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Our immune system protects us against diseases and distinguishes many forms of viruses and parasitic organisms in order to provide us with a healthy body whilst keeping infections at bay. Immune systems are found in all types of plant life and species of the animal kingdom which have been found in genes by Biologists. Receptors recognise the bacteria and are a starting-point for immune reactions. Vertebrates have a second type of immunity known as adaptive immunity which remembers previous infections and reacts expelling them fast. The innate immune system begins with the skin which acts as an excellent barrier to protect us from infections. Vaccines assist the immune system to fight infections by boosting it and have been known to cure various forms of diseases in the process. If the immune system is damaged, it attacks itself first and then the cells that are at the basis of the immune system. The study originates from medicine and the first signs of immunity were discovered in 430BC at the time of the Athens plague. Great advances were made towards the Katter half of the 19th century and Paul Ehrlich was awarded the Nobel peace prize for his findings in 1908. The simplest form of immunity is in DN, with a system of bacteria preventing infections. It is a fascinating subject and below is a list of ten of the best sites on the Internet today for finding information about the subject.


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1. Infection and Immunity –

This site provides new insights into the interactions between bacterial, fungal and parasitic pathogens and their hosts. Areas covered include mechanisms of molecular pathogenesis, virulence factors, cellular microbiology, experimental models of infection and adaptive immune responses to name a few. Current issues are highlighted with articles, reviews and press releases and information about the work of the site can be found. The current version of the magazine is available to read and connection is welcome to receive the latest updates.


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2. University of Birmingham –

This is the official site of the University of Birmingham which contains the School of Immunity and Infection. A section is dedicated to the research and clinical services of the school and the latest findings from tests and experiments can be found. Full details about the courses and the university are given on the site and a special section covers the latest news regarding the subject with press releases and media coverage.


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3. University of Cambridge

The University of Cambridge has a school of clinical medicine and research is carried out on infection and immunity. There is a PhD programme to study the subject and details regarding infection, virology, bacterial infections, parasites and immunity can be found. There is a section dedicated to biology and genetics and also autoimmunity and full details of the programme and the University can be found on the site.


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4. Centre for Infection and Immunity –

The Centre for Infection and Immunity is located at Columbia University and is dedicated to promoting global health through research and training programmes. Current research being carried out includes pathogen surveillance, microbial pathogenesis, chronic fatigue syndrome, passive immunotherapy and wildlife preservation and health. There is a section for news and you can read the latest publications for the centre and all donations for further research are gratefully accepted.


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5. Imperial College London –

The faculty of medicine at Imperial College London has a department for infectious diseases and immunity. Links and a site map are provided for guidance and details on awards, press releases, publication and seminars can be found. There is a section for clinical training with details on all available courses including molecular medicine and infection management for Pharmacists. Current research areas include tuberculosis, drug discovery, proteomics, infection and immunity and international medicine to name a few and details can be found for alumni, staff and students alike.


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6. UCLA –

UCLA has a division for infection and immunity and the chance to study for an MSc in the subject is available. The programme takes into account molecular medicine and research into gene therapy and offers the possibility of a scholarship. A video demonstration can be viewed as well as seminars, laboratory services and future events. There is a link provided for further details on infection, immunology and inflammation symposium and full information regarding the campus, the course, research and studying can be found on the site.


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7. Ohio State University –

The Wexner medical centre at Ohio State University has in-depth information on the immune system written in an easy-to-follow manner with diagrams given for assistance. Parts of the body are emphasised and explained and you can read how lymphocytes fight infection. Information can be found on infections as well as disorders with statements regarding viruses, bacteria and antibiotics. A list of infectious diseases if given and there is a section on hospitals with the facility to find a doctor local to your area.


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8. Cardiff University –

The school of medicine at Cardiff University has an institute of infection and immunity. You can read all about the institute, the teaching, the research and the programme and there are sections for infections, inflammation, innate immunity and immunotherapy. There are videos to view and a section for the latest news and the most recent publications are highlighted.


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9. University of South Carolina –

This is the site for microbiology and immunology from the University Of South Carolina School Of Medicine. There are overviews and articles to read with diagrams and explanations clearly given on cells, innate immune system, adaptive immune systems and their responses. The section for infectious diseases has videos to view and there are further sections for bacteriology, mycology, parasitology, virology and immunology. Hints and tips are given for suggested reading and the site is available in Portuguese.


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10. University of Glasgow –

The institute of infection, immunity and inflammation at the University of Cardiff has basic, applied, translational and clinical research. Related links and downloads are provided and information can be obtained from many sections such as research, science without borders and molecular parasitology. Details regarding seminars, facilities, teaching, PhD opportunities, undergraduate programmes and the university itself can be found and contact is advised for any information not given on the site.




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