that can be found for sleeping well such as making the bed welcoming and inviting, ensuring the mattress and pillows are comfortable in order to suit your needs, changing your sleeping positions, changing your diet, bathing before bed and eliminating all sources of light and background noise. Below is a list of the best websites on the Internet today for helping you sleep. All of the sites contain good information and advice and for anyone who cannot sleep well, the list will be very valuable and welcoming.


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1. The Better Sleep Council –

The Better Sleep Council is a non-profit organisation that is supported by the mattress industry and promotes the benefits from getting a good night’s rest. A special section can be found for mattresses containing hints for choosing and buying pillows and bedding and articles and information can be chosen from categories such as the science and stages of sleep, how to sleep better, healthy sleep, children and sleep, sleep positions, aids and disorders as well as guides to help you get to sleep. Any form of contact is welcome and the site is also available in Spanish.




2. University of Maryland –

The University of Maryland has a centre for sleeping disorders which contains good information on normal sleep, hygiene and drowsy driving and also mentions falling asleep to audio and relaxation techniques. Ways to relax are toe tensing, progressive relaxation, deep breathing, guided imagery and ‘quiet ears’ with sections for general medical health and health professionals. Disorders are listed and there are success stories and sleep studies to read as well as a section for medicines and pills to help you sleep.




3. –

This site has meditations to follow to help you relax as well as articles to read on remaining calm and yoga for emotional balancing. There are sections for love and family, wellness, health and inspiration and daily prayers are shown for enlightenment and faith. There are newsletters to read and videos to view with related topics such as insight meditation, Brach meditation, retreats, mindfulness and meditation centres in order to help you relax and rest.




4. Harvard University –

This site is produced by Harvard University and is dedicated to sleeping. There are articles and facts to read about why it matters, when to seek treatment, you and your biological clock and overcoming factors that interfere. There are videos to view and interesting advice can be found regarding caffeine and sleep with a section for reducing sleeping difficulties.



5. –

This site offers a sleep guide with advice from experts and articles regarding getting a good night’s rest. There are articles to read and secrets for sleeping better are revealed along with relaxing bedtime rituals to try. Emphasis is placed on eating and exercise and further reading is supplied in mental and emotional health, healthy lifestyles, children and family and after age 50. A regular schedule can be found for assistance and links are provided for further information.




6. Royal College of Psychiatry –

This is the official site of the Royal College of Psychiatry which has page dedicated to disorders and sleeping well. An A-Z index can be found for obtaining information from categories such as problems and disorders, treatments and well-being, parents and youth and the mental health system. There are podcasts to view and articles to read regarding anxiety, children and sleep, depression, tiredness and Benzodiazepines. Individual leaflets can be printed and there are publications, reviews and other useful tools to assist you.




7. Things to Help You Sleep –

This site has exclusive information on things to help you sleep. The top five suggestions are using the herb passionflower, neck positioning, body positioning, sleep schedule and exercise. There are further tricks and tips found on the site and information can be found on symptoms of sleepiness, supplements and the cause of tiredness. There is a blog for commenting and sharing tips and there are some tasty foods that you can try just before bedtime that can assist with sleep.




8. – has a page dedicated to longevity and getting a good night’s rest. The top ten best ways are listed and there are sections for health benefits with tools and games to assist you. Links are provided leading to articles on disorders and problems and there are videos to view to help you sleep. There are sections containing good advice on longevity and age-proofing your brain and tips can also be found for the anti-aging process.




9. NHS –

This is the official site of the National Health Service and it contains information about Insomnia. There are articles that explain the causes of not sleeping and the treatments available as well as a section for self-help. The site explores the various stages and a blog is available for commenting and sharing ideas. Symptoms and diagnosis can also be found and useful links are provided leading to further information on nightmares, sleep apnoea and narcolepsy.




10. –

This site had good information for sleeping well and explores the various stages with the aid of a graph. The causes and the cures are discussed and related blogs are in place for commenting and gaining further information. The facility to search for sleeping guides is given along with articles for practitioners and the site has over 1,800 pages of medical information with a list of available drugs and medicines.



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