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The term innovation can be defined as something new and original that enters the market. Something novel is usually described as an innovation, in economics, management science and other fields of practise it is generally considered a process that brings together novel ideas in a way that has an impact on society. Innovation differs from invention in that it refers to a better method whilst invention refers solely to the creation of the method itself and it can also refer to doing something different. An innovation is an important topic of study for economics, business, entrepreneurship, design, sociology, technology and engineering, but it can also lead to negative effects such as pollution and exploitation. In economics and business an innovation is a catalyst for growth with rapid advancements and management innovation can be used to develop the product using the appropriate tools such as technology and marketing. The lifetime of a product is reducing at an alarming rate and increased competition leads to companies reducing the time to market. Below is a list of ten of the best management science and innovation sites on the Internet today. Whether you are seeking to study the subject, research it or are just curious to know more about it, the following sites will be very useful since they all contain in-depth information on the topic.




1. –

This company has had many successes with innovations, as can be read on the site by passed satisfied customers. You can read all about what is new as well as download case studies and upcoming ideas can be viewed in webinars. An idea lab can be found with a section for solutions and articles, overviews and presentations can be read in the resources section. You are welcome to contact them for more information and register to receive details on new events.


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2. – brings out the best ideas in customers by providing them with a platform for sharing, discussing and voting. There is a video to view to see how it works and you can get started for free with several pricing plans available. Features include analysis, moderation, customisation, security and widgets to name a few and new features are regularly added. Once your ideas have been submitted, you can watch the response from the community as people start voting and discussing your brand.

3. – is an innovation platform which can improve services and products within your business environment. It is a crowd-sourcing software providing powerful tools to grow revenue, reduce costs and expand customer engagement. Literature, white papers, press releases, research, events and case studies can be read and there are webinars and videos to view. Further information can be found in the blog within the posts and comments and full details regarding the company and the product are available on the site.


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4. Global Innovation Management –

Global Innovation Management is a 2-year programme available at several colleges and universities worldwide. It enables graduates who have degrees in engineering, science or technology to successfully manage the innovation process and details regarding fees and available scholarships can be found on the site. A detailed description of the course is given with structure and overview included and a section can be found for career prospects after the course is completed.

management science 5


5. –

This company was founded in 1999 and has designed an innovation platform to improve efficiency and effectiveness in the process of innovation. A demonstration video of the platform in operation is available to view along with case studies and videos as well as overviews, reports and definitions. Add-ons are available with the product and there are sections for integration, support, set-up, configuration and technical issues. News and events can be read and there is a blog in place for assistance.


management science 6


6. –

This site is an open innovation project aimed at reinventing management in the 21st century. There are articles and reviews to read on such subjects as hacking, capitalism, reinventing and technology with the facility to comment and like each post. You can subscribe to receive the latest developments as well as discover more about the contributors. There is a section named ‘MixTV’ which contains further information and in-sight and company details are given on the site.


management science 7


7. – has helped more than 400 companies and individuals to develop innovation competence. There are sections to learn about the software solutions, the capabilities with innovation programmes, success by innovation management and approach by ideas and innovation process. You can read about the success stories as well as news and events and a blog has been set up for assistance. Details about the company can be found on the site and you are invited to find out more information.


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8. University College London –

University College London has a department for leaning management science and innovation. Tips can be found for studying along with details on research and announcements are given for seminars. There is a section for news and events and support can be found for those searching for careers and there are articles and videos to view. Full details about the MSc and the Ph.D. programmes are shown and there are links provided for guidance.


management science 9


9. –

This site has a section for science and innovation with articles containing information on environmental studies, renewable energy, electricity, commercialisation, emerging technologies, lab breakthroughs and manufacturing to name a few. The main categories are science and technology, energy sources, energy usage, innovation, energy efficiency and science education and maps, a news section and a blog are in place for assistance.


management science 10


10. Innovation Management –

This company provides in-sights, practical case studies, tools and training to fuel innovation pipelines. You can sign up for the knowledge letter and read about the innovation process as well as articles, blogs, books, reviews and alerts and there is a learning centre set up for assistance. You can view the latest offers from the contributors and seek knowledge in the innovation management library as well as search the dictionary for resources.


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