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International relations is the study of relationships between countries and the roles of sovereign states, inter-governmental organisations, international non-governmental organisations, non-governmental organisations and multinational corporations. The field of international relations can include political science, technology, engineering, economics, history, international law, philosophy, geography, social work, sociology, criminology and cultural studies to name a few. The scope comprehends terrorism, globalisation, international security, economic development, organised crime and human rights. The history of the subject can be traced back thousands of years ago as early as 3,500 BC. Theories on international relations include epistemology and realism which focuses on state security and power. Liberalism is the perspective based on the assumption that good and meaningful cooperation can create change. Neoliberalism seeks to take liberalism one step further with regime theory, international society theory, critical theory, social constructivism and Marxism also being taken into consideration. There are many concepts and systematic levels and the topic is one of much debate and discussion. Below is a list of ten of the best websites on the Internet today for International Relations. Some of them are educational establishments, some are institutions and some are governmental offices, but all the sites give very valuable information.

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1. Facts on International Relations –

Information for international relations can be searched by individual country with this site. The system offers researchers, politicians and the media a structured reference system on international relations and security trends. Information is clearly documented in area such as conflicts, arms transfers and military expenditure, economic and social statistics as well as chronologies and details for governments, human rights and peacekeeping activities can also be found.


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2. Stanford University –

This is the site of Stanford University which has a department for political science. Details regarding admissions, applications and graduate and undergraduate programmes can be found along with details about the university itself. Current areas of research include American politics, comparative politics, international relations, political methodology and political theory with full details on faculties. There are workshops and upcoming events advertised for each of the projects and contact with the university is welcome.


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3. Open Society Justice Initiative  –

The Open Society Foundations began in 1979 and remains committed to the global struggle for open society, challenges and opportunities for the future. The society funds a full range of programmes around the world for public health, education and business development and full details about the foundation and its aims can be found on the site. Current issues include health, youth education, governance and accountability, rights and justice and media and a section is dedicated to grants.


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4. Centre for Systematic Peace –

The Centre for Systematic Peace involves itself in research on the problems of political violence. Recent publications can be viewed on the site with topics including armed conflict, terrorist bombings, governance, income distribution and fragile areas of the world. Global reports and policies can be found and there are links provided leading to further reading. There is also a virtual library and a section for state failure and lists are given for conflicts and wars.

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5. Carnegie Endowment

This site reveals global conflicts by region with a search facility for each individual area. A special section is dedicated to expert opinions and there are many illustrated articles to read. The articles can be listed by date or relevance and there are sections for issues and programs which can also be searched. Help is available if necessary and support for the site is welcome.


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This site is an international relations and security network containing dossiers from issues in individual areas of the world. There are articles and videos to view with the latest blog posts, new events and watch stories highlighted. You can find podcasts available in the digital library with resources and a learning platform in the education section. Audio from various organisations can be heard and further information can be found in related programs and publications. The dossier of the week features issues in Central Asia and you can sign-up to receive the newsletter.


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7. IRC –

The International Relations Centre is currently involved in several projects at this point in time including the Americas programme, global good neighbour initiative, right web and foreign policies in focus. Details and information can be found for each of the projects along with useful links leading to other institutions and centres. A full history regarding the company can be found on the site and there is a special section dedicated to foreign policy in focus.


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8. Atlantic Council –

The Atlantic Council is a non-partisan institution devoted to promoting transatlantic cooperation and international security. There are featured articles and publications and a full list of global programmes are stated. There are videos to view with a section for the media and you can become involved through the corporate programme or individually. Status reports are supplied and the history, mission and leadership of the company can be read.


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9. World Policy Institute –

The World Policy Institute contains articles to read on topics such as mass violence, water energy, Turkey, citizenship and democracy and Cuba. You can follow the World Policy blog, subscribe to receive the journal, find out what’s new in upcoming events and read media and policy papers. Experts can be consulted by individual regions and becoming a member of the site is encouraged along with donations.


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10. London School of Economics –

The London School of Economics has a department of international relations which is listed in second place in the world university rankings by subject. A site map is provided for guidance as you peruse literature, journals, programmes of study and videos. Details about the department, the professors, the research and the college can be found on the site and a full FAQ is also provided. There is a library for studying with centres and units associated with research projects and applications and tools can be downloaded to help.




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