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An investment bank is a financial institution that assists individuals, corporations and even governments to raise capital by underwriting and acting as an agent in the issuance of securities. They can also assist companies involved in mergers and acquisitions and provide services such as market making, trading of equities and derivatives as well as trade currencies, fixed income and commodities. They hold assets and funds such as stocks and bonds which are traded with an index such as a stock index or bond index in order to meet investment goals and gain the best returns for the investors. There are two main lines of business in investment banking. The first is trading securities for cash or other securities, which involves underwriting and is known as the sell side and the second is referred to as the buy side, which is concerned with buying investment services, the common types of which are private equity funds, mutual funds, life insurance companies, unit trusts and hedge funds. An investment bank can also be split into private and public functions with an information barrier that separates the two to prevent information from crossing. Below is a list of ten of the best sites about investment banking. If you are seeking advice on the subject, then the list will be very useful since the best and the most popular on the Internet are all together in one place.

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1. Find the Best –

This site helps you find and compare the best investment banks with a facility to look for a branch close to your location. Banks are listed in alphabetical order with market cap focus and core activities stated for each one. Industries covered include agriculture, communications, finance, healthcare, industrial, media and natural resources to name a few and advisories can be chosen from buy backs, fairness options, mergers and acquisitions, reverse mergers, spin-offs and valuation.


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2. – gives explanations of the role of investment banks in a clear and precise way with a detailed list of the top investment banks. Each bank reveals a brief summary and there are links leading to further information as well as other investment ideas. You can view the financial strength of the financial establishments to help you decide which bank is suitable for your needs and requirements. Further suggestions for investing can also be found and data on the site is updated regularly.


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3. –

This site provides a list of the top 50 investment banks to work for with links provided for each one. There are articles to read on capital markets, mergers and acquisitions and sales and trading with a special section dedicated to asset management. Photos, web-casts, special reports, opinions and data can be found for investment banking as well as the latest news and there is also a blog for commenting to assist you.


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4. –

This site aims to help people understand exactly how the finance industry operates and in particular investment banking. You can learn how to design a winning CV and obtain interviews as well as gain a network of viable contacts whether in hedge funds or private equity.  Tips and a free download for entry into investment banking can be found and you can subscribe to the site to receive a free weekly guide. There are articles to read along with coaching and resume editing and a complete section with full Q and A is given to help you.


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5. WikiJob –

Wikijob can help you land your dream position in investment banking. There are sets of common interview questions with suggested answers as well methods of preparation that can guarantee success. Finance and industry questions are also given and there are links leading to information to improve your interview performance. Graduate jobs are advertised and there is a section for reasoning testing as well as a forum, a study area and a long list of application techniques.


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6. –

This site gives an introduction to investment banking and investment services. The company explores the role of the investment bank as well as mergers and acquisitions, raising capital, sales and trading and general advisory services. Advice is given on what to look for in an investment bank as well as who might need their services along with what services are available, the fee structure and ongoing support.


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7. –

Wall Street Oasis is a large online finance community with more than 700,000 posts ensuring that you will receive an answer to any questions you ask in the finance forum. The site offers financial modelling training with six free lessons to get you started along with detailed industry and interview guides.  The mentors will take you through mock interviews with services for professionally reviewing your finance resume and a section is dedicated to GMAT. There is a jobs board along with intern positions and help is available if necessary.


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8. – is a very popular site and a page is dedicated to investment banking. A clear explanation is given describing the term along with transactions, purchases, consulting and benefits. Links are provided leading to other articles with information such as trading investment banking, jobs and careers within the field, courses, internship and invest banking compensation. Discussions are welcome on the site and you can also subscribe to receive the latest updates.


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9. –

You can read all about investment banking on this site as well as search for a bank in your area. There are financial calculators to assist you as well as information on currency, EMI, investment, retirement, savings and amortization. Further information can be found in hints and tips and there are links for details on mutual fund investments, portfolios and currency exchange rates.


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10. –

This site has details on investment banking for you to read with details on how to use it and what to expect. You can see what investment opportunities are available and how the investments function. Major US investment banks are given and there is also a section for careers in the field. You can find out the differences between commercial and investment banks as well as corporate investment and see how your money will be invested. A further section is dedicated to securities and recent changes to investments are mentioned.


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