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1. Get Response –

Get response specialises in email marketing offering unique IP addresses with an integrating system. Detailed explanations of how the system works can be found on the site along with all the features and the expected results. The company claims to send over ten billion emails every year for their clients; some of whom are listed. The pricing structure is displayed clearly along with help and assistance can be found in the learning centre through blogs, video tutorials and ‘live Webinars’.


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2. Sitesell –

Sitesell is mainly an outsourcing company who can provide their customers with the software and support to build a successful business. The process is explained on the site and through a step-by-step video guide. The site explains how the software assists in building SEO structured keywords, targeting traffic, building a website and hosting a site. There is a site map offering further information in blogs, testimonials and articles as well as information on an affiliate programme.


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3. Online Media Direct –

OMD are a UK based company providing web hosting, web design, traffic sourcing and SEO services. The site has special sections on SEO, Google AdWords and Social Media along with web design, which contains information on setting up blogs, hosting, domains and WordPress. The site is available in several languages and ‘Case Studies’ demonstrates results from previous customers along with testimonials. Further information on AdWords, Google Analytics, Cost per Click and PPC Management can be found in ‘Paid Search’, whilst there is a separate section for ‘Outsource’ giving valuable instructions on search optimisation, Google SEO, link building, email marketing, eBay stores and networking. Personal marketing support is also offered along with article writing services and keyword analysis.


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4. Sitepoint –

Sitepoint is ranked high on and offers a range of information regarding promoting and hosting websites. A wide range of articles can be viewed in the forum in connection with web hosting, designing and content wording. An entire section is devoted to programming with details on HTML5, JavaScript, WordPress and CSS3 and step-by-step guides can be found in over three thousand videos and EBooks for SEO writing, marketing and promoting. A section can be found on PHP offering tutorials, articles, books and opinions and advice is given in the contact section with further useful information and unlimited questions are welcome.

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5. Clicky –

Clicky specialises in analysing traffic to websites with over 45,000 visitors every day on 300,000 websites. Real Time Web Analytics are able to monitor, analyse and react to the flow of traffic to a website in order to gauge the effectiveness of campaigns. An array of applications and plug-ins are offered on the site and in-depth information of how the system works, the features and the expected results are given along with a white label service being offered for maintenance and updates. The system can be translated into several languages and integrated with all web browsers.


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6. Compete –

Compete offers web based analysis of consumer behaviour, which assists with marketing decisions. The site offers a free trial and testimonials can be read from global brands and leading media outlets that have used the service. The features, plans and pricing are stated and an extensive list of products is displayed. ‘Webinars’ and white papers can be found in resources and areas of expertise are travel, media, mobile, online, retail, automotive and financial services. In-depth details are given on how data is analysed along with further information on ‘click-stream’ data. Articles in the ‘blog’ section contribute to further understanding of the process.


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7. Search Engine Watch –

Search Engine Watch is a guide to searching and understanding how search engines work. There are many articles to read and updates are given in the newsletter once subscription has been made.  The articles give guidance on marketing, advertising, promoting, integrating social media, analytics, pay-per-click platforms, SEO website ranking and optimisation and also integrating social media. All articles can be found easily in categories as the information is presented clearly. Further tips and guidance can also be found in blog topics and in the forum with trending topics and articles being featured and highlighted.


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8. SmartViper –

SmartViper provides information about domains and keywords. The company analyse the performance and progress of a site, as well as competing sites, using detailed analytics and SEO in order to increase traffic flow. All necessary data and information is given on the site with many links and ‘widgets’ adding to further incite and understanding. There is in-depth information on SEO and keywords in articles and explanations, along with a long list of reviews. The database of stored records is continuously growing and explanations on storage space and popular domains are given in great detail giving good insight into high rankings.


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9. Quantcast –

Quantcast offers direct audience measurement reports in the form of applications which measure and analysis incoming traffic to a site. The statistics are given, with each visitor being analysed and in-depth information on the workings, purpose and expected results from use of the software can be found. There is a learning centre on the site offering guides, case studies and videos for viewing along with articles on web reports, data collection and data citation. Explanations on advertising and branding are given and details on publishers and platforms give further insight. A detailed list of current users can be found and assistance is offered along with informative blogs.


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10. V7N –

V7N specialises in branding, marketing and search engine optimisation. There are many topics and articles currently being discussed in the forum, providing information on e-commerce, algorithm updates analytics, marketing and blog tips. Further details on web development and advertising can be found and there is a web directory containing information on SEO copy writing, JavaScript, coding issues, social marketing, plug-ins and logos. Advertising with the site is encouraged and there is special section dedicated to photography containing information and tips on how to enhance products sales with photographs. Further information is also provided on graphic designing and joining ‘the community’ is encouraged for regular updates.


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