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With the current economic crisis hitting deeply and affecting many parts of the world jobs are becoming scarce and hard to find. When companies are looking to hire staff and are actively advertising in newspapers, job agencies or on online sites, they are sometimes swamped with applications and CVs with some receiving as much as 500 applicants to every available position. With so many to read and choose from many candidates receive no notification or acknowledgement from companies leading to bitter disappointment and feelings of being rejected. It appears that the CVS that stand out from the rest are the lucky ones to receive an invitation to an interview and much importance must be placed on the presentation of the CV. It is equally important, should you receive good news about an interview, to be well-prepared, presentable and on time, maybe even a little early since this shows the company that you are reliable. It is difficult to know what to expect from an interview and preparations for questions asked in the interview from the perspective employer should always be anticipated. There are now many sites on the internet that offer advice for interviews giving information, techniques, mock interviews and suggested answers to interview questions. Many people become nervous at the prospect of an interview and these sites ensure that you can arrive well-prepared with the necessary information beforehand, as preparation is of the utmost importance. Below is a list of ten of the best sites on the Internet to assist in preparing for an interview. For those seeking employment the list will be very useful and may very well ensure that you soon receive good news.




1. National Careers Service –

This site has great information on the ‘do’s and don’ts’ of going to an interview. The site explores the top ten interview questions and an FAQ and an interview checklist are in place to assist you. If you need to call an advisor, then help is at hand and tools are provided to build your CV. You can chat online or seek advice in the forum and common pitfalls and mistakes are listed so they can be avoided. Useful links lead to understanding job ads, applications and covering letters and you can open an account for lifelong learning.



2. – has a section to help with interviews, which contains interview questions and sample answers. There are links for researching the company concerned and preparing for the interview with videos and interview tips to view. There are suggested questions you should ask with detailed responses and articles and suggested reading material is given. There are examples of talking on the telephone with a prospective employer and sections for resumes and finding a job are available as well.




3. Career Builder – has a section for advice and resources for job-seekers. There are salary calculators, videos to view, resumes services, career tests, skills training, degrees and certificates available to read as well as articles offering advice to guide you to finding a job. Insights into careers can be found and there are also sections for finding jobs and job recommendations.




4. Career Lab –

Career Lab is here to help you when interviews don’t produce job offers. There are questions, answers, tips and hints for you to consider in order to help you sell yourself and focus on the interview. There are articles to read with exercises to help you practice and there is a library to view cover letters. You can test and assess yourself and even search for companies and there is a list of suggested phrases to say at your interview.



5. – is an online process that prepares you for your next interview. There are unique tools and tips that will give you an edge and an advantage over other candidates at interviews. After signing up you can use the 2-day free trial to help you develop an interview winning technique and learn how best to present yourself at an interview. You can view manuals, brochures and testimonials on the site to help you make up your mind and there is a blog and links to further interview resources.




6. –

This site has questions and answers to help you prepare for an interview. It explores and anticipates possible questions that may be asked and there are tools to assist you such as a guide to researching companies, a job interview database, a job interviewing quiz and a database for types of job interviews. There are articles to read and a section for careers advice as well as a section for CVs and resumes. Tutorials and resources are also given and there is the facility to look for a job close to your location.




7. Job Application and Interview Advice –

This site has professional advice to help you land your dream job. You can find out how to prepare for an interview to be ahead of other candidates and advice is given for filling out applications as well as CVs and resumes. You can see how to write winning cover letters and there are tips and hints to follow when attending an interview. An interview guide can be downloaded and you can search for specific jobs in the database to become better aware.




8. Monster –

The mighty job site Monster has good tips about going to an interview and how best to prepare. There are articles to read with mock questions and answers and expert careers advice can be chosen for searching for jobs, CVs and applications, job interviews, career advancement and salary and benefits. Useful links are also provided leading to what to wear for an interview and there are videos of mock interviews to watch along with the answers.



9. –

This site can help you ‘ace’ the interview with examples of many interview questions given for you to read along with the answers. There is a forum in place for posting and following the threads for interview suggestions and there is a section for salaries which tells you what you can expect according to your qualifications. The site is designed with software engineers in mind since many positions are now available in the field and a further section gives tips and hints for resumes and CVs.




10. – gives an inside view of companies and jobs and you can read what employees are saying about their companies. There are pros as well as cons and you can search for a job from over 20,000 listed sites. There is a section stating salaries for specific jobs and a further section gives help and guidance with interviews. You can look inside any company to see if they are correct for you and if you would like to add to the list of reviews then the site would like to hear from you.


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