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Launching a website takes effort to do correctly and quite a bit of that time is spent designing it. It is often said that if a company has a bad website it is worse than not having one at all. While that is likely the case add to that the truth that the best website in the world is of no use if visitors find the website offline when they visit. With all the competition out there, every minute that a website is down costs the company customers and often they never come back. Thus what is every bit as important as the website design is the quality of the hosting company. A start-up company sometimes makes the mistake of going with a budget hosting company because they do not expect much traffic at first but it is even more critical that they consider one that can handle high traffic. This is not just because they hope to need it but also because they’ll never get there if they continually lose business. The following ten website hosting companies are at the top of the heap in terms of dependability and variable plans that can grow as you grow. Whether you are looking for a dedicated server, VPS hosting or shared hosting these ten are worth taking a look at. They are listed in order of their Alexa traffic rating.


1. HostGator:  

Global Alexa Rating: 162


HostGator is one of the most popular web hosting companies in part because they offer plenty of variety at reasonable prices. They began in 2002 and have grown to a staff of over 850 employees with clients in over 200 countries. They currently host over 9 million domains. They have 24/7/365 support and a 99.9% uptime guarantee. Furthermore they offer a 45-day money-back guarantee. They offer shared, reseller, VPS and dedicated server packages and will even assist with the transfer process if a customer is coming from another host. They also offer free of charge SiteBuilder with 4,500 free website templates to help someone build a website if they do not already have one.  To top it off they invest in wind energy to help offset server emissions. Their website is extremely easy to navigate with a live chat feature to get assistance.



2. BlueHost:

Global Alexa Rating: 324


BlueHost is another popular hosting company especially with those new to the world of web hosting because they provide lots of tools and features for building a successful website. WordPress even recommends BlueHost because of their interface. Most people report that downtime is very limited and generally only a few seconds on rare occasions. They are also known for having a high retention rate because of their top notch customer service and excellent hosting. In the past only high traffic websites did not go with BlueHost but now that they have both VPS web hosting and dedicated web hosting they can handle even the heaviest traffic. They do have a firm policy against hosting websites with adult content, but any other type of company should take a look at BlueHost. Questions can be answered by calling toll-free 24/7 or through live chat.



3. Rackspace:   

Global Alexa Rating: 1,180


Rackspace is one to consider if you are looking for a customized hybrid cloud solution. This type of hosting allows you to run each workload where you get the most reliability, value and performance. They understand that sometimes the best infrastructure for a site requires a combination of cloud and dedicated environments. Use a public cloud, private cloud or dedicated server all designed to fit your company’s needs. There are even two service levels to choose from. Phone support is offered 24/7/365 and the site also has a live sales chat feature.  A trusted host for eCommerce, simple websites, corporate websites and WordPress.



4. JustHost:   

Global Alexa Rating: 1,603


As do most hosting companies JustHost offers website hosting, VPS hosting and dedicated server hosting. A unique feature is their Test Drive cPanel which has a great demo section so you can become acquainted with the basics of a hosting account and the features available. The main page discusses the regular website hosting and offers a link to VPS hosting, and there is a link at the bottom that will take you to the dedicated server hosting area. There are three plans dedicated server hosting – standard, enhanced and premium. There are four plans offered for VPS hosting – standard, enhanced, premium and ultimate. They also have a live chat feature and have 24/7 live technical support.



5. DreamHost:

Global Alexa Rating: 1,986


DreamHost is currently celebrating 16 years of web hosting and they offer shared, VPS, dedicated and cloud storage & computing. They also offer DreamPress which is a super-charged, optimized and ready to scale WordPress installation. It comes pre-configured by their in-house WordPress experts for maximum security and performance under traffic load. Their VPS plans include unlimited bandwidth and storage, with monthly fees based on the RAM MB level desired from 300 MB to 4000 MB. Dedicated server pricing depends on the amount of memory and disk space required and begin at 2 GB memory and 500 GB disk. Customers can go month-to-month or save with an annual plan.



