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Ice hockey fanatic?

Ice hockey is a team sport played on ice in which skaters use a stick to shoot a rubber puck into their opponents’ nets in order to score goals. The game is referred to as hockey in the US and Canada and in other countries around the world it is known as ice hockey so as not to be confused with field hockey. A team is usually made up of forwards, defensemen, two goalies and a goaltender who tries to prevent the puck from going into the net. It is a very fast-paced sport and is the official winter sport of Canada with Montreal being the centre of development for modern ice hockey. There are several leagues and associations such as the IPHL, NHA and NHL and these foundations are responsible for setting out the rules and codes of play to be used. Injuries are a common occurrence with the sport and protective equipment is mandatory and is enforced in all competitive games. This includes a helmet sometimes with a cage, shoulder pads, elbow pads, mouth guard, protective gloves, hockey pants or girdle, shin pads and athletic cup, which can be designed for males or females. Below is a list of ten of the best ice hockey sites on the Internet today. Some of the sites have clothing and equipment, some report news about the sport and some give facts and allow for live viewing of the sport. One thing is certain, if you like ice hockey, then the list below will be very valuable.

ice hockey 1

1. – is the world’s leading digital media partner for ice hockey national governing bodies, leagues, teams and events. The platform has videos with advanced playing features for live games including instant replays, integrated editing suite and live reporting and ice hockey fans can enjoy games on-demand. Tournament games are featured including junior hockey teams and leagues as well as national tournaments for the USA, Canada and ACHA.


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2. –

This site is one of the best online shops to purchase ice hockey equipment and attire. You can view the hottest skates, the best sticks and there are recommendations for helmets as well as top gloves. There is a special section for protective apparel as well as sections for bags, accessories and jerseys and you can even browse the undergarments that are on offer. A zone is available for fans of the NHL and clearances and special offers can be found.


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3. –

This is the official site for hockey in the USA with videos and articles to be read about the sport. There is a special section for ‘the countdown to Sochi games’ and the latest news can be found with recent videos highlighted. Information is given in-depth for coaching, players and parents, officials and the USA team and there is an important section for safety and education in the game. You can become a member of the site to receive special offers and an online shop is available for purchasing ice hockey apparel.


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4. –

The site for the National Hockey League is available in several languages and produces the latest headlines in the sport as well as videos, shows and articles to read. There are highlights to watch from games and a special section shows how to handle sticks as well as stick tricks. There is a live blog with guest information and interviews and classic clips and shootouts can be found. You can read about the teams, the players and their statistics as well as view scores and schedules of play and there is also a special section for fantasy hockey.


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5. –

This is the official site of the Olympic movement and home of the Olympic Games. It has a page for ice hockey where you can view all the events for men and women as well as the players with a section for learning about ice hockey. The top medal winners in the sport can be found with a list of achievements and individual Olympic years can be searched to reveal pertaining information. There are videos to view with a photo gallery and the latest news contains results and standings.


ice hockey 6


6. –

The site of the Elite Hockey League has the latest news and standings as well as a schedule of events for upcoming games. There are podcasts and videos to view and you can watch matches live on the TV channel on the site. Details can be found for the teams with statistics as well as scores and fixtures and there is an online shop to purchase T-shirts and DVDs as well as tickets to games.


ice hockey 7


7. –

This is the official site for Canadian hockey and there are articles, videos and photos to view for all leagues of Canadian hockey including juniors and women. There are special sections for team Canada and the national championships along with a complete programme for all hockey games. The latest news about the sport can be found and there is a tab especially for children who love the game. Tickets for matches can be purchased and there is an online shop for buying apparel and hockey souvenirs.


ice hockey 8


8. –

This site has all the latest news about ice hockey and each team can be individually selected for the Western and Eastern conference leagues as well as Pacific and Atlantic leagues. There are videos to watch as well as reports on European games and prospect rankings and team rankings can also be viewed. A forum is in place to read comments and follow threads about the sport and all the information is available in French.


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9. –

This site is the home of the American Hockey League and it provides the latest headlines in the world of ice hockey. There is the facility to watch the games live as well as videos and a schedule of play can be found. You can see the standings and stats for the teams in the league as well as the transactions and movements for the top players. There is a section dedicated to the Calder Cup and an online store is available to buy authentic AHL apparel. Upcoming events in the sport can be seen and tickets can also be purchased on the site.


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10. BBC –

The BBC has a page for ice hockey and provides news from the Elite league, the NHL and also the headlines from around the world as well as results and standings. There are articles and videos to view and you can see the photos in the gallery with a special section dedicated to ice hockey in the UK. The site provides an interactive TV to watch the matches live and you can subscribe to receive live RSS feed for the sport.



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