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Whether you are an avid hunter or wanting to learn to hunt, there always seems to be more to learn to be more successful and find more enjoyment from the activity. While most believe hunting should only be done to provide food for your family, there are some that hunt just for the challenge. It is important to follow the regulations in place for your state and area, as these are in place not only to safeguard the population of wildlife but also to keep you safe. The following ten websites are a combination of resources and blogs that will be both enlightening and entertaining. They are listed in order of their Alexa traffic count rating.


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1. Field & Stream:

Global Alexa Rating: 29,453

Field & Stream has been guiding and entertaining hunters, fisherman and other outdoor enthusiasts for a very long time having been founded in 1895 by John P. Burkhard and Henry Wellington Wack. The main headings you will find on their site include hunting, fishing, survival, guns and gear. The site is full of articles, photos, videos, blogs and message boards. You can also sign up for their newsletter. Even if you have a print subscription (and what hunter doesn’t?), you will find lots to love about their website.

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2. U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service:

Global Alexa Rating: 36,190

When it comes to knowing and understanding the rules and regulations designed to preserve our nation’s wildlife resources, the best way is to go right to the source. This site addresses many frequently asked questions regarding hunting. It also includes a link to the various state agencies since each state has its own specific regulations that you must follow when hunting in that state. Besides the section on hunting, you will also find interesting information on such things as endangered species.


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3. Hunting Net:

Global Alexa Rating: 81,442

This website is a cornucopia of hunting resources including hunting news, articles, deer hunting information, bow hunting information, turkey hunting and big game hunting information, general hunting information, upland hunting information and information about sporting dogs. The site includes a number of videos. The best feature is probably the community section which includes field journals, forums, chat room, free classified and section called, “Swap a Hunt.” The interactive area is also incredible. Don’t forget to check out the resources area for such things as free targets, free catalogs, a gear directory, tips and tools.

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4. Dear & Deer Hunting (D+DH):

Global Alexa Rating: 318,578

While other sites offer advice and information regarding various types of hunting, this one is devoted only to deer hunting. The site goes into depth on the subject including deer behavior, shed hunting, cooking up your venison and using the best deer hunting gear for success. You can also sign up to get their free email newsletter. You’ll also find the latest news that pertains to deer and deer hunting. You’ll enjoy their video “Deer Talk Now” as well as other shows. The blogs are informative and well written. There is also a forum.

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5. Bowhunting:

Global Alexa Rating: 324,674

Bow hunting is a manner of hunting that many take up for the extra challenge and ability to hunt without using noisier options. The site includes videos, blogs, news, articles, resources and more. There is also a section that offers the opportunity to win free gear. The resource section includes archery events, bow hunting checklist and other useful tools.  The forum is a good place to start if you are just learning about bow hunting.

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6. Buckmasters:

Global Alexa Rating: 561,202

This is definitely one of those websites that you can spend a great deal of time browsing. There are lots of videos on such topics as memorable hunts, classic hunts, big bug setup, bloopers, cooking, dog training, tips for bow hunting, tips for gun hunting and much more. On top of that there are stories galore including hunting articles and articles from Buckmasters Magazine, Rack Magazine, GunHunter Magazine and more. You’ll also enjoy the social aspects including a blog and forums, as well as a Facebook and Twitter presence.


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7. Whitetail Properties:

Global Alexa Rating: 847,553

At some point, you might just decide that having your very own property with plenty of wildlife for hunting would be like owning a slice of heaven. When that happens, this website will be quite useful as you can search for hunting, ranch and farm land for sale. You can select the state you desire, the county, property size and price range as criteria for a simple search or select the advanced search and add more criteria such as improvements, animals present and water source if desired. You can also search by keyword if you desire.


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8. Hunting Life:  

Global Alexa Rating: 1,466,297

Hunting Life has a lot to offer, especially in regards to hunting and conservation news. This is a great way keep up on what’s going on in the industry. The gear reviews may help you from making a costly mistake that could ruin your hunting trip. The blogs and videos are both entertaining and informative.  The resources area includes state fish and game resources, Canadian conservation resources, an outdoor bloggers list and a link for reporting poachers. To get updated information, sign up for their newsletter.


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9. Wired to Hunt:

Global Alexa Rating: 1,671,896

Wired To Hunt is a very popular deer hunting blog that is designed to make you a better whitetail hunter. There are plenty of tips and strategies including food plots, archery practice, shed hunting and patterning mature bucks. You can read the blogs and watch the various podcasts on the site. If you sign up for their email, they’ll send you “Top 10 Must Have Resources for the Whitetail Addict” free of charge. Spend some time in the “Vault” (aka “Best of W2H”) for the very best articles of the past 5 years.


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10. Mike Hanback’s Big Deer:

Global Alexa Rating: 2,610,397

Mike Hanback has a pretty useful blog page here with invaluable information including a Rut Report which is an interactive state-by-state rut report with content from his readers.  He began the blog in January 2008 and continues to post on it daily. For a number of years he wrote for Outdoor Life and was the magazine’s Deer Hunting Editor. He brings his experience that began at 6 years of age hunting with his dad and his talent for writing to provide a very nice site you are sure to enjoy and learn from.

New hunters and experienced alike will find useful information on these sites as well as advice regarding the many types of hunting gear that is out there. Some of these sites also offer the ability to shop for supplies, although that component was not mentioned and was not a main criterion in their selection. Hopefully, you find sites you want to follow going forward and find your next hunting trip to be even more successful than any in the past.


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