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When you’re looking to book a hotel, how much it costs is always the deciding factor. If you can get a four star hotel for the same price as a two star hotel, you’d like to know, wouldn’t you? That’s where hotel comparison sites come in handy. Over the years, plenty of comparison sites have popped up, but there are a few in particular that will be very useful to you, whether you travel a lot, or are only looking for a room for one night. After all, what you save on your hotel, you could spend on a nice meal, or splash out on some new clothes! Who knows, you could possibly even book another hotel on your next travels with the money you saved!


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1. Trivago –

Trivago have quickly become a big contender for the top place when it comes to hotel comparison sites. The site itself is simple and to the point, so you don’t have to look around in confusion trying to find where you type your destination in. Each hotel is shown with a review from previous guests, as well as the price it should be and the price that you will pay. Trivago are a bit different in that they take all the prices from other hotel comparison sites, and show you what they are next to each other, so you can make an informed decision and choose the site that offers the best deal.




2. Late Rooms –

This particular site has grown massively from when it first started. They now boast a number of advantages over their partners, including exclusive offers, bookings up to a year in advance, no booking fees, and the option to book now and pay the hotel on your departure. You can also book your hotel either online, or over the phone if you prefer to speak to someone. You can book 24/7, 7 days a week as well. They can show you deals quite literally anywhere in the world!




3. Expedia –

Expedia have been around for a while, and offer a multitude of services, including finding hotels within your price range as close your landing point as possible for easy travel and access. Not only will Expedia compare hotel prices for you, they’re an all-round traveller’s delight, offering guides on things to do wherever you are as well. They’re a well known company with a very high reputation, so you can be sure you can rely on Expedia to get you the best deal around.




4. Travel Supermarket –

Whether you’re looking for budget or luxury, Travel Supermarket will be able to find it for you, and at a price you can afford too. With a simplistic yet innovative website tailored for the best customer experience, you can be sure that Travel Supermarket will find the perfect hotel for you. They also have an extremely interesting option that allows you to let Travel Supermarket search for the best deals in the world at the moment, possibly giving you some inspiration on where to go!




5. Kayak –

With over 400,000 hotels in its database, Kayak is sure to have the perfect option for you, wherever you’re going. With a very simplistic website, it’s designed to be a no frills venture – find your hotel, book it, sit back, relax. They also have a very helpful mobile app that will help you when you’re on the go, especially if you’re a frequent traveller. Searching through some of the biggest hotels and sites in the world right now, Kayak will not let you down.




6. Travelocity –

Travelocity have a number of different sites dedicated to different countries in the world, meaning that the site you go to focuses only on your destination, nowhere else. You can create a profile on Travelocity to track where you’ve been, as well as leaving reviews for hotels for other users to see. They also have some fantastic deals available that incorporate the best rates for hotels.




7. Hotwire –

With prices often less than 70% of their advertised rate, it’s not difficult to see why Hotwire is quickly becoming a hit. Although it’s based in the UK, you can search for pretty much any country in the world and you’ll be able to find a fantastic hotel with a nice discount to match it. Many customers report staying in luxury 5 star hotels for the price of a 2 star hotel thanks to Hotwire!




8. – gives you complete control over your hotel stay, from start to finish. You can change the currency and language of the site, as well as create an account. Not only that, but they have an extremely handy mobile app that has all the deals that they have on the website. With over 1 billion bookings under their belt and over 297,000 properties listed worldwide, you won’t have a problem finding the hotel to complete your holiday on




9. Ebookers –

If you’re looking for the all in one package, the site that will offer you everything you need and then some, ebookers is definitely the site for you. Not only can you get the best deals on your hotel here, you can also book a car to go with your hotel! And because it’s a comparison website, you can rest assured that you’ll get the best deal on both services on offer. Ebookers has even been known to offer hotel rooms for free!




10. Direct Hotel Rooms –

With over 250,000 properties worldwide and links to all of the top leading hotel websites across the globe, Direct Hotel Rooms is sure to be able to find you a hotel room within your budget, regardless of how long your intended stay is. You can book your hotel online through this site, only paying the discounted amount shown, and not the original room rate that the hotel would offer if you went direct through them.


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