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Every year we have quite a few holidays to get through and enjoy, including unique ones as well as the ones that really stress us out. If you find yourself scrambling for ideas such as things to do, what meals to prepare, finding the perfect gift or other dilemmas, you’ll find the following ten websites of great use to you. While they don’t cover every situation, they just might make your holidays a bit more stress-free. They are listed in order of their Alexa traffic count rating.


Holiday 1


1. Eatocracy:

Global Alexa Rating: 63

If your favorite part of any holiday is the food, you will love this article on Eatocracy that gives you even more unique opportunities for focusing on food. These holidays you probably never even heard of can be a great excuse for a themed party. For example, imagine how much fun it would be to whip up a batch of delicious donuts for National Donut Day. While you’re on the site, browse around at all the news and other posts about food as you may get some great ideas for the more traditional holidays as well.

 Holiday 2


2. Mother Nature Network:

Global Alexa Rating: 5,268

Many people like to turn their attention to giving back to their communities during the holidays and this article offers 20 selfless things to do during the holidays that could really make a difference. It can change your entire outlook about the holidays when you focus on others and it can make the holidays so much better for others at the same time. Some of the suggestions given are ones you may have already done, but others are ones you may not have thought about. Many can be done all year long instead of just during the holidays.


Holiday 3


3. Cooking Light Ultimate Holiday Cookbook:

Global Alexa Rating: 6,435

This site will be a great resource for putting together that memorable holiday meal. The site is well organized into easiest recipes, holiday entrees, healthy desserts, appetizers & drinks, healthy sides, meatless dishes and more. The site also includes a few videos. The site focuses on offering hundreds of Cooking Light’s best healthy recipes so you don’t have to put on those extra holiday pounds so common that time of year. The rest of the website is also a resource for additional recipes.

 Holiday 4


4. Travel Channel:

Global Alexa Rating: 8,516

Sometimes the best way to deal with the holidays is to take a vacation, especially when so many places are truly special at various holidays during the year. This section of the Travel Channel website is devoted to holiday travel, but not just the typical December activities. You’ll find places to go for even the smaller holidays, such as Groundhog Day. Find out about wacky festivals and spring break hot spots, for example. The holiday’s photos are a nice feature on the site as well.

 Holiday 5


5. Uncommon Goods:  

Global Alexa Rating: 15,789

One challenge during some holidays is finding the perfect gift for someone on your list that is always a bit hard to choose for. This website is perfect for that as it offers uncommon goods (hence the name) that will be welcomed by even the most finicky and hard-to-buy-for person on your list. The site is categorized into gifts for her, him, kids & baby, home décor, jewelry and art. There are also links to new items, gifts under $50, handmade gifts and personalized gifts. You can also shop by occasion such as wedding, anniversary, graduation, birthday and more making this a great website all year long.


 Holiday 6


6. Holiday Insights:

Global Alexa Rating: 28,298

With so many major holidays as well as minor holidays, you may have trouble keeping track of them all. While it won’t ruin your life to miss National Watermelon Day, you will have missed a great opportunity for that seed-spitting contest! Use this site to find out about the most bizarre and unique and even those from around the world. You can even go to this site every day to read, “This day in history.” If you don’t want to check in every day, that’s okay because they also have a, “this month in history” listing. A fun site with tons of information including holiday recipes and more.


 Holiday 7


7. Shut Up and Take My Money:

Global Alexa Rating: 96,248

You can tell from its title that this is not your average shopping website. If you are looking for unique and even geeky gifts that are memorable and welcomed by even the hardest person to buy for on your list, this is going to be a wondrous place for you to spend some time. The main categories are geeky, home, kitchen, clothing, tech, gaming, toys, bacon/zombie, beer/wine and random. You can also pull up items by newest, oldest, low price, high price and random. Make sure to look at the high price items for a glimpse at truly indulgent items.


 Holiday 8


8. Bags & Bows:

Global Alexa Rating: 104,888

Unless you are one of those that grabs the comic section of the paper to wrap gifts in, at some point you are going to need some wrapping paper supplies. This site is one of the best in terms of unique selection – and doesn’t that special gift deserve something better than newsprint wrapping? They offer all types of packaging products perfect for all the various occasions and holidays during the year. They also offer products for businesses. If you have been using that newsprint because you believe in being earth-friendly and recycling (okay, that’s a legit reason!) then you’ll love their line of eco-friendly products that give you a few extra options.


 Holiday 9


9. 101 Holidays:

Global Alexa Rating: 133,411

This is a great UK site about finding great holiday ideas – keeping in mind that in the UK, a vacation is called a holiday, so this site is about travel any time of the year including family holidays, honeymoons, short breaks and more. Spend some time on the blog section and you’ll find specific ideas such as Christmas, best time to visit and weather guides. Travel is always fun, regardless of the time of year, so perhaps calling it a holiday is right on the mark, even for those in the other areas of the world.


Holiday 10


10. All Things Christmas:

Global Alexa Rating: 1,469,557

Use the term ‘holiday’ and many people first think about Christmas (no offense meant to those that do not observe this holiday.) This website is devoted to that holiday. You can use it to find the perfect gift, create a virtual greeting card, grab a holiday countdown to use on your website (other holidays as well), read about Christmas facts, read about games to play, find recipes and a ton more to make the holiday everything you dream it to be.

So there you have it – ten wonderful sites for making any holiday a bit more special, for yourself and others. Perhaps you will find all your holidays are a bit less stressful, a bit more fun and a lot more rewarding. You might even come up with some unique holidays to add to your calendar. Plan a party with confidence!


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