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India, home of the curry, the location of the Taj Mahal, and the provider of cheap IT solutions.  India is speedily becoming one of the most visited countries in the world.  In 2012, a massive $120 billion (a whopping 6.4% of the country’s GDP) was generated by welcome tourist’s wallets.

India really is an astonishing country with a dizzying array of religions, cultures, races and tongues.  Overshadowed by the Himalayas, India does to seem to present many aspects of itself on a scale to match those towering, snow-covered peaks.  India is the second most populated country in the world, with almost one billion citizens, who speak a total of fourteen different languages whilst practising seven major religions and being split into six main ethnic groups.  It is hard to think of another nation on the planet where diversity is so prevalent.

If you fancy finding out a little bit more about this fantastically diverse country, then here are the top ten websites where you will be able to do just that.


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1. Tripadvisor – http://www.tripadvisor.co.uk/TravelersChoice-Destinations-cTop-g293860

Tripadvisor – despite its reputation for over-fussy reviews – remains the best place online to learn about India, its people, culture and attractions, mainly because it is written mostly by Humble Joes whom have been to the places they are writing about.  You can learn all about India’s most famous destinations, such as Goa and New Delhi, and browse the many photographs the site has to offer.  An added bonus is should something really take your fancy, with a few clicks and accommodation reviews you can plan your own trip there accordingly.


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2. Lonely Planet – www.lonelyplanet.com/india

It used to be the norm, before any trip, to pop down to your local bookstore and pick up a Lonely Planet guide of your chosen destination.  These days, of course, the majority of us are online, so we can easily log on to the Lonely Planet web-site and arm ourselves with reams of valuable knowledge.  Lonely Planet’s India guide offers you everything you need to know about the country, and a few things you don’t, such that India is home to over 500 varieties of mango.


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3. Gobibo – www.gobibo.com

If you’ve learnt enough about India to make it a definite that you want to visit, Gobibo is your best destination in order to find a holiday there.  Gobibo offers flights, hotels and complete package holidays, guaranteeing the best prices.  Their site contains an incredible amount of travel guides, and will help you cut through the maze of options by helping you decide upon the specific type of vacation that’s best for both your mind and your wallet.


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4. HolidayIQ – www.holidayiq.com

HolidayIQ is much more than just a holiday portal site.  It contains a wealth of information about India, all written by an energetic community of travellers and experts.  Here you can learn enough about India to choke your head full of facts, whilst connecting with people who have been there, see this and done that.  You are also invited, in a Trip Advisor style, to contribute your own reviews.


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5. Maps of India – www.mapsofindia.com

What better way of learning about a country than taking a virtual holiday there?  Maps of India allows you to virtually achieve that – you select a map of a region in which you are interested, click away, and several interesting articles full of fascinating ing information arrives in your browser.  You can learn out all aspects of India, including the best places to go for both business and personal requirements.  Plus, with it being India, you can also check on how the latest cricket is going.


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6. Must See India – www.mustseeindia.com

A travel agent portal, this site is excellent for providing you with the simplest and best options when it comes to actually visiting India.  The site virtually demands you visit the country as soon as you enter it, but once you bypassed that, you will find extensive guides on the major Indian cities and the most popular tourist destinations.  The site also boasts an impressive range of interactive tools, so if you are serious about visiting India, you can personally tailor you trip accordingly.


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7. India Mike – www.indiamike.com

Launched in 2001 by a man named – you’ll never guess – Mike, this was originally a personal home page but, as so often happens on the internet, a niche was uncovered and the site blossomed.  Mike eventually switched his affections towards China, but the site survived.  This site prides itself on being an extremely useful source of information for all those looking to travel to India, and is written – via a forum – by ordinary folks whom have spent time there.


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8. I Love India – www.iloveindia.com

Much, much more than a simple destination guide, I Love India is an informative and fun site bloated with all imaginable aspects of the Indian lifestyle, including arts and entertainment, cars, beauty and fashion, technology, health, home-life, parenting and yes, even travel.  The sites tag-line is “Everything you ever wanted to know”, and for once, here’s a site where such a bold claim could be abundantly true.


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9. Club Mahindra – www.clubmahindra.com

If you want to visit India just for your typical sun, sea and sand vacation, then this site will provide you with just that.  Club Mahindra is India’s number one holiday provider, with access to over sixty popular Indian resorts.  If you do fancy something a little more energetic than lazing on the beach all day, Club Mahindra also offers different types of holiday, including ones centred around adventure, heritage and wildlife.  They will also organise trips where you can take in the majesty of the Himalayas, or the uniqueness of the Indian jungle.


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10. Journey Mart – www.journeymart.com

Another travel agent portal, Journey Mart offers world-wide holidays, but specialises in holidays in India.  If you are unsure about the kind of travel experience you are looking for, Journey Mart’s website has a confusion-buster – you simply select why you want to go to India, and when you want to go, and the web-site will do the rest for you.


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