6. Media Temple Dedicated Virtual:

Global Alexa Rating: 2,988


Media Temple offers managed VPS hosting, shared hosting and developer VPS hosting. They have been in the web hosting business for over 10 years so they have seen the way the web has changed and how other traditional servers are buckling under the pressure of high traffic. They are committed to providing the best service yet keep it affordable. They even take hiring very seriously with a 2-hour written competency test for all potential hires. This shows in their technical support lines which rarely have hold times over 2 minutes. They operate 24/7/365 providing excellent service to over 700,000 domains internationally. Check out their clients section for some names you’ll likely recognize and read the testimonials. The website clearly explains the different plans they offer from a $20 a month grid-shared hosting plan up to a Helix private cloud service at $7,500 per month.



7. Linode:

Global Alexa Rating: 3,489


Linode is a VPS hosting company in which users can get a server running in seconds. Deploy and manage Linux virtual servers in the Linode cloud at rates that might surprise you. There are no setup fees and users can pay month-to-month although a 10% discount is offered to 12 month payment terms or 15% for 24 months. There are eight plans to choose from beginning with 48 GB storage and 2TB transfer and going up to 1920 GB storage and 20TB transfer. They also have an add-on called Linode Managed which costs $100 per Linode per month and is a 24/7 monitoring, incident response and system maintenance service.  Another add-on is their Backup Service which provides completely managed and automated backups ranging from $5 per month to $40 per month depending on the Linode plan used. Users can also try out one of their virtual servers risk-free for 7 days.



8. A Small Orange:

Global Alexa Rating: 12,401


A Small Orange offers various hosting plans for customers. They offer shared hosting, reseller hosting, business hosting, cloud VPS hosting, hybrid and dedicated servers. They began in 2003 in Atlanta, Georgia and are now headquartered in Durham, NC. Users can chat with a live person for assistance in choosing a plan. They offer 2 months free hosting and a free domain for a year when you buy an annual hosting plan – for all but the Tiny shared hosting plan but that is only $35 for the entire year so already a great bargain for someone needing only minimal storage and bandwidth. They are a green company in that they match 150% of their electricity usage with renewable energy. A nice feature on their website is that it shows how long the response time is for current support. When this was being written the time ranged from 30 minutes to an hour – not exactly the best in the industry but that could just be an indication of the quantity of time spent with each customer assuring their questions are all met to their satisfaction.


9 9. VPS.Net:

Global Alexa Rating: 14,959 offers cloud hosting with total flexibility to grow as your business does. Users can upgrade, downgrade or cancel at anytime. They offer WordPress cloud hosting beginning at $20/month, cloud servers beginning at $20/month and managed cloud servers beginning at $135/month. They have cloud servers in the US, UK, Europe, Australia, Canada and South America. There is a clever feature on the site where you slide a box along to see what each of the ten cloud server level encompasses concerning dedicated RAM, dedicated CPU, disk space, network transfer and monthly cost. It goes up to their $200/month plan but customers can contact them for quotes for plans with more cloud power. Managed cloud servers come in 3 levels. Customers can choose an annual plan and save 10%. Another interesting feature on the website is a chart in which they show how they compare to Amazon, Linode, Rackspace and Digital Ocean regarding key features, the company, support options, infrastructure, cloud options, reseller opportunities, available options and billing options.



10. ServInt:

Global Alexa Rating: 18,693


ServInt offers various hosting solutions including Flex VPS, Flex Dedicated, Bare Metal Servers and PHP/Java Cloud Hosting. Click on the icon for each and you are taken to the options page fully detailing the scalable choices and costs. They have data centers around the globe and thus are able to serve customers in more than 130 countries. They boast a 99.99953% historical uptime and the industry’s best customer support. They are apparently a pretty great company to work for since over 25% of their staff have already earned 10-year anniversary watches. A nice feature on the site is the ability to perform a speed test to three different servers.

Reliability is obviously an important consideration when it comes to web hosting and all ten of these are highly rated for dependability. Another consideration is customer service and that can be gauged by sending in a support ticket to see how it is handled. Was it answered quickly and to your satisfaction? Chances are one of these companies will resonate with you and you’ll know it is the right one for you.


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